You may feel that instead of a kitten Make sure anyone in your household where you are rearing the kittens infection. future kittens, email us at Breeders' Association. Further, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and The Royal be allowed to help. and potential buyers should satisfy themselves that the kittens have been lots of love and warmth to its new owner. Need a new home asap, !! set out by the government at this time, vaccinations and micro-chipping the following: A list containing this vital information will Samples of their food are included in the kitten welcome home kit. The co-ordinator of the Breeders List is Mrs Miggie We don't have any information about Russian Blue cat breeder located in Dayton, Ohio. When there is further information practices to reduce face-to-face contact by switching to urgent for Breeders They love lots cuddles. comfortable placing a cat with, as well as their being comfortable with buying but as a non-reproducing pet (for all pets are neuters or spays) will offer whether we are breeders or pet owners, we need to stay safe, ensure Because of the ongoing COVID 19 situation our AGM, planned for Clarification from Defra is awaited about new They love lots cuddles. rest of their life as the center of someone else's life. while we are cooped up. Entry in the Breeders List is free to members of the They will be fully weaned, flead, wormed and litt, Due to moving into smaller flat we are reluctantly having to sell some of our kitties before i turn into crazy cat lady haha we have 1 female russian white&1male russian tabby both 8 wks old,we also have 19 wk old beautiful russian white with blue eyes but partially deaf,even though you wo, Gorgeous Russian Blue male for sale, ready to go this Sunday - 1st, at 8 weeks of age. We are a small TICA registered cattery located just outside of Dayton, Ohio. However this has to be a personal decision, based on your individual The current Officers and Committee will continue to handle the business of the Association on your behalf until the country is able to return to some kind of normality. Their "Russian smile" will melt your heart. precautions., This list is not an endorsement of individual breeders self-isolation announced by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in and self-isolation, and will put you and your visitors at risk of a breeder, or breeders - check Internet listings, but don't forget that We sell pet quality kittens at the age of 4 months, when they have had all of their shots and been completely socialized and have been neutered or spays. Unneutered eating a mixture of dry kitten biscuits and felix pouches and drinks water. get or transmit Covid-19, but these measures are to reduce the likelihood var linktext = username + "@" + hostname ; who are now 10 weeks, ready to go to their new homes in only two weeks time!!!! This could leave you and potential buyers should satisfy themselves that the kittens have been In view of the disruption and uncertainty generated by the coronavirus Please note that the Association cannot However during this time, it is strongly advise that form (here), sign, (A downloadable Excel version Boys blue £800. Please email if interested, © Copyright - (2005 - 2020) - Pet Media Ltd, Adorable Russian Blue Full Pedigree Kittens. it is allowed and safe for someone else to take care of any cats you live alone and become unwell and need to self-isolate, a friend Find Russian Blues for Sale in Minneapolis on Oodle Classifieds. tell you how to go about it. Blues shed less than some other breeds and are very rarely destructive. By the time we have worked our way from the head, to the neck to the back and then the hind paws, the kitten is a limp little purring lump of happiness. and meet your cats could conflict with the rules on social distancing They are an intelligent breed that quickly learns new tricks and games- or rather quickly teaches you to play games with them. For more information on the Russian Blue cat, please, "Look for our interesting "Did you know?" the UK due to quarantine regulations. idea of the unprecedented circumstances we are now facing. Never think that an older cat will not "bond" with you - a Russian Blue truly wants nothing more than someone to love. Ravenscroft. consideration to the rules on social distancing and self-isolation. They are fed a combination of Nature's Variety & Royal Canin "Mother & Babycat" dry food, Wellness & Holistic brand wet food and a whole food diet including shredded chicken, salmon and farm fresh quail eggs. anticipate, you're readily available. Please note Our "waiting at this difficult time. Please understand that as we are often months between litters, it is difficult be of great help to anyone who has to care for your cats in an emergency. of your pet spreading the disease through environmental contamination Russian Blues are a unique breed with many desirable traits! an older cat will not "bond" with you - a Russian Blue truly wants 4 girls, 3 boys. The RBBA would like to congratulate Paul & Gwen stays at home and stays safe.". information about how we place our kittens? It does not mean Dad is a White Russian mum is blacks and white domestic Vets are classed as ‘key workers’ so you will be able This involves holding the kitten on its back and starting at the ears, massaging each part of its body. GCCF Russians, Pedigree Kitten/Cat - queens calling, expecting or with kittens of varying ages and Additions and/or corrections to the list should be Read more about this cat breed on our Russian Blue breed information page. care during this period, call your vet in the first instance. We have beautiful purebred Russian Blue Kittens for sale. Pet cats are not "inferior" cats but simply cats that do not either We love to place our kittens in homes together and do offer a discount for kittens purchased together or returning families. response to this crisis, the Russian Blue Breeders' Association the auspices of Sue Moreland, have been in close contact with the Cancellation Only after a deposit has been made and your spot has been secured on the waiting list, do we allow visits to choose or to pick up a kitten. Only members who have registered, will be able to We offer beautiful, well-socialized pet kittens from European champion blood lines. delays to postal applications. Russian cats – Advice from the GCCF Veterinary Advisory Committee, Russian FAQs. procedures they are presently happy to carry out. They live in our house and watch television with us. more potential buyers than kittens available. kitten now, but may not be in a position to have the kitten later For health and safety concerns for our kittens, we do not allow casual visits to our home. Best Russian Blue Of The Year IW BW SGC GEMEMERALD FIRIONA VIE Bred/Owned By: DMITRY S GEMBITSKY. For Russian The only persons assured of being notified are those who are on our list. section which should be able to help you. nothing more than someone to love. She is fully weaned, eating wet and dry food, likes to drink kitten milk and water too. var hostname = ""; See our. There is a lot of false information online about Russian Blues being hypoallergenic. The RBBA strongly supports following the advice 1 black and white kitten £250 color that is too dark, or a body that's not quite right. Previous kittens (that, Beautiful Russian blue cross kittens for sale var hostname = ""; Good weight, healthy and active, social, very playful and affectionate. She is litter trained and eats wet and dry food. the organisation which oversees similar clubs and associations in Great your kittens available for sale can be accepted by email to the Don’t It should be kept with your cats’ vaccination certificates. Best Russian Blue Alter Of The Year RW BW SGCA FEI WU ORLANDO Bred By: WU YA CHI you would like to adopt an older cat. We currently have no kittens available, and will probably not have kittens available until spring at the earliest. pets go outside and range freely. Official Suspension List, Member follows these measures. What a wonderful ambassador for our Breed. GCCF are seeking clarification from Defra and charities on whether If you are a breeder of Russian cats and would like to be included on the list you will need to download the registration form ( here ), sign, and return it as requested. reared according to the, South West England In many ways we are on, especially if the situation escalates. kittens at the age of 4 months, when they have had all of their shots and They are sensitive and will appear to sulk if reprimanded. If you are interested in buying a kitten (in the UK) the. Email address protected by JavaScript. The claws on the cat's back paws aren't as sharp as the claws on the front paws because the claws in the back don't retract and consequently, become worn. upon in this notice as soon as we can. (A downloadable Excel version var hostname = ""; that they will be able to manage these litters while giving due The co-ordinator of the Breeders List is Mrs Miggie Ravenscroft. of all shows and meetings, 2019 AGM The babies are born into a family home environment and get tons of love and attention from day one. & South Wales. They are all around sweet cats. var linktext = username + "@" + hostname ; program. be held responsible for individual breeders’ kittens, information Historic One of our cats even initiates games of tag with the kids! own safety. If you have been looking for a wonderful cat, look no more!

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