Love Me Nina / Semiautomatic This company sells your internet traffic to other people, meaning that other people can use your IP address and can break some of the above rules, causing you to be banned from this site. The One Time in Houston (Required), You can request being unbanned by clicking. Lists that rank the best rappers and hip hop artists from every time and place. The discography of Wale, a Nigerian-American hip hop recording artist, consists of six studio albums, three compilation albums, ten mixtapes, one extended play, forty-six singles (including twenty as a featured artist), two promotional singles and forty-one music videos.In 2005, Wale started his music career by releasing mixtapes in the Washington, D.C. area. Listen Now. After nose-diving into oblivion with his former label Interscope, in 2011, Rick Ross signed him to his imprint Maybach Music Group. Gullible (feat. Vote up the best Wale albums, and vote down the ones that were disappointing. This site uses cookies. New Album. 2. Listen Now. The Intro About Nothing Wale has always been chastised for caring too much about what others had to say. With a bevy of albums sitting in his catalog, including his recent release, The Album About Nothing, we dive into his archive and examine his best body of work to date for our latest ranking. I want a hundred stacks/These bitches selling their soul/Well, I want my money back/She bounce it like jumping jacks, but she got a funny ass/Look what them booty shots done to that/That bitch need her money back, Lord" - Lil Wayne, "Look at you acting, I could put you in casting/'Cause my nigga will shoot you in the broad ways/Damn, I'm in the spot if you ask for me/Face Mob, acrobatic, got it tatted on me/Thank God I ain't out here paying alimony/Shawty I got married to the cake after matrimony", "My team, team, we on that new ting/My mink draggin' like it's Liu Kang/My show packed, all the dimes there/But I be falling back from all the loose change/I drop the top on that new thing/My chocolate broad, they rock Gucci" - Wale, "You wanna sit front row?/Ask me get anything that you want, though/She a fashion killer, me I'm a cutthroat/Goin' out tonight, she said that she wants coke/1 Oak or Webster, up and down/Paparazzi gonna think that I'm cuffing now" - G-Eazy, "Tuck all my diamonds, fuck the attention/Fuck wit the bitches, fuck with no effort/Just hit the projects to holler and check ya/Just hit up papi/Te llamo no bueno, te llamo no bueno, te llamo no bueno" - Wale, "New 600, cocaine white/New Air Ones, cocaine white/I knew I'd blow, propane like/But you know a nigga been nice/Six-Deuc this cocaine white/Talk about a grey knife/Seen niggas fade to black/All 'cause of that cocaine white", "Playboy I always been ready/Skinny but always been heavy/Gave away all my old bitches/Gave away all my Giuseppe's/Keep it 100 with Ross/Keep it 100 with Meek/Keep me a number to call/Had that shit like the 300 movie", "Catch me a flight, go abroad/Catch em a flight with your broad/Not even my type but need somethin' that nice so I bet you might Skype with that broad/Sometimes I be trifling y'all/Sometimes I enlighten with thought/I guess I'm a typa swing pimpin' like Ken or Rob Hill when I'm writin' these songs", "Never ever gotta write a will/Niggas won't beat me like Emmett Till/Niggas won't bite me like Holyfield/Might run it back on you, I'm in the field" - Travis Scott, Take it now, break it down like she want it bad/Put her in the verse, then the bed, then the cab/For the boy baby girl go to hell and back/On my way to Lagos seen the latest shit to hit the net/Oya, got some time for ya/Nigga pick me for beef, we beef, they want suya" - Wale, "Give me love and I give you a return/Star Card or Visa, baby which one you want?