Can I cancel my booking and get a refund? You can request the Registration staff for a group swap throughout the day, however, this is subject to availability in the desired group. Event Details. Yes, you will be required to at least tape your mirrors; you can remove them if you choose. Unless signed as being reserved, you may pit in any garage which is open. YOUR CAR. You betcha! OUR TRACK. Find a Ride Date. An SMSP Ride Day consists of 6 x 20 minute allocated riding sessions where you can spend quality time with your motorcycle in a controlled and supervised setting, which also happens to be one of the most thrilling pieces of asphalt in the county! Long sleeve shirts and pants (covering ankle to wrist) and closed toe, flat shoes must be worn, Please ensure vehicles are roadworthy, have the correct oil and water levels and a full tank of fuel. Do I need a motorcycle licence to participate? Riding groups are graded, meaning that you spend your time on track with riders of a similar skill/experience level. Please note we are currently uploading our events one/two months at a time to our Calendar due to daily changes in scheduling #covid. Is there somewhere close to the track where I can stay? We recommend The Alpha Hotel, which is less than a kilometre from the circuit. Booking into a group which is inappropriate for your riding ability can be dangerous and is considered a serious breach of SMSP Ride Days policies.). Clothing must provide ankle to wrist coverage at a minimum. You will either need to change to treaded tyres or wait until the circuit is deemed dry again. Circuit Entry Procedure Garages Bike & Gear Hire Tyre Service Photography Get The Most Out Of Your Day . WEATHER DIRECTIONS CANCELLATIONS OR DATE CHANGES 3:10. Rain does not stop an event from running. PLEASE READ OUR COVID-19 TRACK DAY REQUIREMENTS AND CHANGES BEFORE BOOKING. What happens if I book the wrong size hire leathers? Sydney Motorsport Park Australian Racing Drivers' Club # smspontrack # smsp # ardc # sydneymotorsportpark # trackday SMSP was a lot more technical than what Phillip Island was and a bit slower but it was heaps of fun. What do I get? Thanks. Once you are within Sydney Motorsport Park, please follow the road down to the end, turn right into the Pit Paddock and park your vehicle. You sure can. We are BACK ON TRACK! Scroll down for our … Can I transfer my booking to another date? And it only took 10 minutes to get there from my house. You will still need to book two positions, one for each rider, but you are welcome to share a motorcycle. july, 2020. SMSP Track Day February (9) January (4) 2014 (60) December (4) November (2) October (9) September (3) August (4) July (4) June (4) May (4) April (7) March (12) February (3) Event Details. How To Moto 984 views. Don’t worry if you’re not able to do the taping yourself, we’ll do that for you at scrutineering. All Day. Can I get tyres fitted at the track / can I buy tyres at the track? You can, however, sell your position to another rider and notify us of the rider change. You will have time during the day to refuel if necessary. Suitable for any vehicles and experienced drivers that are capable of doing under 1 minute 50 seconds around the SMSP GP circuit. Required fields are marked *. Sign In. Yes you can. All Driver Training courses go ahead whatever the weather conditions. Scroll down for our … Please bear in mind that there could be approximately 160 participants on any SMSP Ride Day, so please use only an appropriate amount of space. We also offer a First-timers Program which gives new track riders some extra support and initiation into what is likely to become their newfound addiction! All drivers must have a minimum of a P1 (Red P-Plate) Licence. In the unlikely event that we need to cancel or postpone a course we will contact you as soon as possible. If it is less than 7 days to your booked event you cannot reschedule your booking. Absolutely. Garages will already be open upon your arrival at the circuit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please see Bike and Gear Hire for more information. You can, however, sell your position to another rider and notify us of the rider change. Sure thing! Licence & Policies Camera Policies Safety Briefing Motorcycle Riding Gear. 3:10. Please see Bike and Gear Hire for more information. I'm riding on slicks, what happens if it rains? Transfers must be completed within 6 months of the original course date. How To Moto 984 views. SMSP OPEN PIT LANE TRACK DAY. I don't have a motorcycle, can I still participate? Our sole purpose is to give you, the riding enthusiast, access to one of the greatest circuits in the world to explore the potential of your bike - whatever it may be. Footwear: Ensure that you wear comfortable flat, closed in shoes. DETAILS If you are riding to the track it is recommended you fuel up just prior to arriving at the circuit so you can begin the day on a full tank.

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