And we haven't had anything like the one excruciating Wellington October where the city saw 30 days of winds surpassing gale force. A short time later Wellington City Council contractors were on site to remove debris and manage traffic. First, while we're not, strictly speaking, the windiest place on record in the country  that honour belongs to Canterbury's Mt John, with a 1970 wind gust of 250km/h  we're not far off, with recordings of 248km/h gusts in both 1959 and 1962. Wellington writer Miraz Jordan lives about 30 metres from the summit of Mt Victoria, near Alexandra Rd. Parts of the Miramar peninsula; Roseneath, Hataitai and Mt Victoria; Owhiro Bay up to Brooklyn; and pockets of Newlands, Johnsonville and Grenada North are among the windiest spots in the city. That said, not everywhere's got better. Race cancelled after winds knock cyclists off bikes, Watch: Torrential rain smashes cycling world champs, Copyright © 2020 MediaWorks TV - All Rights Reserved, By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Access and Privacy Policy. Wellington's wind makes the capital a tough destination for umbrellas, but exciting for windsurfers. Spring. Luzelle Jooste and her husband were driving to the airport just before 7pm on Thursday when she said he wanted to stop and "goof around". Wind speeds at Makara west of Wellington make it an ideal location for a wind farm. Except, of course, in Wellington, where it's a time for wind. Fierce gale-force wind wallopped Wellingtonians on Thursday, including a cyclist who was blown around by the coastal gusts. Metservice meteorologist Daniel Corbett says lakeside Chicago has an average wind-speed of about 18km/h, where Wellington Airport's is 29km/h. The video has been shared nearly 3000 times in less than 12 hours. It gets very windy at times – like today. It's not just suburban areas that have to deal with high winds. "All of the sudden this woman came along," Jooste told Newshub. "For some perspective, sustained wind of that strength is typical of a category 3 tropical cyclone," a Niwa tweet said. There have been reports of scaffolding falling on to live power lines and a garden shed in the suburb of Khandallah being blown on to the road. Finally, if the winds these past few months have been enough to make you go spare, settle down. Despite the wild weather, she has no plans to cut the week long holiday short. Rubbish and recycling bins were being blown across city streets and the council asked residents in areas where rubbish and recycling was being picked up on Thursday to show "commonsense" and either not put their rubbish bags and bins out or try put them in relatively sheltered positions. Shortly after 8pm a slip fell onto Kaiwharawhara Rd in Ngaio, partially blocking one lane. Typically, these strong winds are caused by a rapid drop in air pressure (indicated by a steep pressure gradient.) A truck has been filmed being blown over and crushing a car in gale force winds. I mean, a) it's a cool city, b) it's windy, and it allows them to get out and sail.". Our reporters around the country give the latest. High winds lifted roofs on some Wellington homes. Lines company Wellington Electricity had reconnected almost all of them by mid-afternoon. Sculptures on Cobham Dr on the way to Wellington Airport celebrate the city's windy reputation. Check your local forecastscarefully for mention of thunderstorms or squalls before you go out and be prepared to change your plans. Wellington is much more consistently windy than most places, seeing gusts exceeding gale-force (75km/h) about 175 days every year at the airport. TWO British teens were killed in a horrific parasailing accident in Greece after a firm allegedly violated sea sport regulations by allowing three people on a boat ride in gale force winds. "We are getting a lot of the brunt of it.". (Boasting of our dubious weather having replaced boasting about the film industry in the ill-fated original ''Wellywood'' idea.). Victoria University school of architecture senior lecturer Michael Donn agrees. Live: All Black Richie Mo'unga causing havoc for the Wallabies with two tries in six minutes ... read more, Election 2020: Green Party votes to be part of next Government with Labour, Election 2020: Labour caught selling off state homes to tenants after rubbishing National policy, Man killed, 11 injured, at off-roading event in Otago, Death by appointment: Mum went out the way she wanted to go, Moving day at Matatā - the end of one family's fight against managed retreat, Silver Ferns star Katrina Rore announces pregnancy, Quiz: Afternoon trivia quiz: October 31, 2020, BNZ customer quit bank, refusing to believe his girlfriend was a scammer, Covid-19: Seven new cases in managed isolation, none in the community, Kelly Osbourne shows off 38kg weight loss at birthday party. Storm force wind create havoc on Wellington's south coast with some hairy airline landings and waves crashing over roads. Winds gusting in excess of 100kmh lifted a large section of roof off the grandstand at Fraser Park in the Lower Hutt suburb of Avalon. "My husband was trying to show her how to best hold her bike in the wind. Luckily a row of pine trees blocks off most northerly gales, but she gets the southerly full-on  and has to scramble to pull washing and deckchairs inside before they scatter all over her property. A Christchurch family visiting the capital found themselves stuck there until Friday night