Shrimp tempura and cucumber, flying fish roe, and tempura flakes. Sushi Rolls, Sashimi, Kid's Menu, Lunch' Specials, Dinner Menu, Appetizers & More Crispy wontons layered with tai, tuna, salmon, and yellowtail with wasabi vinaigrette, masago, and tobiko. Spicy chicken rolled and fried. Kids 4-10 years old: $5.95. Tuna, salmon, crab stick, cream cheese, cucumber, masago, baby carrot, avacado, and katsu fried with spicy aioli sauce. Egg noodle in soy ramen soup topped with butter sauteed pork. Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, freshwater eel, octopus, squid, sweet egg, ebi, flying fish roe tobiko, California roll and sashimi, tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. Crab meat, topped with avocado, salmon, and sliced lemon. Topped with sweet unagi sauce. Marinated salmon and tuna, served on marinated rice with crab, masago, tobiko, ikura, avocado, cucmber, and carrots. Served with miso soup, house green salad, and steamed rice. Assortment of salmon, seared salmon, lomi lomi salmon, and spicy salmon aioli. Restaurants in Atlanta, Atlanta Restaurants. Thick flour noodles. Served with miso soup, house green salad, and steamed rice. Served with miso soup, house green salad, and steamed rice. Freshwater eel. Thick flour noodles. Thick flour noodles. Buckwheat noodle soup and mixed vegetables topped with spinach. Various fresh shellfish, crab stick, tuna, salmon, tilapia, smelt roe, and green onion, mixed with spicy sauce, and baked to brown. and steamed rice. With ramen and mixed vegetables. Grilled chicken with cilanto and jalapeno pepper, sesame coated, and fried. Chopped green mussels baked in special sauce topped with masago and unagi sauce. Flash fried then baked, covered with masago, and tobiko. Served with miso soup, house green salad, and steamed rice. Chicken Spring Rolls $5.95. Grilled yellow tail collar with ponzu sauce. By continuing past this page, you agree to our Terms of Service, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Content Policies. Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, freshwater eel tamago, shrimp, masago, and California roll. Snow crab, tuna, tilapia, shrimp tempura, and avocado in a thinly sliced cucumber wrap topped with a special sauce. Fried pork over rice. Served with miso soup, house green salad, and steamed rice. Spicy tuna rolled and fried. White tuna slightly cooked and rare red tuna rolled in sushi rice, and flash fried until crunchy brown. Fresh *Salmon, *Tuna, Crabstick, *Tilapia, White *Tuna, Wrapped with Seaweed, Panko Fried, and Served with a Special Sauce. Served over rice with miso soup, house green salad, and steamed rice. Eel, scallops, and picked garlic with unagi and spicy garlic sauce. Shrimp tempura, mixed spicy crab meat, topped with seared beef, and special sauce. *Tuna, *Salmon, Crabstick, Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Masago, Avocado, and Katsu, Fried with Spicy Aioli Sauce, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Topped with *Tuna, Avocado, and Fried Shrimp, *White Tuna slightly Cooked and Rare *Red Tuna Rolled in Sushi Rice, Flash Fried until Crunchy Brown Served with Spicy Red Sauce and Mayo, Fresh *Salmon, *Tuna, Crabstick, *Tilapia, White *Tuna, Wrapped with Seaweed, Panko Fried, and Served with a Special Sauce, *Eel, *Scallops, and Picked Garlic with Unagi and Spicy Garlic Sauce, BBQ Eel, Spicy *Tuna, Cucumber, Yamagobo Pickled Burdock Root and Cream Cheese, Topped with Sweet Unagi Sauce, Spicy *Tuna, *Smelt Roe, Hot Sauce, Mayo, and Crunchy Tempura Pieces Wrapped in Rice and *Smelt Roe, Cucumber, Kaiware – Sprout, Negi, Yamagobo – Pickled Burdock Root and *Smelt Roe, Shrimp Tempura, Mixed Spicy Crabmeat, Topped with Seared *Beef and Special Sauce. Egg noodle in soy ramen soup topped with seaweed and vegetables. Egg noodle in soy ramen soup, topped with butter sauteed calamari, scallops, and shrimp. Shrimp, tilapia, crabstick, and mixed vegetable. Smoked salmon. Special tempura sushi combination served with spicy aioli sauce. $33.95. Eel, cucumber, cream cheese, with avocado, flying fish roe, and unagi sauce on top. Buffet Hours: Lunch Monday – Friday: 11:30AM – 2:30PM Adults: $10.85 all you can eat good sushi. California maki, topped with smoked salmon, and toasted to bring out a smoky flavor. Sauteed sea bass, tuna, white tuna, rolled in sushi rice, and flash fried. Salmon and tuna rolled in avocado with flying fish roe. Delivery & Pickup Options - 188 reviews of Ru San's "If I have to go to RuSan's to eat, I prefer this location over the others in Atlanta. Shrimp tempura, avocado, and mayo with smelt roe on the outside. Lightly tempura fried served with tempura sauce. While every other venue seems to get packed to the gills just about every evening, causing a wait to be seated and slow service, this location is much more low key: probably because white suburban folks don't eat as much sushi as they do downtown. Blend of fresh tuna, garlic, mint leaf, green onion, and seasoning topped with quail egg. Served with peanut sauce. Fresh tuna, rolled in Ru Sans blend of Cajun spices, flash seared, and spicy aioli. Scallops, mussels, shrimp, oyster, ahi tuna, salmon lightly sauteed, and simmered with tobiko caviar cream sauce. Miso soup, house salad, tuna with cucumber maki, California roll with smelt roe, kimchee tuna maki, shrimp, salmon, yellow tail, eel, Japanese omelet tamago, flying fish roe, with quail egg, salmon skins hand roll temaki, and tuna teriyaki. Served with miso soup, house green salad, and steamed rice. Grilled Fresh Salmon Skin Maki Sushi Roll, Shrimp Tempura, mixed crabmeat, topped with salmon and avocado and covered with spicy mayo and jalapenos then torched, Salmon and cucumber, topped with snowcrab, smoked salmon skin, masago, unagi sauce, Sriracha, and green onion, Avocado, crabstick, and shrimp tempura, topped with cream cheese then baked, Unagi sauce on top and Batayaki sauce on the side, Spicy salmon, and torched salmon with Japanese mayo, topped with Ikura and cilantro, Avocado, cucumber, and crabstick with avocado and tuna tataki topped with ponzu and cilantro. Shrimp tempura roll, topped with tuna, avocado, and fried shrimp. Udon noodle, chicken vegetables, eggs, shrimp tempura, fish cake, inari tofu, and spinach. Topped with a spicy garlic sauce. Wok Fried Ahi Tuna with Almond Pesto Sauce. Shrimp and mixed vegetable. Miso flavored soup with udon noodle, tofu, shiitake mushroom, vegetables, egg, inari tofu, and spinach.

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