5 Reasons why staff fail to improve and what leaders can do about them, Using the 9 types of intelligence in management. ( Log Out /  Stephen Covey in his “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” presents that we have the following centres that influence us most: Someone who is “friend centred” is likely more often to heed to the advice of their best friends over that of family or colleagues and will likely, consciously or not, seek to align their opinions to that of their main friendship groups. “Truth” as Covey argues in his 7 Habits is sometimes clouded by our centre driven values but “principles”, that have no one centre, are not. High Aspirations: if you want 10, aim for 20. On hearing part of a story, we already form opinions based on our deep rooted values formed from our centres. Maturity – “the balance between courage and consideration”. Six major religions all teach the same core beliefs – fairness, kindness, dignity, charity, integrity, honesty, quality, service and patience. Run a Spanish and English Language School in Southern Spain and love blogging about all things languages, travel and personal development orientated. Principle-Centered Leadership. Sharpen your saw: power of renewal and striving to be better. This is one reason why understanding centres is important, especially for leaders who manage staff from many different backgrounds, ages and personalities. Very often a clash of personalities is actually a close of centres, i.e two or more staff having different perspectives on something because of the different centre influencing their values. Change ). And they have proven effective throughout many centuries. Centres also matter when addressing the WIIFM factor as people appreciate the rewards that most address their central values. A great leader should rather aim to seek to understand first and judge second and by doing so they will be principle centred and make the right principled call for the situation. How to help someone write a great mission statement? Principle Centered Leadership. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Overall theme:  That “natural laws, principles, operate regardless. I was reviewing the book “Principle-Centered Leadersihp” by Stephen Covey the other day, and was reminded of the great message he has in this book. Why we must first remove fear in order to replace excuses with progress. ( Log Out /  Understanding different communication channels, Active Listening: seek to understand first. Our need to belong and connect (see Maslow’s hierachy of need) makes us shift towards the the people or groups who are most important to us and with time we will often reflect these bonds in the values we live our life through. This initial opinion judging only part of the information would have been influenced by your centre value system. Leaders should aim for a principle centred leadership style because they do not have the luxury to have only one value system when molding a team of different personalities and backgrounds together. If you were more “spouse” or “family” orientated, it is likely you would already sympathize with the man and instinctively think it were unreasonable for him to be called into work when he had other plans. Centres of influence are forces that guide us towards thinking and acting in a certain way and more often than not although many centres influence us, each of us has inclination to be more influenced by certain areas over others. Even street gangs and German Nazi’s held values. ( Log Out /  Principle centred leadership is when a leader does not give in to their own or others centres but rather chooses a path or direction free of any centre influence. Abundance Mentality – “there is plenty out there for everybody”. Principle centre leaders inspire others to believe in things bigger than themselves and create an environment where fairness is a constant. Prioritize people by putting people tasks first, Why it matters who you spend your time with, Synergise the right and left side of the brain, The power of admitting a weakness and that you’re wrong. Principles are different than values. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Whereas if you were “work” or “money” orientated, it is possible you would already be thinking this is just something someone has to do, if they want to get ahead and achieve more at work. Likewise someone who is more “work” focused is likely by default to seek to understand what happens around them through their work and will often end up projecting that in their opinions to others. Maps change, compass bearings are constant. Values are maps, principles are a compass. Likewise someone who is pleasure centred will likely form a value system to back up the fact that by nature they see pleasure as the most important thing by which to judge what matters in life. If you’re going to be a people-centered leader, you have to be intentional about … Both opinions would be formed without the whole picture and both formed by our deep rooted value system but neither is necessary fair to the situation. “So what, now what?” in conflict resolution, Giving staff wings: stewardship delegation over gofer, Recruiting the right people for your team, Logotherapy: creating a culture of purpose, Backward Planning: Setting and Reflecting on Goals, Professional Development via the learning pyramid. For example if you got chatting late at night to a man on a train who told you that earlier that evening he had been about to go to the theatre when he got a call from his boss asking him to go into work, you would likely form a preset opinion on hearing only a part of the story. Here’s a summary. In our own life it is often possible to surround ourselves with people who have similar values to our-self but at work this is not a luxury most people have. Overall theme: That “natural laws, principles, operate regardless. Understanding a staff member’s centre, helps in knowing how to personally manage them. A development journey towards financial independence and leadership in a 100 steps. Likewise if it turned out the boss was always calling up his staff and didn’t work hard himself, you might likewise question at this point whether following your work instinct was always the right thing to do. If you drop something, gravity controls. Here’s a summary. Principle centred leaders bind many different groups of people together. He emphasizes that principled-centered leadership occurs when one’s internal values form the basis of external actions. The problem with allowing our values – formed from our centres – to dictate how we see things is that they will not always align with the values of other people which are being influenced by different centres. Traits that are essential for managers to exhibit this type of leadership are: The abundance mentality is the “bone deep belief that there are enough natural and human resources to realize my dream”. For example someone who is religious will naturally often align their own personal values to that of their religion and judge situations which occur unknowingly by this preset value system. “Truth” can be clouded by a centre values system but a principle, free of any one centre, is not”. We may not like them, we may not agree with them all, but they are there. ( Log Out /  “A principle is a natural law like gravity. For example, the principle of trust impacts us on four levels: He gives characteristics of principle-centered leaders. If you drop something, gravity controls. How we react to these principles impacts every aspect of our lives. View all posts by dougelmagno. Principle centred leaders bind different personalities together and they give a fair framework for all parties to trust and work within. If on hearing more of the story, it turned out the boss himself had a sick wife and this was the reason he needed to call in the staff member, the spouse centred influence may no longer be clear cut to show sympathy one way. October 22, 2017 May 21, 2018 ~ dougelmagno “A principle is a natural law like gravity. Leave the World a Better Place Than You Found It. Prioritization: Achieving more in less time. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This is where principle centred leadership comes in, a manager should hold off being instinctive in judging things on part of the story as doing so will prevent their own instinctive value system from pre-judging the situation. So get these principles at the center of your life, at the center of relationships, at the center of your management contracts, at the center of your entire organization.”  Further, these principles have been “woven into the fabric of every civilized society and constitute the roots of every family and institution that has endured and prospered”. Most notably a person’s centre is often both the source of their desire to bond with other’s and of their desire to reject or shut out others with different values. Often people form their values to align with the centres that influence them the most. Encourage Regularly. Stephen Covey addresses a principle-centered leadership approach to one’s personal life and organization development. Everyone has a centre that influences them most. The need for a moral compass. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. An accurate map is a good management tool, but a compass is a leadership and an empowerment tool. We need to trade in our maps for a compass. When we trace the decisions we make and analyse what was behind them, very often we can detect “centres of influence”. Integrity – “the value we place on ourselves”. If I don’t tell you the truth, you won’t trust me; that’s a natural law.”. I was reviewing the book “Principle-Centered Leadersihp” by Stephen Covey the other day, and was reminded of the great message he has in this book.

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