chill out with friends. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular deals and updates! 雞肉烤得剛好熟,嫩滑爽滑,香甜多汁,外脆內滑,配上新鮮蕃茄蓉和露筍一起食。 The Jasmine Fairy ($138) 而我自己最中意佢既海螺,好有螺既鮮味而且仲好有彈牙口感 Cream burlee 奶同蛋香交織,一口燉蛋再接一口咖啡,香純。一杯熱咖啡加甜點,寫意人生。 烤焗期間把油份迫出,變得肉汁豐富,肉質嫩滑,還有薯角作伴菜,肉心軟綿細密。 $12.50. InterContinental (IHG) Hotels in Hong Kong, Hotels near Hong Kong Tramways (Ding Ding), American Restaurants for Breakfast in Hong Kong, Restaurants for Special Occasions in Hong Kong, Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Hong Kong, Italian Restaurants for Lunch in Wan Chai / Causeway Bay. Zeeuws Blond voor de bierliefhebbers. Het restaurant is natuurlijk langer open. Before we leave, as the rain had stopped, we still able to go out to the balcony. Then the whole place becomes a very cool place to enjoy and chill. . The udon is cooked well, it is soft but still chewy, and could mix well with the sauce. 我簡左呢份慢煮三文魚,看似生既三文魚刺身咁但食落其實係熟嫁! So photogenic and the chicken was so Like other Japanese food and ingredient become more common on HK ppls dining table, Creamy Mantaigo pasta is no longer a special dish. . 與朋友放鬆的好地方。 我們一定會回來的, Cake 唔會好甜, 食落口感好細緻 與朋友放鬆的好地方。 我們一定會回來的More, 情侶要好好維繫感情,當然要出去食下啲高級餐廳啦!因為驚晚上時間多人同價錢比較昂貴,所以今日晏晝嚟到呢間個view好靚嘅西餐廳 Lunchset 好多野食已經價錢唔算貴 The outdoor area is attractive & relaxing to enjoy especially under nice weather. We went in a group of 4, which suppose can enjoy 2 B1G1 offer, but the staff told us that the offer can only be used once in a very rude way. Mochten jullie graag willen komen eten zou het voor ons erg handig zijn als u vooraf belt. The oyster are fresh and make us appetizing 魚子醬被譽為黑色黃金,名列世界三大最矜貴食材之一,brunch menu每人一罐都有10g之多,為這頓豪華假日brunch揭開序幕。 地址: 銅鑼灣登龍街18號V Point 30樓 假日有兩個set ,因男友愛吃海鮮甜生蠔,因此選了$528 brunch set Overall: 9.3/10 醬汁調較得柔滑濃稠,明太子意粉煮出Al dente輕微韌度的口感,每一根都掛上濃滑的奶香。 Pan-fried cod with tomato and thyme sauce 電話: Cod fillet served in a French style. Luckily, our table is still closest to the balcony and the wonderful seaview. So photogenic and the chicken was so We orderes 2 cocktails first. 澳洲和牛味道香甜,肉質特別嫩滑,油脂適中,軟稔美味,牛肉味濃郁。 呢個鱈魚不得了好嫩好滑,鮮味十足如果覺得調味唔夠,可以加埋魚下面嘅配菜一齊食,或者點碟邊嘅汁加重返啲個味! In addition to its 270 degrees mesmerising view of Hong Kong’s city skyline, ZENG is a bar and eatery with its own unique charm. Thin layers of succulent red prawn with in-house yuzu dressing and grapefruit salad. 作為城中空中酒吧餐廳,享有270度景觀,將維多利亞港的都市景緻盡收眼底。 In 2013 when we decided we’re gonna renew streetfood in Hungary, we didn’t even think we gonna get this far. Less sweet and sour taste with light jasmine fragrant, while I cant feel strong ginger taste nor spicy, maybe its a good news to people who not really into gingers taste and smell. As it added grapefruit, the unique bitter taste well mixed with the taste of gin and aperol. Sashimi Lunch. Its around 9, when dining period is nearly over, they start bringing the Shisha to the tables.I see most of the tables ordered Shisha. Fillet is well cooked, crispy skin with very tender and juicy meat. 套餐有coffee tea ,想飲香檳都有free flow ,$258 可一邊食一路飲兩小時grand brut...champagne ,散點一杯已百多元,飲兩杯已值回票價。 The sauce is creamy and have the fragrant of mentaiko, but not spicy. dessert有兩款分別是日本cheese cake and. 龍蝦沙律伴柚子醬,己經起出龍蝦,更有我最愛牛油果好幸福,柚子醬甜甜地養開胃 Zeng Hookah ($390) Our goal was back than, to provide quality, tasty premium burgers for the masses available in the city and at the main festivals. Also, the classic way of Korean style cooking - combining beef with pear, the sweetness and fruity taste makes the whole dish even more tasty. Making its home in Hong Kong, where “ZENG” is often used to describe something worth recommending, the bar and eatery offers a series of creative and interactive cocktails with a menu of exceptional dishes, selected especially to be shared with discerning guests. We orderes 2 cocktails first. Lunch. Zeng Hookah ($390) 又係一道出色嘅fusion菜,日式明太子同烏冬配西式Carbonara嘅做法個汁好creamy,條條烏冬都掛滿嗮汁!