.647 AVG, 3 HR, 3 BB/3 K, .676 OBP, 1.118 SLG All players must be listed on the roster and acknowledge, upon registration, the Terms & Conditions to participate. Sports I Manage: Sand Wiffleball Both teams did slightly worse on getting outs when the ball was put in play than their season average. Anchored by the newly crowned Cy Young winner Eddie Brown, the Stops pitching staff was the gold standard in 2020. 3 strikes is an out. .516 AVG, 3 HR, 7 BB/8 K, .605 OBP, .839 SLG Both teams can agree to cancel the automatic outs. The Bilabial Stops started their World Series campaign in style, with the dynamic duo of Eddie Brown and Nick Usoff going yard to give the Stops an early 2-0 lead. A late player may immediately enter the field on defense. Who do you believe, the stats or your lyin’ eyes? Brickett has yet to face the Washout in his career, so there are no data points to analyze. Alex Hatch homered to lead off the 4th, and then drove in another run on a single to center later in the inning. Jonathan Stevens, West Coast Washout .429 AVG, 4 HR, 9 BB/7 K, .529 OBP, .714 SLG Sam LaCroix Mighty Knucks 8, RBI Steaks 7 (7/26/20) Where: Sherman Oaks, CA Canada Prairie Blitzball League Where: Saskatchewan, Canada Instagram & YouTube… Stops .618 OPP BABIP .381 AVG, 6 HR, 6 BB/10 K, .458 OBP, .905 SLG With two outs, Andrew Winter drove a 2-1 pitch to the wall, winning the game in walkoff fashion. If both teams are missing the same amount of  male/female players. .437 AVG, 5 HR, 14 BB/17 K, .529 OBP, .690 SLG 3 players each team. Julian Morales Alex Hatch A team must have at least 2 male/female on the field. There will be a 10 minute grace period for each team that does not meet the minimum roster requirements ONLY for the first set of games. Games must be officiated by at least one authorized BYSC umpire, the Head Umpire. 4. Greg Nyssen Eddie Brown Daniel Rish, West Coast Washout, Hitters That's playoff competition for you. Players may be added at any time, until the start of the first game of the season (tournament). That all changed with two outs in the fourth. The Juice are patient hitters powering an explosive offense. Fielders must try and stay out of the baseline. Chad Kebba He was ruled safe on a bang-bang play, against the protestations of the Juice. Points will be awarded  to teams as follows: During the regular season, there will be no overtime to break ties. The runner will be awarded the base. It is up to the winning team to choose between home or away team. 2. With these pitchers and these lineups, expect baserunners via 20-ft singles (vs all four), and walks (not Karl). Most Valuable Player: Nick Usoff, Bilabial Stops, Comeback Player of the Year: Paul Rogers, Sheryl Crows, Defensive Player of the Year: Jonathan Stevens, West Coast Washout, Offensive Player of the Year: Jimmy Froio, RBI Steaks, Outstanding Sportsmanship: Ben Burkhardt, Bilabial Stops, Baserunner Player of the Year: Grant Bronsdon, Sheryl Crows, Defensive Play of the Year: Sheryl Crows' 1-5-3 Triple Play, August 9th vs. Wiffers, Captain of the Year: Ed Brown, Bilabial Stops, Most Improved Player: Joseph Marcoly, Mighty Knucks, Golden Palms Not this one. Nick Usoff Team pitches to themselves; 3 pitches for males, and 5 pitches to females. The lined shot cleared the left-center field fence in the blink of an eye and the radar gun just happened to catch the exit velocity - 102 MPH. There’s not too much to be done about hits, which makes every chance at a put-out in the field crucial. The Washout got out to a 2-0 lead in Game 2, courtesy of a pair of solo shots for Daniel Rish in the first two innings. Matt Morris Christian Heideger Michio Koide’s two-out, two-run single made the score 5-4. Knucks .435 OPP AVG, 116BB/71 K, 14.26 ERA, 4.12 WHIP February. The Washout clawed back in the third, with DH Jason Ciummo delivering a bases loaded RBI single. If a female has 2 strikes and hits the ball foul for her 3rd  and 4th pitch, she still has one last pitch. Special Citations On an overthrown ball that goes out of the field of play; a player is allowed to advance to only one base. The San Diego League - Surf Day & WIFFLE Ball Tournament Where: San Diego, CA Instagram, More Info, Twitter, & YouTube July 7/10/21 WIFFLE Ball Bonanza Where: Ligonier, PA Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube August 8/14/21 NATIONAL WIFFLE BALL DAY! Fast forward to the 6th, with the Washout needing three outs to take the first game. The Washout would tack on three more the following inning, with Ciummo and Koch providing the insurance. This co-ed adult league is built on being social and fun with a new twist to the old pastime recreation of picnic outings and elementary school field day. .571 AVG, 8 HR, 15 BB/8 K, .644 OBP, 1.089 SLG Can the winner of the play-in take Game 1? This will count towards the 50 minute time limit. Olivares and Brickett for the Juice have more similar styles and very similar results. 6. .270 AVG, 2 HR, 9 BB/22 K, .404 OBP, .459 SLG Brandon Williams The Knucks struck back in the second, with singles by the Brandons (Williams and Wallach), followed by Marcoly to make the score 6-2. Umpires have jurisdiction over play and may: Call a game due to darkness, rain, or lightning, Penalize a player, including game ejection, for any reason. Share this page now : Tweet: News. If a ball that hits an object past the homerun fence will be considered a homerun; even if the ball lands back in the field of play. .500 AVG / .583 OBP / 1.283 OPS Stops .238 OPP AVG, 42BB/137 K, 3.14 ERA, 1.60 WHIP. But here it had, and the Stops were now up against it. Two more quick runs followed on a Jonathan Stevens sac fly and an Andrew Winter RBI walk. At the mid-point of the season, the Stops seemed invincible, but now they have a few chinks in their armor. No stealing, runners must wait for the ball to be hit before leaving the base. The Stops have played all season expecting to win. 6. Here is how they match up: Eddie Brown 7. Maximum number of 20 players allowed on a team roster. The Washout outhit the Juice 12-3 en route to the Game 1 win.

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