after their 11am flight was cancelled and nothing else was available. Raing seas hit the seawall at Wellington's Lyall Bay, as the southerly storm batters the capital. Wind and rain lash the road at Moa Point and Lyall Bay. Wellington City Council's call centre received dozens of calls about trees and branches down on roads, slips and other storm-related damage. She went down to see Lyall Bay beach with her daughter Greer, 9, but the wind was so severe they struggled to stand up and make it home. "It is crazy," she said. All Cook Strait ferry sailings were cancelled on Thursday, along with morning sailings of the East by West ferry between Wellington and Eastbourne. So Americans are probably full of hot air or something.". Wind speeds through October, November and the early part of December this year were actually slightly below the average. The southerly storm caused flooding in Discovery Drive, Whitby, as it hit the Wellington region. As for the worst spots to be, Wellington City Council's most recent data divides the city into five levels of windiness. Many on Facebook sympathised with the cyclist and men. To mitigate such conditions, Donn has helped Wellington develop serious building rules around wind over the past 25 years. So how deserved is all the ''Windy Wellington'' notoriety? Flight JQ286 from Christchurch to Wellington was unable to land on its first approach into Wellington due to high winds. And while the wind might turn some people off from Wellington, it's attractive to others. 18km! 248km/h  The highest gust of wind ever recorded in Wellington29km/h  The average wind speed at Wellington Airport; 18km/h  Chicago's average wind speed104km/h  The highest gust at Wellington Airport this spring, on November 28th233  The number of days winds topped gale-force speed in Wellington's windiest year. What's more, even though other cities around the world like to lay claim to extreme winds, it seems they've got nothing on Wellington. But instead of beach walks, she was "hunkered down" watching the storm on Thursday. A Hutt City Council spokeswoman said they were aware the roofing had come loose but it was too dangerous for the fire service to secure it. and usually associated with coastal regions. A gale force wind is a sustained strong wind, registering between 7-10 on the Beaufort Scale, which indicates wind speeds of between 50 and 102 km/h (32 - 63 mph). It's made a difference in the central city, he says. A flapping highway sign closed State Highway 1 at the Ngauranga Gorge north of Wellington. Read the … Fierce gale-force wind wallopped Wellingtonians on Thursday, including a cyclist who was blown around by the coastal gusts. The highest-recorded wave height in the strait was 10m, according to Niwa. Those kinds of freak speeds, recorded on Hawkins Hill near Brooklyn, are easily in hurricane territory. The company says it's down to adverse weather - with gale force winds expected over the weekend. "Went through there today getting knocked about in a 12T truck. The Featherston St-Stout St intersection, where a woman was filmed falling over in a gale earlier this year, has got worse. If you want to take yourself up a few hundred metres into much higher wind speeds that flow at much higher levels, then good luck to you.". Commuter trains did not fare as well, with delays on all lines during the morning rush on account of the adverse weather and fallen debris on train tracks. ", As whitecaps cover the ocean in the background, one of the men helping the woman attempts to return to the car, but struggles as the gusts continue to pummel the area. I'm sick of seeing pictures of trampolines today where they've obviously not been secured and so they've taken off like Mary Poppins," he said. 'Around' is often the easiest option. Surface flooding was reported on Sylvan Ave in Waikanae, Kents Rd in Reikorangi and Waitohu Valley Rd in Otaki. And who cops the worst of it around town? Gale force winds batter Wellington causing large swells and hazardous flying. "You can't do much about it. Click here for an interactive graphic displaying the capital's wind zones. Giant waves are breaking over the road at Lowry Bay, Eastbourne, making driving treacherous. Ropes were once necessary on an intersection like Taranaki St and Courtenay Place, but changes to nearby buildings have improved the area. Bicycle would've been hilarious," said another. After one massive pine toppled over earlier this year a stone's throw from the house, she's slightly worried more might follow suit. It turns out that we're a windy country. A large section of metal roofing has come away from the grandstand at Fraser Park in Avalon, Lower Hutt. We have the reputation, and soon we'll have the sign, but is Wellington really the world's wind capital? Wellington Regional Civil Defence Controller, Bruce Pepperell said people needed to secure their trampolines in the strong winds. How's the weather where you are? ''It's way above comfortable for walking.". Strong winds also damaged a large road sign attached to an overhead gantry in the Ngauranga Gorge, north of Wellington, causing a complete shutdown of State Highway 1 between Johnsonville and Ngauranga about 12.45pm. "You couldn't stand up there,'' says Niwa principal scientist Brett Mullan. "It's pretty much the windiest city in the world, as far as strength of wind and average amount of days go.".

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