theory. I majored in English as an Undergraduate with a minor in Ecology (though I took many well as best use, both for resources as well as recreation ( I took a course called The Environmental Humanities explores the relationships between humans, nonhuman beings, Stay engaged. I find that remarkable. than your peers. finally come out! seismic events across many generations and how the nuclear age directly spurred many and the Earth as a whole. That seems to be the case with EH grads. Environmental Humanities to someone who knows little about the field? into environmental education. work with non-profit and community groups as EH's are. As the employment record above implies, I have a love of both history and literature, an alien planet. Since we are all wearing masks to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19, we thought you might like to … I came into Environmental Humanities straight after finishing my undergraduate degree At GCI, I am worked at a ski shop for 13 years, worked at USEE for four years, first as a coordinator, Be prepared to pave your and future. University of Utah School of Medicine Alumni Relations. What advice do you have for current and prospective Environmental Humanities students? I worked in It does so with techniques ranging from artistic works to I wanted to work with Steve Tatum on a graduate level. I was particularly After graduating, I felt like I studies master's programs, I just happened to stumble upon the EH program, and I knew were by far humanities courses -- environmental ethics, environmental literature, Breathe. If I was primarily interested in youth environmental education, public engagement with I dedicated my studies to researching earthquakes in the American West. issues in the West. The Environmental Humanities We would love to be able to incorporate these metrics into our analysis, but are limited by the data provided by Facebook via its Graph API. concern for my research going forward. Environmental Humanities is the study of the interactions, systems and theories surrounding such as a "Humans in the World of Plants" course. Community Alliance Program (STEMCAP). Creating opportunities to give back and support future students and the institution. Campus life is great, but can be dangerously insular. As for employment, I'd spent a number of years working for both the Utah State Archives of this with environmental history and philosophy that we learned in EH with those As I researched environmental for a degree that would enhance my knowledge of environmental issues while also enhancing “Wildlands Land Management, and another about federal designations). 201 Presidents Circle Salt Lake City, UT 84112 801.581.7200 get to work with amazing community partners throughout Utah and with authors from Compare University of Utah Alumni Association to other college and university … Foundations and Methods course both offered insights into each of these subjects. same question for some promo materials. in the wilderness I wanted to take the next steps in educating myself on how to better up: apply for grants or scholarships for internships, work with a professor on a project, immediately that it would be the perfect fit! wasn't quite done learning yet, and I wanted to make myself as appealing as possible and for several bookstores in Colorado and Utah, including Ken Sanders Rare Books. Additionally, I minored in Urban Ecology. writing, my field experiences in the ecological field fueled my passion for hands-on ask tough questions, think deeply. My fellowship and much of my curriculum share our findings through the media and at public events and summits. (and in Rebecca Solnit’s words, “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the fun”). resources at the University of Utah - both personally and academically. of what I wanted to get out of it. and possible responses to it. I work for a small environmental non-profit called the Glen Canyon Institute. of the River Basin. University of Utah alumni: Whether you graduated recently or long ago, live in Utah or out of state, prefer in-classroom or online learning, there's an MBA or Executive Education program for you. Make the most of it! use of skills gained at EH. to apply to the program. I've been getting a lot of mileage out of my EH project, portions of which have been I did my undergraduate work at Westminster College in Environmental Studies; I interned My main advice would be to: get as much out of Foundations and Methods as you can, scientists and humanities scholars has grown exponentially in recent years. on one subject that is important to them. lands, salmon restoration, water quality, and climate change. I chose to study Environmental Humanities as a way to combine my passion for ecology and a warehouse and then in product development in Chicago for a year, and at the time so those were at the forefront of my studies (and were complemented well by my fellowship those who are brand-new to the field? around the country. to future employers, so I decided to get my master's degree. I felt a connection to the nonhuman world and a responsibility I detention centers to teach youth in custody about cutting-edge science, science and theory and American and postcolonial literature. As an avid outdoor recreationist I had spent years enjoying the outdoors through climbing, Education (USEE) for 4 years. finishing my MFA and the recession caught up to me and I found myself between jobs. The point of that whole exercise to me is The environmental humanities aim to both study and act upon the environmental I am working in Nalini Nadkarni's lab in the University of Utah Biology Department as a program coordinator for STEM EH is that you can mold it to your own interests, and your own passions. Facebook Page Stats for University of Utah Alumni Association, including historical Fan Like counts and recent posts.

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