In terms of finding locations for the film, and creating a city that didn’t remind viewers of a specific part of the state, Faires explains he wanted to focus on how banal the town was rather than painting a beautiful portrait of Portland with the locations. Her film is a sort of anti-road movie that captures the trials of a cash-strapped young woman and her dog held up by car troubles on their way to Alaska in search of work. “Wendy” was filmed in Montserrat, Barbuda, and Antigua. Levy states, “I think what attracted Kelly to it and why it works in the movie is that it doesn't really feel of Portland.”. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Lesson learned.”, Sam Levy states that even though their production was on a tight schedule and the weather was often unpredictable, he was never concerned. Some early dialogue reveals that she’s headed to Ketchikan, Alaska in search of work, but we have to wait until later—until we can inspect her license plate—to find out where she’s coming from. Is there a symbolism to the trains? And, you know, it’s nice. “ I thought that gave me some license to let her kind of go dim and not fill her in, so you could see everything. In the case of an independent film, one of the most important aspects during production is open communication among all those involved. The backroom where Wendy meets with the manager and the back alley where she runs into the store clerk are accurate to the store itself. The film won both Best Picture and Best Actress at the 12th Toronto Film Critics Association Awards. There’s the sound of humming coming from somewhere outside the screen, but just after easing us into the patient rhythm of the movie, it fades away, leaving us in the buzz of insects and the crackle of a nearby fire. Reichardt’s dog Lucy – who stars in the film – was also awarded Cannes’ unofficial “Palme Dog” prize 2008 for her performance when the film was screened in the Un Certain Regard category.Â, WENDY AND LUCY is the first narrative feature that boutique distributor Oscilloscope Pictures ever distributed. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Writer/director Kelly Reichardt and co-writer Jon Raymond also worked together on Reichardt’s previous film OLD JOY about two friends who reunite for a camping trip in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. “The decision to keep her in one look throughout the whole film was essential to understand her transitory state and in the end helped convey an over all despair in Wendy,” notes Needham. Sam Levy is the director of photography of Wendy and Lucy (2008). The lives of three women intersect in small-town America, where each is imperfectly blazing a trail. Reichardt cut for six months in her apartment in Queens, occasionally making trips back to Oregon to shoot additional footage. This film doesn’t have a lot of pizazz or a large cinematic sense. Wendy becomes immobilized after she loses her car and this location becomes an anchor for the film by becoming a space where Wendy returns at the end of every day. An experimental film matching shifting colors with audio taken from an NPR radio interview with a mother who lost her son in the Iraq War. Levy remarks, “My instinct was we should put something on her just to separate her a little bit or she’ll probably get lost in the background and it’ll just look like a wash.” This shot is then consistent with the shot of Wendy sitting on her car because theoretically she’s in the same place. Faires notes that the space “she is walking in has a pastoral, bucolic feel to it. At a supermarket, she leaves Lucy outside while she attempts to shoplift dog food. Want to learn more? Two old pals reunite for a camping trip in Oregon's Cascade Mountains. The audience follows Wendy around various parts of the town, but the film effectively draws us back into her primary location because she depends on her car. ©2020 AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE. Needham notes that Smith “added a cross necklace [to the clerk], which is an element that made his character more believable yet slightly more irritating.” In this space, everything we see is authentic to the actual location. Levy describes this space as “modern” in comparison to the other locations in the film. The various other locations that Wendy visits offer revealing information about the film. I’m always prepared that I’ll go back to making smaller films at any given time. All diagrams, graphics and text are owned by Interiors (Mehruss Jon Ahi and Armen Karaoghlanian) unless stated otherwise. -What was the economic climate like leading up to the release of WENDY AND LUCY? A look at a few chapters in the life of Poppy, a cheery, colorful, North London schoolteacher whose optimism tends to exasperate those around her. I’m always prepared that I’ll go back to making smaller films at any given time. Wendy and Lucy. Scorning the demands of her overbearing ... See full summary ». She has previously said, “I don’t consider myself to be working in ‘this industry.’ I didn’t find the industry that inviting. So to me it’s just been trying to figure out how to make films outside of it. The site's consensus reads "Michelle Williams gives a heartbreaking performance in Wendy and Lucy, a timely portrait of loneliness and struggle". In most popular movies, the aid of melodic interjections and voice-over narration expose the motives that brood beneath a character’s emotional reflexes, but in reality, the interior lives of those around us are safeguarded and difficult to grasp when not being completely overlooked. “There’s usually one space, one location, that is like an anchor to me. Sam Levy is a cinematographer whose recent film credits includes Frances Ha (2013). WENDY AND LUCY marked the first of three collaborations between Reichardt and actress Michelle Williams. It's not that I don't like movies with these elements in them; It's that a prefer movies without them. Reichardt said, “We decided we were going to make a film about the economic situation in America – just the divide between the rich and poor [and] wondering what it takes to improve your situation and is this idea that in American anybody can improve their lot in life true?”. A young woman, Wendy Carroll, is traveling to Alaska with her dog Lucy, where she hopes to find work at a cannery. In the opening of the film, we see her walking through a park, playing fetch with her yellow-gold companion Lucy. All the while, we are still wondering what has led Wendy to this point, but Reichardt’s plot is only concerned with the time at hand. In between my [first] two features I was making these sorts of films but on Super 8. -How does the film embody the American ethos of travelling west to find a better life? Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

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