When that motor is controlled by a VFD, it can be confusing. Therefore, a VFD can be used as a full torque soft starter in place of an RVSS. Smooth, controlled acceleration and deceleration minimizes mechanical stresses and water hammer effect if used on a pump. A. ), Parker AC10 VFD drives. In order to control the inrush currents VFDs and soft starters are used. Both VSDs and VFDs seek to decrease an electric motor's unnecessary power consumption and optimize the efficiency and operation of systems that utilize electric motors. To have your extended pump product tested inclusive of the motor and VFD, you can typically work with the pump manufacturer or independent laboratory. 100% rated current is essentially 100% rated torque regardless of the speed. These pumps can be more easily tested by measuring the power into the motor and reporting the motor input power or wire-water-efficiency. Since a VFD cannot increase the voltage above its supply voltage, the current decreases as frequency increases, decreasing the available torque. Due to the phase angle controlled variable voltage waveform, an RVSS creates significant harmonic distortion and reduced power factor during the start cycle. Parker’s North American Electromechanical and Drives division is a broad base manufacturer of industrial drives and related equipment. 5) Can I run a 50Hz motor on 60Hz power supply? End users are typically aware of the nominal motor efficiency that is listed on the pump nameplate and represented in this table; however, motor efficiency does change as speed and torque change and is also affected by voltage harmonics present in the VFD output. When a VFD increases frequency above 60 hertz, HP and torque do a complete flip flop. Turning Possibility into Reality. I need a RPM of 1400 to 1500 which means I will need to run the motor on 25 Hz which is not a problem with the GoHz VFD. When selecting a VFD for a positive displacement pump application, the VFD manufacturer will recommend a drive specific to that application that is suitable for the constant torque (CT) load. This causes mechanical stress and significant heating to the motor and motor windings. Anywhere high starting torque, unlimited starts per hour and rotation reversal are needed, VFDs are a cost effective, reliable and simple solution. It is possible to use a VFD as a full-torque soft starter, providing torque proportional to current (100% continuous; up to 200% intermittent) from standstill up to rated speed. High starting torque, unlimited starts per hour and rotation reversal. Our website places cookies on your device to improve your experience and to improve our site. How to battle bad odors and high organic loading in food waste. However, the benefits of VFD go beyond motor starting. In general, a standard wattmeter cannot accurately measure the power from the VFD to the motor because of the non-sinusoidal wave form generated by the VFD. Commercial ventilation and cooling units use over 30% of a building's energy, of nearly all of which is consumed by electric motors. Locked Rotor Torque = Rated Torque x 2 x (0.40)2 = 0.32  (32% of rated torque). Question: I have a 1.5 kW three phase motor running on a GoHz VFD. To make the switch to VFD in industrial applications, consult an experienced vendor and think about brands that have extensive experience in power and motor control systems. At speeds above 90 hertz, the square of the ratio is often used. That is why the shaft and frame of a 900 rpm motor are usually larger than those of an 1,800-rpm motor of the same HP. Keeping the voltage and frequency synchronized keeps the motor at 100% flux at any speed, and therefore capable of 100% torque at 100% current at any speed below base speed. However, it provides specific procedures to determine an accurate and repeatable efficiency. It’s a simple, proven technology, but even in steady state, low duty cycle applications like these, variable frequency drives show definite advantages. In real applications, other factors can reduce the actual available torque well below the theoretical values shown in Figure 1. He can be reached via his website www.PumpEd101.com. Figure 6.4 shows typical efficiency/speed curves for a VFD-driven, high-efficiency-type motor with a nominal efficiency of 95 percent at different percentage torque loads (T/Tn) and speeds. Let’s assume a typical NEMA design B three phase induction motor. Missed your issue of Pumps & Systems because you are not at work? The distribution of losses in a motor is specific to a particular type of motor and power drive system. Across nearly every sector, electric motors are playing a vital role in modern technology. When selecting a VFD for a rotodynamic pump application, many manufacturers recommend a variable torque or standard-duty-rated VFD. Across-the-line starting also means zero driving torque the instant the starter is de-energized. Modify GoHz Single Phase 240v Converter to Split Phase 120v/240v, 3 Phase Motor Running on Single Phase Power Supply, GoHz 30-60kVA 3-phase Frequency Converter Troubleshooting. A global provider of products, services, and solutions, Arrow aggregates electronic components and enterprise computing solutions for customers and suppliers in industrial and commercial markets. When the VFD reduces frequency and motor speed, it also reduces voltage to keep the volts/hertz ratio constant. In pump applications in the process industries, for example, this limitation can affect the choice of motor, pump design or even force the overrating of a system for a given application. In these applications, the drive is programmed to provide full voltage at 120 hertz and then reduces voltage proportionally as speed is reduced. While acceptance of cookies and tracking technologies is voluntary, disabling them may result in the website not working properly, and certain advertisements may be less relevant to you. Arrow Electronics guides innovation forward for over 175,000 of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology used in homes, business and daily life. However, 100% rated current means 100% rated heat, but now with only half the cooling air from the shaft-mounted cooling fan. A comprehensive portfolio of electronic components. An industry standard for a variable torque (VT) overload is 110 percent for 60 seconds. Commercial ventilation and cooling units use over 30% of a. , of nearly all of which is consumed by electric motors. The VFD applies both a variable voltage and a variable frequency to the motor. Starting at near zero voltage and frequency, it ramps both up in synchronicity until the desired speed is achieved. Check with the manufacturer. Well-maintained positive displacement pumps meet the challenge of food processing applications. External cooling may be required depending on load, duty cycle and environment.On a VFD, frequency is speed, but current is torque. This 200% torque surge and sudden acceleration has implications for reduction gearing, couplers, clutches and other mechanical components in the drive system as well as for downstream machinery as well as the products handled by the machinery. Frequent in rush current can decrease the life of the motors. To achieve the desired power and current for the given speed. Reactive power does no work, and the drive for unity on power factor is more relevant than ever.

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