Further on in that interview with the writer and director Lowery, he said, “We thought about whether or not we should show it, but it doesn’t matter as much as just knowing that he got it. But movies with this cadence are so rare. You can also subscribe without commenting. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this movie is as much about this house as it is about C & M, and dropping to totaled cars just outside the house is brilliant. Ok? But the ADHD in me still wants to know. Indoors, Lucy finds the tombstone of "Jacob Tess Freudstein" while sweeping the hallway. C wants to move, and M definitely does not. Then toward the end of the movie during C&M 2.0, C&M are shown the house by the realtor (who also delivers the pie?). I kinda feel like her note simply said . Shazam does not recognize the song and no, unfortunately it is not in the official soundtrack list. Just like this one, I was killing myself to find another song in the Joker movie which also Shazam does not support and it is not in the soundtrack list. "[7], The House by the Cemetery was shot on location in New York, Boston, and Concord, Massachusetts. But this time, Tom lost the battle, and succumbed to his injuries. (She says earlier that she puts the notes there so that if she ever goes back she can retrieve them to remember herself). Pregnancy is a badge of honor, but only if the right gender is born. And an homage to his creativity and his passions for place and this particular location. I know that many in American will absolutely trash this movie on Rotten Tomatoes and elsewhere. My husband fell asleep early on while watching it and he now doesn’t care what the deeper meaning of it was. Here is the official soundtrack for the film, A Ghost Story. I don’t need to know that I understand it – I just enjoyed grappling with the feelings and questions that it evoked. What if we walk through a couple possibilities…. Obviously he did read it as the second ghost. I like your theory about lyrics being written on the note, that would be really meaningful. Second, is the prairie girl in the other house. The movie ties some of her visions of rotting animals to her visceral shame around menses. Hahah but that’s why I’ve got you guys!! Even after waiting hundreds(?) Eventually #2 will phase out and a new # 3 will appear, meaning that C will continue dying forever , the only way out of this eternal loop is to go thru the glowing door, i.e accepting and having the resignation to move on and let go. I only watched it once and haven’t gone back to double check. (Which, completely explains the sounds they were hearing before he died. Like maybe, “Is your lover there? So when M the ghost also realizes that the same happens (and they door opens for him again). She had a feeling that he was still hanging around and decided to just tell him to bugger off? What if she was just angry and pissed about the way things went and she just wrote “Sod off!” on the note. Freudstein grabs Norman and rips open his throat. So yeah, M isn’t going to take the bright glowing door. During the first loop he did not come close to digging out the note until several owners had come and gone. If he finally gave up all his remaining connections to the material plane, would he find her elsewhere? Sha. The cellar door is locked and nailed shut. / All the awful dreams / Felt real enough / Is your lover there? [6] In his biography, Fulci spoke negatively about Sacchetti's contributions as a screenwriter saying that The House by the Cemetery was derivative of scenes from The House That Screamed. So, for those of you who haven’t seen it, A Ghost Story tells the story of two people. You have the character’s names, C and M, mixed up. There are so many deep meanings that could be taken from this movie that I actually quite enjoyed reading all the theories in the comments. / Did she die in the night? Entre-trailer: And really all I want to know about this movie? I think she wrote “Is my lover there?” I want to believe that’s what she wrote – when I read the lyrics this struck a chord with me and just seems to resonate with the rest of the movie. It’s an electronic song playing in the background while the guy in the party is talking about something like philosophy I guess! I just watched the movie today and loved it. [1] The film was also shot in studios at De Paolis In.Co.R. I had just had my tonsils removed. I definitely don’t disagree with that sentiment. Hey thanks Cas, But when in the movie was that… when did that happen… the end? The linchpin for the entire movie? Not sure, but I read about this in an article interviewing the director… http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/a-ghost-story-ending-director-david-lowery-explains-note-time-loop-1019600. I’d say that the Ghost could be even more than just the grief – the Ghost is the ripple that he created in her life. :). Ok so after reading all the comments I will go back and watch again. Well, on goes the movie into the future, where the house gets rebuilt as an office building and a parking garage. “His attention is like the sun,” one of the outcast wives tells Selah. But for now, we know that C leaves important notes behind when she moves on. As she prepares to leave, we see clearly through the window her car. No. I feel like casey affleck’s character? And there was M-the-ghost flipping open the note he had spent hundreds of years trying to discover. Maybe we are here to cast as far a ripple as possible? Nothing is said. He studied records of area disappearances and other demographic data. That is why the first ghost is dirty and the second one is clean. Naturally, he refers to his all-women cult as his flock. So he vanishes as well. Right? The rotting right hand of Freudstein (Giovanni De Nava) appears and restrains Bob against the door as the hatchet chops through it. And in death, even though people might be around, it is so difficult to focus on them, or to even share why it is it hurts so much. Nicest comment ever. I think her message may have been a variation of some of the lyrics in verse 5: “I gotta turn it off (sorrow) and let go. [17] Time Out called the film "a hack-work of almost awesome incoherence". He calls the women and girls his wives and daughters, and they dress according to their household standing. “Glorious at first but then it just—burns.”