12.2 If the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor is a partnership or a company, in the event of a change in control of the partnership or company, due to a change in the partnership or change in management or majority shareholding of the company, as the case may be, the successors in interest or permitted assigns of the partnership or the company, as the case, may continue to operate the Retail Outlet only after obtaining a prior written consent from RNFI. 3.5 The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor may describe himself as an 'authorized Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor' of RNFI, but must not hold [itself/himself] out as being entitled to bind RNFI in any way. (a) Promptly, effectively, efficiently and professionally sell, market, distribute and promote the Services and shall promptly respond to all inquiries by any customer or potential customer in relation to the Services; (b) at all times co-operate with RNFI's representative(s) and promptly report to RNFI any complaints or customer feedback relating to the Services which may come to the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor's attention; (c) Conduct its operations in compliance with applicable law, these Terms and Conditions and all guidelines and instructions that may be provided by RNFI from time to time; (e) not do or omit, or cause to be done or omitted, any act, deed or thing, directly or indirectly which may potentially result in any damage to, loss of reputation of or any loss to RNFI in any manner whatsoever; (f) employ sufficient number of personnel to provide the Services, who shall be adequately trained to provide the Services; (g) Ensure all personnel employed by it comply with these Terms and Conditions and the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall be solely responsible for all acts/omissions of such personnel; (h) Not enter into any agreements with customers or any other third parties which are contrary to law or to these Terms and Conditions; (i) adhere to and shall cause its employees, subordinates, agents, aforesaid assignees or other personnel engaged by the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor to provide the Services to adhere to the dress code and professional conduct and etiquette as prescribed by RNFI from time to time; (j) ensure that none of the Services are denied to any person or group of persons or to any customer save and except with the express written consent and / or instructions of RNFI; (k) not engage in any unfair or unethical trade or practice; (l) not permit unauthorized persons entry into the Retail Outlet and shall, under no circumstance, permit any unauthorized person to access the computer/server located at the Retail Outlet or access to information, material, accounts and records in relation to RNFI Services; (m) not permit any other person whosoever, to conduct any business, trade or profession of any nature at the Retail Outlet; and. Cancellation will automatically occur when the loan reaches an LTV ratio of 78% under its original amortization schedule, provided all loan payments are current. These terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) shall apply to and govern the commercial arrangement between RNFI Services Pvt. All enquiries from customers will be diverted to RNFI. Business License BILL PAYMENTS. SECURITY OF CONFIDENTIAL USER INFORMATION:-. In case of the MPOS Application, the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall be entitled to install the RNFI Software on that particular mobile device and/or any such other device, which is proposed to be registered with RNFI for availing RNFI Services, and no other mobile/device of the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall have such Software installed unless registered under the terms and conditions of this Agreement. However, if any Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor is found and/or discovered doing any such malicious/wrong/willful/fraudulent acts and/or offline transactions, it shall be liable and charged for such civil/penal and criminal acts by and under but not limited to the Indian Penal Code 1860 and Criminal Procedure Code 1973. 3.6 RNFI is in the business of facilitating/distributing/marketing/providing of product(s)/service(s) of various service providers to enable them to expand the distribution networks for the services provided by them. 9.1 The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor hereby warrants, covenants and undertakes that it shall. 1.8 RNFI may, at its sole discretion and with or without consideration, provide training manuals, technology support, ongoing advice and assistance to the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor and designated employees of the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor, including, provision of brochures, pamphlets, charts, signboards, signage and other materials for the purposes of advertisement, promotion and marketing the Services. Free: Automated Payments: Pay your mortgage with automated payments from any account, including accounts at other banks. The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall immediately deposit such further amounts to ensure that the Working Capital is maintained at the aforementioned amounts at all times. 13.3 RNFI shall be entitled to terminate the appointment of the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor by written notice of Thirty [30] days to the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor in the following circumstances: (a) the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor commits any breach of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and, in the case of a breach capable of remedy, fails to remedy the same within 15 (fifteen) days after receipt of a written notice giving particulars of the breach and requiring it to be remedied; (b) the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor at any time breaches any obligation in relation to RNFI Intellectual Property; (c) repeated failure to deposit the proceeds of transactions on a daily basis; (d) RNFI, subsequent to ascertaining the commercial viability of continuing the appointment of the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor, determines that the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor is not a fit person to carry out the obligations imposed on it; (e) the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor assigns its rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions in an unauthorized, manner; or (f) immediately upon the occurrence of: (i) the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor becomes the subject of a voluntary petition in bankruptcy or any voluntary proceeding relating to insolvency, receivership, liquidation, or composition for the benefit of creditors; or. 4.8 Activity/Inactivity charges: A minimum monthly charges plus Taxes may be levied by RNFI and the same shall be deducted from the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor’s Working Capital balance. 