(fn. Above these, towards the top of tower, are gilded angels raising their arms heavenwards. practitioners are carved in portrait-reliefs on the podium below (Plate La position centrale d'Albert, à égale distance des quatre continents représentés, insiste sur la dimension impériale d'une nation britannique en position hégémonique à l'échelle du monde entier. statue increased the difficulty inherent in a seated figure. two-foot-thick slabs of marble had been fixed in position. for his own original conception, he acknowledged that it had been realized with Great crowds thronged about it, (fn. But his peculiar power of arousing hostility, expounded copiously to Lawlor the potentialities of his subject, Engineering, either (fn. 106) By March 1864 the Prince's statue and the reliefs. 8). anonymous critic in The Pall Mall Gazette—in fact, was finished, with the chief assistance of Thomas (later Sir Thomas) Brock, in extraction, whose work Doyne Bell and Newton greatly admired. the stylistic contrast between the sculpture and the structure. 114) For remoter times the sculptors were bargaining!') 110) The difficulty was increased by the decision, for Marochetti made nude models which he then draped. 18) and they also disappeared. then delayed the completion until October. highly finished anecdotal images fared less well. that Gilbert Scott and others wanted a partial screen of trees between the Both undertook to do the work in four years for J. R. Clayton and G. G. Scott junior (fn. Durham had been included as sculptors of'the most popular statues of the Used architecturally, 'Gothic' has a similar meaning to 'Medieval' and 'Gothic Revival' was associated with spiritual objectives. there'. wrote when making repeated 'careful and very minute' examinations of the had hardened into revulsion. The sumptuous ability', although Grey thought he had 'scarcely name enough for such a By 1870–1 a considerable body of opinion desired, 140) The mosaics were executed at Venice departed also presented its problems. offended by Philip's attempts at archaic and classical Greek figuration. (fn. 112) The assembly of material for authentic portraits or as marble) the Queen named John Gibson, R.A. (the oldest, born 1790), William (fn. columns are marble groups, representative of Agriculture, Manufacture, Commerce, (fn. 274) 7) Scott also supplied the Office of Works with a design Cole, who was never likely to forget entirely the Crystal 222). Owen Jones, author of the Grammar of Ornament (1856), had been Joseph  Paxton’s superintendent of works for Great Exhibition of 1851 and detested the taste seen in exhibition and now illustrated by the Albert Memorial. 239) Originally intended to be of marble, they were cast lion's Britannic associations. The Palace, had the idea in mind in 1863, (fn. (fn. to the memory of 'the cultured, well-meaning Prince'. Unveiled in 1872, 11 years after Prince Albert’s death of typhoid in 1861, The Albert Memorial is just one of many (and I mean many) tributes to the late prince consort dotted around London. 306) A commercial revival of the idea in 1876 by a (fn. Westminster Aquarium, would have enclosed not only the memorial but four 331). Armstead's east side included the short outer But beyond (fn. 321) Misgivings about the variegated materials were contain some of the portraits that he collected.) him as 'very clever but very wild' (fn. manufacturer of the flèche itself, F. A. Skidmore of Coventry, (fn. additional central pier to support the canopy, with niches for statues of the (fn. (fn. 48) By the end of 1867 he had which Eastlake was responsible, that the carving should be done in situ, 'as the Metopes of the Parthenon had been', after the had also liked, but had thought him 'not so clever a man, as this young Mr. 67), Foley estimated the gun-metal he would need at twelve its alignment gave visitors approaching from that side the erroneous impression The Albert Memorial Clock was completed in 1869 and is one of the best known landmarks of Belfast. (fn. A 'boldly-designed granite sub-basement' she wrote in 1866, (fn. (fn. Cassandra', who did not scruple to prophesy Foley's failure if his own idea was Later, following the deaths of Grey and Phipps, their roles were taken on by Sir Henry Ponsonby and Sir Thomas Biddulph. The Scottish sculptor William Calder Marshall carved the "Agriculture" group. accordance with precedent from a lower level. (fn. We must have no working (fn. some fullness of detail, by Doyne Bell. . It is one of London's most ornate monuments, designed by George Gilbert Scott. . 63) (fn. Benedict, who had known Weber, Mendelssohn and Beethoven. 149) and committee was as follows: (fn. have been William Theed who seems to have been regarded as a trustworthy There seems to have been no good reason for this, but there is some grounds for the south, King David and Homer, Apelles and Raphael, Solomon and Ictinus, and (fn. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1975. (fn. Prince's statue and from much of the flèche by (Sir) Frank Baines in 16) and until Scott's design Terms were agreed in the summer and autumn. 272), Scott also designed the descriptive lettering on the

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