And I tell him, it could be better. BS: It’s been the hardest game that both of us and probably the whole entire team have ever made. These little stories and vignettes piece together experiences you don’t get to witness. Bruce Straley is an American game director, artist, and designer. I’ve lost my composure at the end of a small handful of games, but this was the first time I’d ever been moved to that degree in the opening 20 minutes of a game. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. [14] However, in the final weeks of development, Straley undertook roles from different departments that were busy with other tasks; for example, he was seen hand-arranging the texts on the game's training screens, a task that lead artist Nate Wells found unusual. If there was ever a game where Naughty Dog had the perfect opportunity to employ branching narrative, it would be the question of Ellie’s fate in The Last Of Us. “This has been the hardest decision of my career,” wrote Straley. ND: Watching it now, after removing myself from the process, there are these moments where you feel Joel breaking. You have to be the spearhead, but I’m over there ripping my hair out, going what the fuck have we done, man? And that’s the thing we’ve just been lying about, and I can’t wait to hear people’s reaction to when you make that transition. [18] For his work on the game, Straley and Druckmann were nominated for Best Director from The Daily Telegraph; it was ultimately awarded to Davey Wreden for his work on The Stanley Parable (2013). While a majority of us are pain averse or fancies escaping a painful stimulus, what has escorted this sudden penchant for blending haptic gear into virtual reality? I guarantee there are probably a tonne of things you missed and that somebody else is going to get. So Ashley, when you’d say that to Neil, you weren’t being glib, it really was a matter of trusting his direction. [At Naughty Dog] we compare ourselves to other forms of media sometimes and book titles are seldom just one word, sometimes they have very long, elaborate titles. You look at Oblivion: let’s just take kids out of the equation. ND: There were so many focus testers who asked for that. BS: I like that it can be read different ways. I had no prepared questions written down, just a deep well of curiosity about the game I’d just experienced and couldn’t get out of my head. We know that Bruce's political affiliation is currently a registered Republican; ethnicity is Caucasian; and religious views are listed as Christian. He’s like, oh, you mean without the fun? We’ve got the Uncharted project, which we’ve talked about, we’ve got DLC for The Last of Us, and we’ve got the remastered version [of The Last of Us]. Credited With You don’t have much to do this on. People are now free and bored to explore new things, and Among Us is one of the gems they found out recently. I think the official tagline was something like, how far would you be willing to go to save someone you love? The devil’s only in the details for us. And then we got it. As the conversation went on, one of the game’s lead actors Ashley Johnson (Ellie) drifted into the room, similarly curious to hear the impressions of a critic who’d digested the game in its entirety. [9] Although he was employed as a texture artist, the small size of the team resulted in Straley performing various jobs, including design, background modeling and foreground animating, among others. [25] For his work on the game, Straley won Outstanding Visual Effects in a Real-Time Project at the 15th Visual Effects Society Awards, alongside visual effects artists Eben Cook and Iki Ikram. We were putting a folder together of music that was inspirational to us. That felt brave. Bruce Straley, Director: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Following this, he worked as a designer on titles for different companies, prior to his employment at Crystal Dynamics, where he worked as a designer on Gex: Enter the Gecko and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. People are looking for a good way to enjoy their pandemic holidays and […], Valorant came out of beta in January 2020 and was made available for all as a new FPS 5v5 tactical competitive. And at the same time I have bosses above me, Evan and Christophe who run the studio, and they gave us creative freedom. But if you can develop a really detailed, beautiful, interesting world, you’re 90 per cent of the way there, right? The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. Bruce Straley is an American game director, artist, and designer. And by the end, he decides, I’m going to sacrifice all of mankind. What do we need to do for the gameplay? A lot of it was Carter Burwell’s work on various Coen Brothers movies but half of it was Gustavo Santaolalla. That's like... an intern task," Wells said. But at the same time I think that ultimately because we kept stripping it back and challenging ourselves to reach in and find the essence of the moment, the beat we’re trying to convey and make you feel as a player, as long as we can stay in touch with that, hopefully things will come together. My job is just: do the best game possible. As designers we know the formula of ‘keep it simple, stupid’, we get it, but trying to apply it time and time again. After several delays, Originally slated to arrive in mid-March, developer. And he was like, ohhh, so it’s kind of like Fallout. We also learn that (as we previously heard in passing during a previous interview, but today we get more detailed information) that another project on the same scale of Uncharted is in the early pre-production stages: We definitely have another project on the scale of Uncharted in very early pre-production stages. And they’d all say, well, I’d save Ellie, but I wanted the choice. BS: The curse of knowledge is ours really. If your choice is to save me over everybody else in the world then…ok. If it wasn’t Gustavo’s music, it was something exactly like Gustavo’s music. [17] The game was released on June 14, 2013 to critical acclaim. Where do you think Bruce Straley will end up next? That’s the thing at the end of the day that Bruce and I have set for ourselves: let’s make the game we really want to play. That’s the fun thing about this. It’s been very challenging. It’s the fact that it’s the world we’ve created being pushed into disarray that affords us the ability to say that something realistic, something you can actually believe in happened here. Naughty Dog is losing some top brass . When we entered the operating suite where the doctors had Ellie on the table, we lingered for a long time before doing anything. That sound guy from Sony said, if you could have anybody, who would it be? And of course now that musical theme has come to symbolise that relationship. The game’s 2013 release was about a week away and the project’s two principal creatives Neil Druckmann (creative director) and Bruce Straley (game director) were onsite doing press for the project. We were on the same page, we knew what it was supposed to be doing, but it wasn’t there, and then the music always added this extra element that you can’t achieve even when all the other elements seemed perfect, it was still missing something.

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