We had a great story, which contained a murder and an interesting side story, great characters and a wonderful guest cast. (1996–1997) and Spaced (1999–2001). When the third member dies in front of Frank and Luella, fleeing from the Devil, leaving King the only member alive. Frank and Luella watch back episodes of Sally's soap opera and find a link between past and present. Overall, it says, "this is drama with the ham in the oven and turned up to ten. Things come to a head when Sally is poisoned and unable to continue. [8] Series 2 is running from 12 June 2020 onwards, again on ZDFneo. The death threat turns to a blackmail demand after the head tennis player, romantically linked with Greenwood's grand-daughter is poisoned with Aconite. Frank and Luella are employed by Penelope Pincott to investigate sabotage at the business she and her husband Owain run, Shady Nooks care home. Long-buried secrets are unearthed when Frank and Lu come to the aid of a community of allotment holders who are being threatened with eviction. Suspicion falls on Leon and then on Mariner who had money covered in Diana's blood and he incriminates Lola's boyfriend Phil, a name linked to Diana's phone. The investigation is hampered by Martin Mariner claiming to be Frank's uncle. Sebastien goes undercover as a care assistant. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Looking for a slightly scary movie to watch this Halloween? [7] In Germany series 1 started 5 April 2019 on ZDFneo. Frank and Luella are on surveillance when a man suffering from amnesia stumbles across their car. A payment of £200 which Mia made to a local private hospital adds to the mystery. Hathaway and his assistant Sebastian Brudenell discover that the fiancé is a con man. Dorcas is later found murdered and the case takes a new turn towards fraud and leaked examination papers and the centre's top tutor Amit Aziz who Dorcas disliked and how far the Duke family would go to protect each other. [3], A fourth series of ten episodes has been commissioned for broadcast in 2021. She is known for her roles as Chloe Voyle on the Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge and Agnes on the CBBC series Hetty Feather. Kate pleads with Frank and Luella to prove Curtis is innocent. Unlike Arthur, who seems to enjoy the technical aspects of the dream world, Eames appreciat… Leaving the wedding Bianca and Lucas are kidnapped and Minola receives a ransom demand for £2 million. (05 Feb 2020). Frank and Luella are employed by Sir Tim Forbes-Allen to find the missing curator, Lucian Shaw, of his new Shakespeare museum fearing he had been kidnapped. Ex-Detective Inspector (DI) Frank Hathaway, now a debt-laden private investigator, meets Luella Shakespeare when she employs him to investigate the fiancé she met online. In Australia the first series began airing on ABC on 8 June 2018. A second series of ten episodes began broadcasting on 25 February 2019. Frank and Luella are employed to find a valuable mongrel dog that has gone missing. But what is he really up to? The Mallorca Files is a British police procedural television drama series set on the Spanish island of Mallorca, starring Elen Rhys and Julian Looman as a pair of detectives. Tomos Eames is an actor. Frank and Luella are employed by Gordon Minola to investigate threats against him and his company Minola Energy by green activists known as Mortal Coil led by Curtis Price. The restaurant is closed when customers suffer a food poisoning incident. Frank and Luella are employed by Tony King, lead singer of the heavy metal rock band Caliban's Claw. Janet Dibley is an English actress. Frank and Luella investigate the casino and discover Lorenzo had affairs with one sister, Queenie, and a casino player, Lady Chaucer. David Schofield is an English actor. Her personality and relationship to Shakespeare have been the subject of much speculation by many historians and creative writers. At the end it is revealed that he became the home's cook six months later and killed Penelope in revenge on the anniversary of his mother's death. Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night. David Threlfall is an English stage, film and television actor and director. The first series began airing on PBS in the US on 12 January 2019. Use the HTML below. Frank and Luella carry on and solve the clues leading to a pawn shop and Emilia is confronted by an uncomfortable truth from the past and present. Her changes to a classic play-offend cast members, the director, the backstage crew, and Shakespeare fans. Frank and Luella are employed by Jessica Duke to check her son, Charlie, is not in any trouble and gives them access to her computer that has tracking software to her son's phone. This FAQ is empty. When Emilia's father is found dead in a park by a memorial bench to Leah, Emilia calls a halt to the investigation. [13]. In 2013, Benton took part in Strictly Come Dancing and in 2015, he hosted daytime game show The Edge. Some very funny one liners.Among the guest cast was the ever beautiful Sara Stewart, brilliant