I’m glad you were able to make it to a game previously, and I hope you get to more games in the future. Doubleheaders are common, and three-team round-robin events are a popular way for each team to play two different squads in a single day. The minor rule variations that took place between these years are sometimes open to debate. Teams often bring more than nine players for an event, and because players frequently travel a few hours or more to games, everyone wants to play. nine again took to the diamond as part of Lumberjack Days 1998. The Saint Louis Perfectos and the Lafayette Square Cyclones are Base Ball clubs playing by the rules and customs of the 1860’s. Ninety feet between bases, nine players on a side, three outs and you’re done—these characteristics certainly ring true to anyone familiar with America’s national pastime. Home plate is generally a metal plate, typically round. Huzzah! You can flag a comment by clicking its flag icon. Starting in 1865, fair balls had to be caught on the fly to record an out, though foul balls caught on a bounce still were outs until 1884. Home Baseball - Vintage Baseball Tees, Retro Teams | Old School Shirts Page 1 of 5 Defunct and iconic baseball sports teams that made a lasting impression of the cities they belonged to. However, the first time you witnesses the game known as vintage base ball (it was two words back then), some things jump out immediately as unusual. U117173. Hello vintage base ball enthusiasts. From shop Vintage05. 1 photographic print : stereograph, unmounted. Notes: Photograph shows the New York Metropolitans baseball team in 1882 posed for a studio portrait, wearing white uniforms with neckties. In a nod to the friendly, gentlemanly approach to the game, host teams often will provide a meal for their opponents after a contest concludes. Of course, weather is always a factor, and vintage fields don’t have the benefits of modern drainage, so games that are rained out often are not made up. Watched a vintage game about 6 years ago on Governor’s Island in NYC. Today, the game is about money, says Mark Hepner, captain of … This sport—which typically reenacts game play from a range of years between 1858 and 1886—has existed for roughly 30 years and has become something approaching an obsession for many of the players on the approximately 400 teams around the country. All Win Expectancy, Leverage Index, Run Expectancy, and Fans Scouting Report data licenced from TangoTiger.com. It’s an opportunity to bring your chair to a field, sit in the sun, and watch history repeat itself right before your eyes. The crack of the bat sounds quite familiar to any baseball fan. Women--Social life--New Jersey--Madison--1910…. The Brandywine vintage base ball club of West Chester plays the rules of 1864 base ball. It is understood and acknowledged that other regions may have differences in their styles, similar to how the game itself grew and developed across the country in the second half of the 19th century. Bill “Pic” Dieckmann of the Red Stockings summarizes his team’s approach like this: The game of base ball was intended for exercise and fun. 2020 Prospectus – Connecticut Base Ball Club of Hartford 25 Feb 20 By mcd In anticipation of the start of the 2020 season, we’ll be posting a look at each Connecticut vintage base ball team. I’m aware of your league, and I’m jealous you can play pretty much year round. Contact us to try out or come to a match. Photo credit Traci Essen. See more ideas about Vintage baseball, Baseball, Vintage. We try our best on the field at all times, but winning is a lower priority than getting a little exercise, having fun, and respecting the game and our opponents.”. The styles and speechof … As the game begins, several obvious—and some not-so-obvious—deviations from modern baseball stand out. Players dress in uniforms appropriate to the time period, and many teams appear to be direct copies of teams that existed in the late 19th century. Ballists (players) would take their willows (bats) to the batting line (now a box) and become strikers (hitters). To learn more about the Washington County Historical Society Vintage Base Ball program, contact WCHS Executive Director Brent Peterson by calling 651.439.5956 or by e-mail: information@wchsmn.org, Saturday May 16: Rum River Rover Festival – Booster Park, East Bethel, MN 22267 Palisade St. NE, Saturday June 20: Hay Lake School Beer Tasting Event. Copyright, 1882, by N. Sarony, 37 Union Square, N.Y. The first clear difference a viewer of a vintage game will observe is in the uniforms. These are the sorts of circumstances teams need to consider and resolve beforehand. The 1860 “New York Rules” game that the St. Croixs follow was also played by Civil War soldiers during times of leisure, which helped to make it a pastime for the entire nation. ” game that the St. Croixs follow was also played by Civil