‘Opcode’ caching, however, must be selected if you upgrade to a dedicated server. Thanks for sharing this researchful article which helped my site run faster under proper caching settings. At times, due to hosting compatibility issues or non-compatibility with other plugins, W3 Total Cache can act weird. Only use Autoptimize to minify resources. Well worth the cost imho. If you have enough RAM (you can let the kernel decide what to put in ram) you'll scale pretty well. To replicate W3 Total Cache settings on another website, click Download to create a file containing the current active settings. Once you have installed W3 Total Cache, go to the plugin settings and click on the tab “Miscellaneous”. Will be running the site from a Dedicated server with NVMe and 16GB RAM. I am trying to install the w3 total cache for my blog. However, there are W3 Total Cache optimal settings to be mindful of. I’ll show you how I’ve set it up on my blog, and you can review and copy the settings for your own site. Thank you very much for sharing such a details article. In WordPress, there are many cache plugins available. Design like a professional without Photoshop. With a note: I haven't played with nginx as reverse proxy, it should outperform LiteSpeed, but haven't tried. For example, you can use google's pagespeed module to do the same things and more. For better Site Security and Performance what should i use – Cloudflare (If cloudflare then free or paid plan) or Sucuri, W3Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Varnish Cache or Some other plugin/software. This section is really the heart of the plugin. Copy the Google API key to the W3 Total Cache settings and click on “Save”. It might take some time to see the result on your dashboard. @Ankita Fortunately, it’s easy to set up – … The theme I am using is volt magazine. Varnish is server level cache & if you can configure it (Take care of cache flushing).. Hi Harsh, I need a little bit of help – Mine is a startup site, but have started with Cloud VPS Server with Data Centre located in Mumbai, India. Check the .htaccess file; if you see any code added by W3 Total Cache, remove it. I then removed Yoast SEO reinstalled W3 Total Cache but all in vain. How To Install & Configure W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin. Thanks. If your site currently runs on a shared host, choose ‘Disk: Enhanced’ as your page cache method. It can also double as a backup for W3 Total Cache settings. W3 Total Cache - Page Cache Page Cache, as the name suggests, cache the posts and pages to avoid repeated parsing and database access. Database caching can potentially boost your site by moving the execution of processes from the database to the processor/memory. So memcached + opcache or redis + opcache. Awais has authored various open-source dev-tools and software libraries used by millions of developers worldwide.

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