as Lady Mortimer, an excellent character, great actress.The theme of Frank's bad back was also funny, Lu's daydreaming was also very amusing. Frank and Luella are employed by the mother of Haroon Malik and his friend Poonam Raja who was killed, crushed by fallen carpets, in a carpet warehouse owned by Poonam's father who she has been estranged from leaving her two sisters, Parthi and Pia Raja, to run the business due to his dementia. Sebastian goes undercover as a transvestite at a bar and as a gas man at Lola's house. Known for his roles as Eddie in Early Doors, Howard in Northern Lights and Martin Pond in Barbara. This time they had the perfect mix of drama and humour.Fantastic. Emma Cunniffe is an English film, stage and television actress. Anastasia asks Frank and Luella to continue on the case as her husband had a valuable art collection but all is not who they are and two criminals are also after the hand that has come into the possession of an out of work actor that Sebastian has met to his cost. Minola's daughter, Kate, is a member of Mortal Coils and her father is keeping her at home a virtual prisoner because his other daughter, Bianca, will marry the wealthy Lucas De Boulay. Out on bail they discover the imposters are out of work actors employed by someone who has hacked their computers. Frank and Luella suspect an affair between Charlie and one of the tutors, Cassie Dorcas. Frank and Luella are employed by Bianca and Anthony Percy; a young couple who had their furniture stolen by a bogus removal company. This FAQ is empty. The investigation returns to the hotel and one of Clive's previous wives, Veronica Vinten – who admits that she killed Clive after finding out that he had faked his death and was marrying Luella. 8 of 9 people found this review helpful. King intent on making a comeback believes the Devil is trying to kill him. Luella's mother, Genevieve, is the club's social secretary and romantically linked with Greenwood. Sebastian discovers that the saboteur is a resident, Johnny Falstaff. But what is he really up to? Benton has also starred in BBC One school-based drama series, Waterloo Road as Mathematics teacher, Daniel "Chalky" Chalk from 2011 to 2013 and again in 2014. Time is of the essence as the pub's lease, renewed every thirty years, is up for renewal or the pub reverts to the Capulet family (something family head Stephen Capulet is keen to see happen). Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators is a British drama mystery television series set in Stratford-upon-Avon, produced by BBC Birmingham. Somehow Bianca escapes claiming Curtis murdered, by stabbing, her husband and Keeler arrests Curtis after finding his fingerprints on the murder weapon. Frank suspects an inside job but Tekler suspects food critic Paulina Stainton. The film stars Alex Pettyfer, Robert Więckiewicz, Talulah Riley, Michael Gambon, Will Thorp, Henry Lloyd-Hughes and Gwilym Lee. Frank and Luella attend Lady Bede's ball that evening with Sebastian undercover to solve the mystery. Frank and Luella are employed by Anastasia Kusk to find her husband, Pavel. Joanne Mary Joyner is an English actress. Add the first question. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Tekler is murdered by poisoning and Frank and Luella investigate the relationships of Paula Stainton, Tekler's wife Cecillia, his son Milo, waitress Dita Pardy, and ex restaurant partner Trevor Cordiss, and the death of Tekler's brother, Michael who hanged himself 20 years earlier all seemingly connected. Frank and Luella are employed by Adrian Messenger the writer/manager of a fantasy re-enactment group to follow his wife he suspects is having an affair with another member, Major Tony Suffolk. The case is complicated for Frank when Eddie Monmouth turns up, a man Frank had arrested some years back.As a mystery it wasn't up to much, as a comedy it was great, the opening scenes between Benton and Reeves (Jim Moir now) were very funny, the look of joy on their faces was evident. Sebastian realises his dream to appear on stage at Stratford. She is known for her roles as Elaine Walker in the 1980s sitcom The Two of Us, Lorna Cartwright in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, and as Elaine Cassidy in the BBC soap opera Doctors. It compared the show favourably with other, grittier fare on offer in television drama schedules. [11], Reviewing the first episode of the second series in 2019, i newspaper praised the "easy chemistry" of Joyner and Benton, as well as "a strong supporting cast [that] includes nice turns from Roberta Taylor and Patrick Walshe McBride in particular". [9], In a review of the first episode The Daily Telegraph called it "a nice, cosy drama" but found "plenty to dislike" about it, criticising in particular what it saw as an abundance of cliches, the character of Sebastian and the "crassness" of using the last names of William Shakespeare and his wife, Anne Hathaway, as the names of the detectives, and as the title of the series.

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