War soldiers during times of leisure, which helped to make it a pastime for the entire nation. Comments regarding such differences are welcomed and encouraged! Through the 1864 season, any ball caught on one bounce was an out. by Handedness, Vintage Base Ball: Bringing the Game’s Past to the Present. Published in: Baseball Americana…, Playing baseball at Madison, New Jersey 1910, c1911. Everyone from newspaper men to owners to players to fans to the game's top officials seemed deeply committed to make baseball the number one spectator sport in America. Baseball history photo: The Knickerbocker Base Ball Club and the Excelsior Base Ball Club in one of the earliest known team photos. Restricted access: Materials in this collection are extremely fragile and cannot be served. ], Saturday July 18: Lumberjack Days @ Stillwater, MN with Afton, Menomonie, Rum River, Sunday Aug. 23: @ Barron County [WI] Historical Society with Menomonie & Sand Creek, Saturday Sept. 12: vs. Silver Stars @ Northfield, MN, © 2020 Washington County Historical Society, Through the sponsorship of Andersen Windows, the. There are a lot of teams in that area. Members of the Cincinnati Buckeyes. WCHS accepted and decided to revive the Saint Croix Base Ball Club to defend the honor of the St. Croix Valley and the National Pastime. If you want to watch, or better yet try your hand at playing, we’re even hosting a pick up game on Dec. 9th at 11 at Golden Gate Park, SF! You’ll also notice there isn’t an umpire crouched down behind the catcher, calling balls and strikes. Nor are there umps at each of the bases. Among his duties, the umpire will issue a warning to a pitcher who refuses to deliver good pitches—or a batter who refuses to swing at the same—and then will call balls or strikes as required. Former major leaguers have been known to take part, along with the many others whose only access to a major league park is by purchasing a ticket. These are members of the Indianapolis Blues from the 2016 World Tournament in Dearborn, Mich. (via Maureen Electa Monte). Contact us to try out or come to a match. Vintage base ball is a nod to the history of the game, a way for participants to demonstrate how the game was played during its infancy. One of the reasons for differing home rules is the variety of locations of the ball fields used for base ball. Forms part of: Baseball cards from the Benjamin K. Edwards Collection…, Baseball team, Eymard Seminary, Suffern, N.Y. [between 1890 and 1910] 1 photographic print. Title from item. Player ages range from pre-teens taking the field with their fathers to “experienced” players in their 70s, continuing to enjoy the game they first took part in six or seven decades prior. It once was thought that the hurler (pitcher) delivered the ball to the behind (catcher), but further research has revealed these last two old timey terms to be modern-day twists on the traditional position names. Aug 12, 2016 - Possible basement decor. Metropolitan baseball nine 1882 c1882. Farmers Branch, Texas is the picture-perfect place to live, work and play. Rude wenching and drinking behaviors dominated -- all freely reported in the press of the day. It measures 10¾ x 13 inches. All the while, however, these "gentlemen" harangued vociferously as to how that goal would be accomplished. Another surprise is to see a batter called out if a fielder catches the ball after it hits the ground. Teams typically start play in April and continue until October, paralleling the MLB regular season rather closely. Other anachronistic customs may include the ringing of a tally bell when a player crosses the plate, colorfully decorated bats, team buttons worn on hats, and other attempts to add some spice and capture fans’ attention. Subjects: Baseball--New Jersey--Madison--1910. Copyright Sept. 30, 1911, by Underwood & Underwood. Baseball history photo: “Baseball Players Practicing,” 1875. $25.00 Garment. Some teams like to add some local spice to their equipment. Our theme for the winter issue is based on how people dress for the vintage … In a bit of irony, but a nod to the requirements of the modern day, Facebook pages abound for vintage teams, while some have their own web sites. It’s a chance to chat, enhance long-time friendships on and off the field, and get filled up before the long drive home. Is that branch in fair or foul territory? If you happen to be in the Bay Area and found vintage ball interesting, you should check out the Bay Area Vintage Base Ball League! It harkens back to the beginnings of the game as we know it, appealing to those who want to learn the history of baseball and crave a simpler time when players weren’t millionaires (they often weren’t paid at all), owners weren’t billionaires, and stadiums didn’t have massive high-definition screens, thumping music, and t-shirt cannons.

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