食落有少少明太子辣辣地嘅味道 Clay pot chicken piri piri Zeng's Garden Chinese Restaurant Shallotte Menu - View the Menu for Zeng's Garden Chinese Restaurant South Brunswick on Zomato for Delivery, Dine-out or Takeaway, Zeng's Garden Chinese Restaurant menu and prices. 食物高級精緻,慢慢食不用趕,兩個多小時自在舒服,假日拍拖美境More, 和朋友來到這間位於V Point最高層的餐廳用餐。 三文魚扒極之厚肉,煮至約五成熟,肉質保持軟綿滑嫩,魚鮮十足而又不會過腥。 有seafood platter ,包括oyster,清酒煮鮑魚,蝦,螺肉。 Oyster is soft and juicy, not difficult to chew. Pan-Fried Cod ($168) We arrived at eight after working overtime, though we planned to be earlier. 52 Degree Slow-cooked Salmon, Cherry Tomatoes and Asparagus 但冇腥味可言,反面係幾咸香,因應港人口味咸度唔算好強烈,配餅乾/單食都ok Her art project focuses on the mechanism of identity politics and their elaboration through images and narratives. 一坐下首先選了喝什麼cocktails 從四款經典cocktails中選了兩款,兩款都令我倆嘖嘖稱奇!食物高質,請看圖片的descriptions看看我們點了什麼 值得encore的餐廳!, 今次黎到Zeng,服務正環境正嘢食正! Zeng's Signature Seafood Collections海鮮周末早午餐以海為靈感,每位$528,從前菜、海鮮冷盤、沙律、意粉、主菜至甜品一應俱全,一次過嚐遍六道菜。 As it added grapefruit, the unique bitter taste well mixed with the taste of gin and aperol. 呢度lunch 抵食好多,同樣享受到靚境,開揚架海境,露天位置一覽維多利亞港,秋天天氣冷快正時好時機。 Its around 9, when dining period is nearly over, they start bringing the Shisha to the tables.I see most of the tables ordered Shisha. Mentaiko Udon Carbonara Fried Rice / Noodle. . It is a pity that the weather is not very stable these few days and we could not sit on the balcony as the chairs are wet. Creme Brulee Due to Covid-19, restaurant open hours and service may differ. Korean Wagyu Tartare ($198) Mentaiko Udon Carbonara - Perfectly cooked with Italian recipe and topped with egg york, It was totally satisfied to have the carbonara as the last dishes Thank you for his hospitality and warm welcome. Het is te druk om en mensen te laten afhalen en de benodigde service in onze restaurant te verlenen. Pan-fried cod with tomato and thyme sauce There is some salt at the bottom of shell. Dit betekent dat u weer lekker bij ons in het restaurant kunt komen eten! Try our delicious food and service today. 擺盤精緻誘人,芝士蛋糕口感濕潤綿密。 She received an M.A. 加$158就可以有2小時任食生蠔,肉質爽脆嫩滑,鮮甜可口,帶有淡淡的海水味。More, 一至五辛勞工作,周末放假又怎可能虧待自己?起床後來一個豐富的Weekend Brunch才是最高享受,上星期六我就來到位於銅鑼灣V Point的Zeng享受一餐豪華海鮮 Brunch。 Mentaiko Udon Carbonara She received an M.A. Traditional Asian Entrees Served with Soup or Salad and White Rice. 店員介紹呢個係比較Fruity嘅味道,個base tone係橙,再配上其他生果。呢度環境咁舒服,又有270 °海景,令人好放鬆~ Dish served fabulously, using a Hong Kong style clay pot, and then pour burning liquor on the top before taking away the lid. Oyster Mtoyaki wow - Starter starts with Boldly baked with mayo, mozzarella cheese. Roasted Free-range Spring Chicken with Herbed Potato Wedges Appetizer Kitchen. 168. 2 Hours Free-flow of Freshly Shucked Oyster The restaurant has a huge balcony with very good view. Nightview of Victoria harbour is beautiful as always. Get quick answers from Zeng staff and past visitors. to find a good place to try and to chill out. 芝士蛋糕冰凍可口,口感結實甜美,芝士味道濃郁。 用柚子汁配上龍蝦和沙律菜,味道酸酸甜甜,是開胃之選。龍蝦很大隻,厚身嫩滑,鮮甜彈牙。 If you used to the bitter taste of grapefruit, then this cocktail suits you. more, Bar, Seafood, Japanese, Asian, Fusion, Wine Bar, With a meaning of positivity in Chinese, the word “ZENG” encompasses the philosophies of righteousness and the oneness of all. Copyright © 2020 Zeng Hong | All Rights Reserved. Zeng Creme Brulee Jasmine fairy 雞肉烤得剛好熟,嫩滑爽滑,香甜多汁,外脆內滑,配上新鮮蕃茄蓉和露筍一起食。 perience, love the view watching from the restaurant! Zeng Hong is an academic, curator, and artist. Mr Zeng menu in image format shown on this website has been digitised by You can feel a combined and complicated smell when you drink it. 2211 Meriden Waterbury Tpke, Marion, Connecticut 06479, United States (860) 426-9929 Are the prices at this restaurant mid-range / moderate? 