Lo mejor en caso de que lo hayas activado, es siempre mantener un constante monitoreo del sitio, hasta verificar que no está causando problemas. What you need to do is this: Minification, also referred to as minifying your files is often seen as a quick, and easy way to improve your page load times. Ya sea si necesitamos excluir archivos, deshabilitar o habilitar el CDN con SSL o bien para ciertos roles de usuario. Now the cache is enabled you need to exclude your dynamic content. Opcode caching enables the caching of the compiled code so that it doesn’t need to be compiled every-time. Nearly all cache plugins allow you to exclude scripts from being cached or included in the concatenation. We only collect admin fees to meet our hosting and other expenses. Posted by Willie Jackson, 6 Years Ago, Leave a Comment. Expensive pricing model if you only want to use Hummingbird. While it’s new, it certainly isn’t lacking in features and has a modern, clean interface. Imagine you have a library of 1,000 books, spread across 50 shelves, and to find one book you have to go and look at every shelf and every book. That’s 11 requests the users’ browser has to make. That means that caching entire pages to improve user experience and performance is not a solution. What should you do before installing a WordPress Caching plugin? However, it’s not all a bed of roses. eCommerce – Any website that sells digital or physical products using a plugin like WooCommerce is a dynamic website. Thank you for upgrading to W3 Total Cache Pro! This file is under the GPL (General Public License), so you don't need a license to use it on as many sites as you want. We do not provide any license keys or product support. Aquí bastará con activarla y elegir el CDN que vamos a utilizar, ya luego W3TC se encargará de ajustar la configuración según nuestra opción. Todo dependerá de lo que necesitemos en nuestro sitio, y de si interfiere con su funcionalidad o no. Issues with slow updates in the past year. De lo contrario lo mejor siempre será mejor Activar Gzip desde el .htaccess por nuestra cuenta o bien puedes directamente Activar Gzip en Nginx, desde su configuración, en caso de que Nginx sea el webserver que utilizas. W3 Total Cache Pricing. El siguiente módulo que veremos será el de Minify. We do not claim to be developer of this plugins and this club is not for commercial purpose. Bingo! Object Cache, es igual al anterior. If not, keep going until you find the problem plugin. By caching your website in the browser, it allows your end-user to load the website faster on subsequent visits (until they clear their cache). Despite this, it’s still one of our favorite caching plugins for WordPress. First, though, it’s important to know there are different types of caching as well. By concatenating the files and combining them into one, you’ve just saved a massive ten requests! ThemeCanal.com is apparently the place for devs. Phew! How Can WordPress Caching Plugins Help my Site? This, in turn, helps boost your conversions, improve your visitors’ experience and increase your position in search results. Speeding up that request is vital to the performance of your site. All of our WordPress & WooCommerce Themes, Plugins and Extensions are available under the GPLV3 License. Page caching is automatically enabled out of the box. ¿Sigues sin convencerte de usar W3 Total Cache? Double Your Customizer Speed and More With the New Astra 2.6, 28 Best Gutenberg WordPress Themes in 2020, Save up to 30% with Big Halloween Discount. Infranetworking Internacional - Copyright 2002-2020 Todos los derechos reservados. For the cost of W3 Total Cache Pro for 3 sites, you could get an unlimited license for WP Rocket. W3 Total Cache is a popular caching plugin. Despite the strange name, it’s a more straightforward thing to follow than you’d think. Uno de los primeros módulos que veremos y podemos activar es Page Cache. We do it every day at W3 EDGE and our client retention rate is the best indicator of our success.

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