. They seem betwixt and between. And there is M, after having lived through other occupancies of the house, with the note almost out, only to have it wrecked by a backhoe. Ann eludes Lucy's questions about the stain. Did she find someone else? I even went back later and checked to see how C had placed the sheet so that it would fold so perfectly. She insists it is called "Oak Mansion", and promises to find the Boyles a babysitter. Hahaha. Just saying. All of these hauntings were the reasons why M wanted to leave the house, C felt attached to it and he is destined to inhabit it forever. The mystery of it, and how it set Casey’s character (the Ghost) free makes it have more impact. His life, up to this point, has been preparing for his future of attending Georgetown University and eventually following his dream of becoming president. I think all of us have encountered a guy like that (as well as the same pontification) at least once. That night, Norman hears noises and finds Ann unblocking the cellar door. Remember that other ghost in the house next door? Or maybe it was just a simple letting go of whatever she was holding on to while eating that pie. I’m moving across the street”…. I doubt I’ll watch again. Jenny Nolan’s detailed, homespun costumes create a visual contrast between the two groups, pitting mothers against daughters for their patriarch’s adoration. I don’t know… what do you think was written on that page? This starts a whole new sequence of events where he doesn’t have an accident because he wasn’t at that spot at that time again because they were preparing to leave. What it would be like to really try and work through that pain. Wow. I apologize in advance, English is not my first language. The entirety of the movie is 100% lacking other people and other connections. I think everyone is off here. C drops that book and M focuses reading its words “The treasure yours.” and little later, M writes a short note (like old rhyme or poem) about nice memory related to that house. who knows. They Filmed the scene of him reading the note before the House was destroyed obviously, then later destroyed the house I get that. Lucy strains to shift the stone, but Freudstein grabs her and drags her down the stairs, killing her by ramming her head into the concrete floor. I think that the Ghost isn’t C, or at least isn’t exactly the spirit of C. I think that the Ghost is a part of M. You called it the manifestation of her grief or the boulder she drug around. Start here: Movie A Ghost Story Discussed and Explained, A Ghost Story is a low key intrigue driven movie about a couple encountering a traumatic encounter. Fulci later claimed that after making The Black Cat and The Beyond that he wanted to make a film in tribute to HP Lovecraft without the film being based on one of his stories. Hi there, for me after thinking a lot about this… She wrote “I forgive you”… Then he is free. Why does a ghost “haunt” a place? Why? In New Whitby, Boston, Bob waits in his parents' car while they collect the house keys. The other ghost that he is referring to is the one that lived in the other house. Grabbing a knife from the slab Norman stabs Freudstein, causing rotten flesh and maggots to ooze out of his old lab coat. Why The Trial of the Chicago 7 is Must See, Movie Kajillionaire Ending Discussed and Explained, 2005 Movie Stay Discussed Unpacked Explained, Movie Shadow in the Clouds Recommendation, Diabolically Disturbing Dogtooth Discussed and Digested. I gotta make sense (of the rest of my life). The exact moment that this happens is after the middle of the movie, around 68 minutes. / And leave you alone? The director said the note was destroyed with the house and nobody knew what she wrote, but he read the note at the end before the House was destroyed correct? First Ghost we meet is Casey. On Reddit, there’s a subreddit for this. Movie starts with quote from A Haunted House by Virginia Woolf. The ghost in the next house seemed to me to be a female, mostly because of the flowers on the sheet, but it was also played by Kesha, so I assume the director was thinking the same thing. And it is so important, I thought I’d just quote it directly here for reference: C – “When I was little, we would move all the time, I would write these notes, and fold them up really small and I would hide them.”, C – “They were things I just wanted to remember so that if I ever wanted to go back there would be a piece of me there waiting.”. Who is making the pie? A musician. [18] Allmovie praised the film, complimenting its atmosphere. What did the little pioneer girl write on the paper she tore from a book which she placed under a rock before she and her family were killed? That evening, Bob returns to the cellar looking for Ann but gets locked in. I really like the exploration of the different themes in this movie, and find them to be beautiful. Letting herself in, she stands over the Freudstein tombstone, which cracks apart, pinning her ankle. I think the note in the wall said, “I forgive you for dying. I believe she wrote, I shall never pass this way again! The companion ghost in the movie states that she does not recall who she waits for, but when she realizes that those people aren’t returning, she disembodies. Did anybody think that the ghost in the other house was the little girl, and was also M? Really really important. A Ghost Story Note Theory #2 – Sentimentality and Best Wishes. Mrs. Freudstein leads Mae and Bob down the wintry grove into an apparent ghost world. [3][8] Prior to the films theatrical release in France, it was shown at the Festival International du film fantastique et de science-fiction in Paris with Fulci's earlier film The Black Cat. Like Ke$ha Kesha!?! Oak Mansion is in a poor state of repair. / Did you sleep too much? (Is there another kind?) As M says “They were things I just wanted to remember so that if I ever wanted to go back there would be a piece of me there waiting.” She left both of them there. Freudstein is a living corpse with rotting flesh. [10] It was re-released on home video in 1988 with four minutes and eleven seconds of the film cut.

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