13.6 The right to terminate the appointment of the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor under this Clause shall be without prejudice to any other right or remedy of RNFI in respect of the breach concerned, if any, or any other breach. 4.7 Costs: All costs and expenses for operation of RNFI Kiosk including but not limiting to electricity, telephone, staff salary, traveling, promotional activities and other similar out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the performance of the Services shall be borne by the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor. Notwithstanding anything contrary contained in these Terms and Conditions, RNFI shall have the right at any time, to modify, alter and amend the lists of Services, including the manner, procedure, process in which the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor will be required to perform the Services and the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall be bound by all such modifications, alterations and amendments made by RNFI. In this Terms of Use, unless the contrary intention appears and/or the context otherwise requires, capitalised terms defined by: (i) inclusion in quotations and/ or parenthesis have the meanings so ascribed; and (ii) the following terms shall have the meanings assigned to them herein below: “Applicable Law” includes all applicable Indian statutes, enactments, acts of the state legislature or parliament, laws, ordinances, rules, bye-laws, regulations, notifications, guidelines, directions, directives and orders of any governmental authority, statutory authority, board, recognized stock exchange, as may be applicable including but not limited to Guidelines on Managing Risks and Code of Conduct in Outsourcing of Financial Services by Banks, Business Correspondent Guidelines issued by RBI from time to time, Payment & Settlement Systems Act, 2007, Payment & Settlement Systems Regulations, 2008, Policy Guidelines on Issuance and operation of Pre-paid Payment Instruments in India, and any other guideline in relation to pre-paid cards issued from time to time by Reserve Bank of India and in each case, any implementing regulation or interpretation issued thereunder including any successor Applicable Law; “Applicant” shall mean You or any individual person above the age of [18 (eighteen)] years, using an operational mobile phone connection, who applies either on his owner approaches Retail Partner at the Retail Outlet locations and/or such other locations, for availing the Company Services; “Company Rules” shall mean policies issued by the Company with respect to its strategic business partners, retail partners, distributors, Consumers including but not limited to the policy on the code of conduct and other sales and management policies as issued on the Website, Platform and/ or otherwise and amended from time to time; “Consumer” shall mean an Applicant who upon submission of the CAF and upon completion of necessary formalities, is found to be eligible by Company as per guidelines issued by RBI (if any), to avail the Company Services and has opened a Membership Account; “Governmental Authority” means any nation, state, sovereign, or government, any federal, regional, state, local or political subdivision and any entity exercising executive, legislative, judicial, regulatory or administrative functions of or pertaining to government, constitutionally established and having jurisdiction over any of the parties (to the extent relevant to the transactions contemplated hereby) or the assets or operations of any of the foregoing or the transactions contemplated hereby; “INR” or “RS” means Indian Rupees, the lawful currency of the Republic of India; “Intellectual Property” shall mean all intellectual property used for the purpose of or in association with or in relation to providing the Company Services utilising the Platform and includes without limitation, (a) Software, operating manuals, software code, program, instructions, specifications, processes, input methods, data or information used in relation to, in association with or for the operation of the software installed by Company ; (b) the trademarks, service marks, trade names, business names, logos, symbols, styles, colour combinations used by Company during the course of its business and all depictions, derivations and representations thereof; (c) all promotional material including without limitation, advertisements, literature, graphics, images, content and the ‘look and feel’ of all of the above; and (d) all techniques, formulae, patterns, compilations, processes, inventions, practices, methodology, techniques. The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor hereby undertakes to indemnify, defend and hold RNFI harmless for all loss(es) / damage(s) arising due to infringement of this clause. The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall also not provide any incentives, subsidies or do any act/ omission or thing, which shall have the effect of providing incentives or subsidies on the Services. The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall not acquire any interest and right on the trademark(s), trade name(s), logo, etc. Pay your mortgage by phone from any account, including accounts at other banks. 11.5 Injunctive Relief: RNFI shall be entitled to injunctive relief in the event of breach of the terms of these Terms and Conditions by the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor to prevent or curtail any actual or threatened breach by the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor of the express provisions of these Terms and Conditions or purpose fundamental (though not expressed) to signing of these Terms and Conditions.

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