They get judged, they compete, they have to stay conditioned, what could possibly make them not a sport? Their sole purpose is to entertain, motivate and unite spectators of other athletic teams that are competing. You prove your own worth over and over again. Nonetheless, members of each of these organizations do compete against each other in scheduled, organized matches, just as in other sports. Many squads still primarily exist to support other sports teams. They may do jumps or things to that sort, but they never do the risky things that the cheerleaders do. Both cheerleaders and dancers normally do their routines in front of judges, have national championships, and commonly do their routines along with music. These national events are the biggest ones, but there are cheerleading competitions throughout the year. 1. I don't know how many of you had actually paid attention to the cheerleaders besides just looking at them based off their looks, but their formations, flips, tumbles and tosses are kind of difficult to pull off. Although it is not officially defined as a sport by the NCAA or high school associations, it obviously should be for many different reasons. Top cheer teams need strong cohesion, just like the best baseball or basketball teams.Â, Many build that bond by staying together for years. University of Kentucky cheerleader Maurice Grant, who also played football and ran track in high school, told the "Kentucky Kernel" "I think (cheerleading) is definitely a sport. All of these sports, cheerleading included, require the athletes to be in shape, precise, talented and well-rehearsed. Some high school cheerleaders train for years to make it to championships. Though cheerleaders are mostly women, male cheerleaders are becoming more common throughout the country. Competitive cheerleading is a sport still in its infancy. From bros to the bench, there are more than enough skeptics, but 400,000 high school cheerleaders and counting would be happy to prove them wrong. In fact, approximately 16,000 cheerleaders get injured in cheer related accidents, more than any other sport-like activity in the world. defines a sport as "an athletic activity that requires physical prowess or skill and often a competitive nature.". The first part of the definition was "an athletic activity requiring skill or prowess". Gymnastics is such a popular sport that it is featured in the Olympics and is one of the most popular events. Teamwork and camaraderie are central to sports across the country, and it's no different at the highest levels of cheerleading. If you think cheerleading isn't a sport worthy of major respect, here are six reasons why you should reconsider. Collegiate-level cheerleaders report spending as much time practicing as their peers in other varsity sports. Moreover, there is no one overarching governing body or set of rules for the sport of cheerleading; instead there are several independent organizations that sponsor their own championship tournament. Lori A. Selke has been a professional writer and editor for more than 15 years, touching on topics ranging from LGBT issues to sexuality and sexual health, parenting, alternative health, travel, and food and cooking. The previous activity I just explained, I think that would take a little bit of skill and prowess, not just something you pick up your first time. Dancing is in the Olympics in different forms. So the next time someone badmouths cheerleading, ask that person to execute a "double twist from extended one leg." Earlier this year, the American Medical Association stated that cheerleading "is as rigorous as many other activities that high schools and the NCAA consider sports," according to the Washington Post. I don't know if you and one of your friends have ever tried to chuck a hundred pound or more person in the air and catch him or her before, but it doesn't seem very easy to me. Colleges with Male Cheerleading Scholarships, "New York Times"; Competitive Cheer Fans See Acceptance in Future; Katie Thomas; July 2010. In competitive cheerleading, squads compete against each other in a head-to-head fashion and are evaluated according to a standardized set of rules. How to Become a Certified Cheer Competition Judge. While high school participation stands at only 3%, about half of cheerleaders in colleges and universities are men. Despite the acrobatics involved in cheerleading, a recent Reddit poll found that respondents considered darts and croquet to be more of a sport. Cheerleading requires so much effort and hardwork to achieve success. The National High School Cheerleading Championship is serious. But it is a hard, challenging sport that deserves the official title of being a sport. Teams from across the country gather every year at Walt Disney World to determine the best teams across a slew of categories. For an activity to truly be considered a sport, it must involve competition against others. defines a sport as "an athletic activity that requires physical prowess or skill and often a competitive nature."

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