/Sachs Fifth, with a east side ting/Rodeo, with a west side ting/Bad boy on a worldwide ting/Don't forget, I'm reppin' green white green" - Davido, "Fuck the club, girl, I've been ready to go/Got the Uber waitin', we can head to the door/Yeah, Four Seasons or a room at The Ritz/I'ma show you this is as real as it gets/Take me out the game, you might even do it (Yeah, we gon' see, right)/Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Louis, it's on me" - Wale and Chris Brown, "If heaven had a height, she would be that tall/Exceed that far, you see my scars/I see your flaws, I see no problem/I know we're not gods, so we all got 'em/She a introvert, still good in public/I'm not a socialite, so sure she love it" - Wale, "A James Bond nigga with a Saint Laurent fetish/And thank god I never had a baby mother either/Snapchat shortie, flash that for me/Clap back from niggas like that’s not for you/Give her 50 feet fell in love in a week/She penetrating my mind, I penetrate that physique", "I'm smoking purple, the law enforcement be murking brothers/The moon lit and I'm Cottonmouth like Mahershala/Its like you got a curse if your currency low/The world is a dirty fucking experiment, they don't care if its hurting us/Black lives matter, 'cause Black lives target practice/Can't even imagine what would happen with no phone cameras" - Wale, "Fuck that, I'ma ruffle some feathers/Mess with the temperature, shuffle the weather/Fuck you to whoever, Keisha or Heather/Beef is whatever/Kill me, you die and I live forever/When you live without fear, it don't get much better" - Phil Ade, "I got my family, and I got my squad/And as long as they got me, then I'll be just fine/So I give God the glory cause I have my child/And America don't want me, that's what I realized/That we all need, yeah, a reason to smile" - Wale, See 15 of Hip-Hop's Weirdest Album Titles, Lori Loughlin's Prison Life Will be Stringent, But Leisure Activities …, Fake Melania Trump Conspiracy, Impersonators Not Booking Gigs, TV Producer Dez White Says More Black Women Must Be Hired At The Top, Olivia Culpo Sports White-Hot Bikini During Cabo Vacay With Devon Windsor, Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost Wedding News Raises Money for Meals on Wheel…, Rob Kardashian's Rare Tom Brady Card Gets Perfect 10 Grade. Love... (Her Fault) (feat. He’s been a member of the label Maybach Music Group along with Rick Ross and Meek Mill since the year of 2011. Listen Now. Wow...That's Crazy . Rihanna) Other than that blemish, he still managed to put together a more than solid debut, despite it being overlooked by the masses. Meek Mill) done anything to warrant a ban, this is most likely the case. Rather than being lauded for his gift of gab, he's been overshadowed by his shill cries for acceptance. Please log in or register if you want to be able to add a comment. On Chill . Song/Rank: #10-"Slight Work" (ft. Big Sean) [Ambition 2011]Why, Though: I once said that Big Sean killed Wale on this track. music; videos ; merch ; Videos. This once again proves how Wale is uniquely able to inject a sense of creativity into song concepts that have been done ten times over. Did you install a browser extension (such as Realplayer/Realdownloader) that helps you download YouTube videos or other content? 5. Wale on his introduction to RG: Cee Lo Green) Announced last year, Shine garnered much intrigue from Wale's fans who wondered what tricks the rapper would have up his sleeve considering he's known as one of the more crafty and meticulous artists in rap. 12. Love... (Her Fault) (ft. Bryson Tiller) 2019. CD Sampler - Tribute Diana Princess of Wales, LISZT LIEBESTRAUM UNGARISCHE FANTASIE RHAPSODIEN STECH WAL-BERG ANDRE LP (d755), MAMMA MIA, London, Prince of Wales Theatre, Programmheft 2008, ABBA, Musical. 6. Cliché (feat. On Chill . Copyright © 2005-2020 Don't Hold Your Applause Routine (feat. Megan Thee Stallion), 1. Let us know what you think of this artist by adding a comment or assigning a rating below! Wow...That's Crazy . Complete discography, ratings, reviews and more. Wale’s decision to sprinkle a tinge of MMG over his music proved to be a great move on his part commercially. In 2008, Wale signed with Interscope Records for $1.3 million, and his debut album Attention Deficit was released in 2009 with the singles "Chillin", "Pretty Girls", and "World Tour". With The Gifted, Wale was grappling with wanting to be a commercial act and wanting to be a hip-hop artist. 7. 14. 4. 50 In Da Safe (feat. 11. Supported by Mark Ronson and Rick … Love... (Her Fault) (ft. Bryson Tiller) 2019. The Helium Balloon It was him. 6. Lloyd) 8. 2. The Girls on Drugs The Bloom (AG3) Listen Now. Even though fans weren’t buying his album, many people realized that if he was in the right situation and was anchored by the right ship, it would be smooth sailing for the D.C. rapper.

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