呢個海鮮拼盤新鮮度十足,幾有驚喜! The meat is not very juicy but it is still quite tender especially the chicken leg part. At ZENG, we hope that every guest can embark on a memorable journey full of surprises. 6 pcs sushi and 1 California roll. 寬闊的露台除了可欣賞美景,適合客人在懶洋洋的陽光下享受周末早午餐。 Buiten hebben 'HK$' + item.discountPrice : ''}}. And its my first time to watch the view in the middle of Causeway bay and HK Island, and I am surrounded by the view. The thyme sauce is excellent, it smell very good and added much herbal favor to the fillet. 慢煮三文魚不怕高溫破壞食材的蛋白質而影響口感,所以難得魚肉不會煮得鞋口。 Mentaiko Udon Carbonara ($138) Mentaiko Spaghetti Carbonara Acipenser Baerii Caviar 意粉份量適中,醬汁奶香濃滑,入味而香甜,意粉爽滑彈牙,吸收醬汁的精華。 The garlic and XO sauce really added favour and makes the taste even better Clay pot chicken piri piri —— brunch 附送餐飲,度過了一個悠然寫意的週末。. yummy The seasoning is fine, the mayo really suits the oyster, especially with the burned and melt cheese, it is delicious. 加$158就可以有2小時任食生蠔,肉質爽脆嫩滑,鮮甜可口,帶有淡淡的海水味。, Chicken with Herbed Potato Wedges She was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in 2015. —— Overall: 9.3/10 bij elke ingang die u verplicht moet gebruiken voor dat u binnenkomt. 少有可以係西餐上食到魚子醬做餐前小食 切落就知佢個感受係幾咁細嫩,滑lulu既慢煮三文魚 View the online menu of Zengs Garden Chinese Restaurant and other restaurants in Shallotte, North Carolina. 52 Degree Slow-cooked Salmon, Cherry Tomatoes and Asparagus Like other Japanese food and ingredient become more common on HK ppls dining table, Creamy Mantaigo pasta is no longer a special dish. 唔會覺得佢既會整到overcook一片片粉嫩既牛肉帶有牛香味肉質keep到juicy感覺, 男朋友對佢幾高評價 The raw egg yolk mixed with the sauce brings the dish to a higher level, rich and tasty. 沙律好爽口,而且配上餐廳特製既柚子醬汁,食落好fresh champagne ,散點一杯已百多元,飲兩杯已值回票價。 . It is a Korean style dish, the sauce is little like soy sauce but sweet, the black truffle oil, green onion covered the blood smell of the beef. Customers are free to download and save these images, but not use these digital files (watermarked by the Zomato logo) for any commercial purpose, without prior written permission of Zomato 法式焦糖燉蛋糖衣燒得香脆,下層的燉蛋入口綿柔。 01 Jul 2020 Yong interviewed with El Microscopio radio programme, the official radio of the IFCC, International Federation of … Angel Roll. brunch 附送餐飲,度過了一個悠然寫意的週末。More, Mentaiko Udon Carbonara - Perfectly cooked with Italian recipe and topped with egg york, It was totally satisfied to have the carbonara as the last dishes Our friend recommended that this is a nice place to have dinner and some cocktails, and try the Shisha with the wonderful view. For smoker, it might like a treat but for people no smoking and only have shisha occasionally, I think this Shisha would be a good trying for them. 而且芝士味唔算好重但食落ok唔會膩, 一個女仔食一件絕對唔會覺得多 She is the Yale-China Arts Fellow in 2020. 每張枱上放有消毒搓手液,服務夠貼心。 This cocktail is relatively smaller than Red Meadow but the alcohol content much higher. Pacific Style Oyster ($196) Seafood Platter Eggplant with tomato sauce as the base, fillet on top and plate is well dressed with thyme sauce. Wij doen mee aan: De Verborgen Plekjes Van West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, de leukste en mooiste fietsroutes van de omgeving. Our chef’s will be happy to create any dish that is not included in our menu, so be creative and let us serve you a meal customised to your preferences. Staff is not familiar with the promotion and got one of my food order wrong. ZenQ Dessert is an international dessert chain originated from Taiwan who is mandated to infuse traditional desserts with new life.

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