Jeder einzelne Kampf mit dem Boss endet in einem Blutbad und einem absolut unverhältnismäßigen Gemetzel. Sieh dabei zu, wie deine Kollegen aus Angst flüchten. Whack Your Ex: In this game we will take revenge on our ex in different disgusting ways such as: you will endlessly hit your ex to the ground, you will make a shark fall on top of the head of the other, you can cut off your ex's head, you could stab his eye, you could burn all your ex's belongings, you could use his head as a punching bag, you would hit your ex with a laptop, you would shoot your ex in the head, cut him with a chainsaw in half, destroy your ex with a rocket launcher, everything you imagine will be at your disposal. Gewinne das Spiel, indem du alle tödlichen Gegenstände findest und deinen Boss am Ende 24 Mal dem Erdboden gleichgemacht hast. Wie wird dein frustrierter Angestellter auf die nervigen Kommentare seines Vorgesetzten reagieren? Erfreue dich an den sadistischen und grausamen körperlichen Attacken auf deinen Boss. Hier kannst du dich auf 24 verschiedene Arten an deinem Boss rächen. orders transformers to attack our boss, we can use thor's hammer to hit his face, we can use subzero's helmet to freeze our boss and make him a fatality. The games were created and released on the game's official website. Whack Your Zombie Zombie Neighbor: When you are calmly with your girlfriend until the neighbor becomes a zombie and tries to attack you, defend yourself with everything you have around you. Steuerung: Maus. Whack Your Boss: in this game we can use various artifacts to get even with our boss, you can eliminate your boss with a total of 24 objects including: an umbrella that we will use to go through our boss, hit him with a vase until he falls to the ground, attack him with a stapler, attack him with a jhon wick style pencil, attack him with the trash can, stab him with the ruler, hit the wall, use your computer screen to smash it, hit it with your keyboard, click everything you find to get 24 ways to kill your boss. Aber du weißt, es ist nur ein Spiel! Here at you will fight as the underdog against a mean overlord or boss creature. Most video games become more and more challenging the further you progress. versions of the game as an example a normal version in which we will use objects that are around you, a version with superpowers in which we will have the powers of various heroes from the comics, a version about taking revenge on your ex in which we can take revenge in the ways Crueler than one can imagine. Grab a dragonball to turn into goku and throw a Kamehameha at it, use spiderman's cobwebs to throw things at it, a lightsaber to cut it in half and choke it with the power of force, use wolverine's claws to cut it into pieces, grab a bandana from naruto to call your clones and attack them all. Erkunde den Arbeitsplatz, um immer weitere Ideen zu finden, um deinen Boss loszuwerden. Schaue dabei zu, wie ein labiler Arbeitnehmer alltägliche Gegenstände in tödliche Waffen verwandelt. The BOSS Is Nothing: finally available for Mac users! Du musst einfach nur die 24 verschiedenen Objekte finden und sie anklicken. In this game we can take revenge on our boss in some very peculiar and mostly bloody ways, in this game we will have at our disposal various powers to take revenge on everything that has been done to us. Bet ready to come face to face with a monster that is terrifying and intimidating to behold. The game is very simple but very funny. The History of whack your boss games. Klicke auf einen Gegenstand an deinem Arbeitsplatz und löse eine mörderische Szene aus. Whack Your Computer: Destroy your computer use a hammer, an ax, a sword or a bat, you can damage the screen, keyboard, mouse and your computers, destroy them until there is nothing left, every time you damage an object you will receive points , you can destroy two kinds of computers, a reference to Samsung and Apple, a game to take away that stress and anger that you carry inside. It's okay though, it should run just fine! In our free online boss games you get to stand up to the meanest villains and win a final, decisive conflict against them. In this game we can take revenge on our boss in some very peculiar and mostly bloody ways, in this game we will have at our disposal various powers to take revenge on everything that has been done to us. This game is STORY DRIVEN. Sieh dabei zu, wie deine Kollegen aus Angst flüchten. Die Antwort ist ziemlich brutal und überraschend gewalttätig. (Weiterlesen ..)Whack Your Boss ist ein makaberes aber lustiges Kampfspiel mit deinem Boss. Jede der folgenden Situationen dreht sich darum, dass du deinen Boss um die Ecke bringen willst. It's one of the hardest challenges you can face in our awesome new fun games. Towards the end there is a final battle, that you have to survive in order to win the game as a whole. With each card played, you gain more information about the loot — or sanctions — that may be yours for the taking in different American cities. There are puzzles and such but it does take its time to tell a full story and we did our best to make it immersive with interesting characters and dialogue. Whack Your Boss With SuperPower: in this special edition we will have to use superpowers to punish our boss, we will use powers like the hulk that will give us super strength, The cyclops viewer that will give us the power to shoot laser beams through the eyes, The powers of superman that will allow us to fly and crash our boss on the ground, We can grab a cube that will give. Er wird seinen Boss erschlagen, erstechen, zerquetschen, aufspießen und vieles mehr. Whack Your Boss was originally released only for mobile devices but then created its website in which it showed the games available for computers. Power Rangers Super Megaforce Super Strike. Klicke auf einen Gegenstand an deinem Arbeitsplatz und löse eine mörderische Szene aus. Only the best players will be able to defeat these exciting and crazy level bosses. Was ist schon schlimm an einem kleinen Mord am Arbeitsplatz? The creator is Tom Brinkler who with the help of Brutal Studios created the game and few resources so that you do not have problems running this game on your computer or mobile. In der Zeit kannst du dich schon weiter umsehen, um deinen nächsten Angriff zu planen. Whack Your Boss ist ein extrem lustiges Spiel für genervte Angestellte mit einem ziemliche schwarzen Humor. Die Animationen drehen sich alle um eine recht simple Frage: was passiert, wenn du deine ungezügelte Wut auf deinen Chef loslässt? Don't adjust the options!

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