I just but down a deposit, but I am a little nervous as they are located in Cali, and Im in DFW, so I essentially just put down a large check for an audio system sight unseen (or sound unheard?). Yeah, the rear sounds is best bang...the tweeter is supplemental. Reus Designs their own speakers and audio equipment, so if you're looking something with JBL or Kicker plastered all over it, your looking in the wrong place. Does anyone know the max mounting depths for the front speakers? Not going to spend thousands for something I now know is an easy fix. When buying my Tesla, I would like to replace the standard set with a 3-way system and would need to know max depth for woofer and mid-range. NVX offers a subwoofer designed specifically for the Model S that fits on the driver’s side rear area. It looks to be quite hard to disassemble enough of the dash to get to these areas. I wrote up the entire process in case you’re interested at: https://teslatap.com/modifications/upgrading-rear-door-speakers/. An in depth video tutorial aimed at someone doing this for the first time would be amazing. If you happen to go in and don't mind, please tell them I sent you as they have a referral program. If you're not local, they charge some travel expenses and spread them out based on the number of installs in the area. So I would like to know if the covers and space are also there without the speakers installed, when you take the standard audio set. I’m 95% sure the holes for the front dash ultra speakers are in place if you want to add speakers. I'm updating the thread with your suggestion. Here is the question of the day and I don' know the answer, do these computers swap places in a LHD vs RHD car. I think total expenses was about $400 for me. Harman International Group acquired s1nn in early 2015. So if you have been plagued with the infamous air filter "vinegar smell", or just desire cleaner air in your cabin , check these out! I still need to do some gain adjustments, because it seems like the alpine has much more power than the stock system, but this install was 100% worth it. Every SR+ owner should do this upgrade. All Rights Reserved. First I’d go with a D class as you get more output speaker power for the limited input (12v) power. I thought my old 97 z28 system was hopeless until I got a 13 band eq with sound lift and other time delay controls. I think the 2.5 system was about 3k and some change. Note the package does not currently provide Model S specific amplifier installation instructions. Let us know how awesome your new sounds is when you get it. TeslaTap is not affiliated with Tesla, Inc. or its subsidiaries. It is very much worth it. Compared to the upgraded systems I've had before, it falls short. Around 4k cost if you follow it exactly . You must log in or register to reply here. Now you can add the amazing benefits of those filters to your Model 3. The audio systems for both the Model S and Model X were originally designed by s1nn. You’ll need to contend with a number of difficulties, such as where to install the amp, getting an amp that doesn’t overload the electrical system, snaking wiring through difficult places, and connections to speaker amp outputs or line-level outputs. As well, does anyone know if the space to add a 3″ mid in the dashboard is already there, even if you don’t take the upgrade to Ultra Hifi? I often use the wrong terminology and never pretended to be a true audiophile. The best Tesla Model S accessories include lighting upgrades for the interior, floor mats, and even a cargo area cover for your pet – to keep the carpet clean. The Model S/X/3 has two audio systems in the past, Standard and Ultra High Fidelity Sound (originally called Sound Studio) which adds a larger amplifier, 7.1 channels, and more speakers that are also upgraded from the standard. But until i have time to figure the install out, the stock will do. I just looked them up and made an inquiry to drop by since I'm close. Definitly kinda of flat stock. It is essentially a lifetime investment. I know many super-high-end systems want 100-300 amps or more, but it would be unwise to go to these levels.

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