I was informed that after everything is settled if I decided to move somewhere else I will be able to do so , which was fine so I gave them my details after confirming that they are genuine.First I received an email from my bank telling me that a direct debit mandate has been set with Scottish Power, which was fine then the next day I received 9 emails and the following day another 16 emails from my bank telling me the same thing. Find out how Scottish Power compares with other energy companies – click to see the full results of the best and worst energy companies. LIES, LIES, LIES.............. Had an excellent interview with Lindsay. If that happens, your smart meter will still operate as a conventional meter. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Though I found that if you were to post on social media, then they tended to respond pretty quick and their retention's team were happy to call us to try and keep us as customers- funny that!We have now switched to E-ON, which is the best move we have made and retrospectively, we should have gone with them in the first place. How can it possibly cost that much? (old values), Terrible company, increased my bills to more then twice of what I would normally pay with no explanation. That’s IN ADDITION to the £265 that I’ve already paid to ‘settle’ my account, including direct debit payments, since December. Im recommending to anyone and everyone to avoid scottish power they are absolutely rubbish. First month £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel anytime. My mum had her account t paid up to date but they won't stop issuing bills and ignore emails,letters and calls. July: Scottish Power announced the loss of 120,000 customers in a year, so it now supplies around 4.75 million customers. There is also a live chat feature on their website. For some reason the way they calculate the actual usage to the actual payment is never logically presented. !Just adding this as Connor has just responded to my post. ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. I expect to have full compensation for this. The hassle it takes to deal with this is a waste of time. If you can please add 'Trustpilot - FAO Sam' as the subject heading this will ensure I receive the email quickly. Turns out Scottish power kept refusing to transfer my gas over but still asking me to pay for electricity since December which they didn't hold but failed to check. says that it takes 21 minutes and 42 seconds for SCottish Power to respond, though, although they say that Scottish Power respond to live chat requests in 50 seconds. I’ve been asking since February for my gas meter to be repaired, as it is broken. It sells several fixed deals, including some which give a donation to Cancer Research UK, as well as online-only tariffs and deals including boiler cover. | Read 8,601-8,620 Reviews out of 11,599. Absolutely disgraceful service from Scottish power, my 80 yearold father constantly threatened with debt collectors over unpaid bill, despite having proof of payments made. Mistakes happen its how you resolve them that matters. Hi Warren, I'm so sorry to hear of the issues you have faced with your bills. Avoid this company no matter what deal they offer. One department saying the switch will go ahead, then an email saying it won’t due to a payment plan in place, yet I’m showing in credit on my account. It seems like all these reviews are the same with Scottish Power simply demanding large amounts of money for no reason. Reported a dangerous situation on 17th Sept, 264ohm when should be less than 0.8reported again on 30th October - electrician implores it is dangerous. I moved address And to another provider and setup a payment plan online for the final bill. Not great on giving you all the tools to do your job to the best of your potential, I have been working at ScottishPower full-time, Atmosphere, not much socialising in office, I have been working at ScottishPower full-time for more than 10 years, interesting work, customer focused, prospects, poor management, top to bottom pay gap is large, A lot asked for pay sometimes with extra hours not paid, Good place to work and collectively bargained contracts, Large, contentious utility focused on renewable energy, ScottishPower, together with its customers, suppliers and employees, has raised over £30 million in their eight-year support of Cancer Research UK. once again, you THIEVING B******S. Anyway, I've just re-entered my meter readings to try get an up to date estimate of my account and to see ig that would make any difference to what I supposedly owe. Problems with gas so no hot water or heating. I’ve literally been on the phone to them in tears and they don’t care!!!! I have only gone with scottish power very recently but it has been ok so far. Waiting forever to hear back from them before I can switch. The move is a direct response to customer feedback calling for a simpler way to engage in the distribution flexibility services market. They then raised an in-house complaint for me. So I logged into my bank account and discovered that the above direct debit mandate has been set 26 times. Hi Amy, I'm really sorry to hear this. Finally, I got an appointment yesterday for an engineer to come between 8am and 12pm.

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