The pit will be active for specific time periods. The organizing Committee is a union that consists of few communities and associations. The winners will be decided by knockout. Razer. stream The challenge has two participation categories as per the gross weight of the The Pinball Competition of Robot Wars: The Third Wars (also referred to as Pinball Warrior) was a side event held throughout Robot Wars: The Third Wars, based on the Pinball Trial from the Second Wars. All decisions about scoring, game play and timing are made by the juries. A team consists of two to five members. Battery terminals must be protected to prevent short circuits. The area inside the marked white circle is referred as the battle area. 3 It should have external source of control that is wireless or wired remote control. Email : It avoided Sir Killalot and hit the multiball. Battle time is the Maximum time allotted for the robots to fight and be in the arena. wireless robots ready to battle and are pitted against their competitor’s robots in one-onone matches where the aim is to cause maximum damage or to push the opponent’s robot Arena weapon will be activated only at specific time periods. Use of an IC engine in any form is not allowed. It missed the see saw, and drove into Sergeant Bash. It drove into the multiball, and squashed one of the balls against Sergeant Bash until the ball exploded. Change of battery will not be allowed during the match however he can change the battery in between matches. The competition is carried out in a tournament format: competitors bring their robots ready to battle and are pitted against their competitors’ robots in one-on-one matches where the aim is to push the opponent’s robot off the arena. teams at a global platform. Email:, Build your own autonomous robot within the specified dimensions to achieve the maximum speed to beat other robots on the [...], Design and build three manual/autonomous robot i.e. Radio control requirements: Note that batteries may have a higher voltage during charging and care must be taken not to exceed these limits. TechnoXian – B257 Okhla Phase1, Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq – April 9th, 2019 – Department of Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering held AUK’s first ever RoboWar, an inspiring competition which combines the excitement of sport with science and technology. In the case of repeated breakage, the Referee may invalidate a Battle, request certain remedies be taken, or disqualify the Team. The [...], Design and build a water rocket within the specified dimensions robust enough to with stand the pressure and when launched [...]. For Indian resident: INR 5000/- (Inclusive GST) per team. Note that batteries may have a higher voltage during charging and care must be taken not to exceed these limits. In RoboWars, only the 2.4ghz DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum) frequencies are allowed. The competition is carried out in a tournament format in which the competitors bring their wireless robots ready to battle and are pitted against their competitor’s robots in one-onone matches where the aim is to cause maximum damage or to push the opponent’s robot off the arena to score maximum points. Also, when deactivated the robot should have no autonomous functions enabled, and all autonomous functions should failsafe to off if there is loss of power or radio signal. All robots must incorporate a way that can be activated to remove/turning off power to all the weapon system and drive systems without causing harm to the human activating it. April 19, 2021 New Delhi ... Showcase your talent and interest in the competition and you stand a chance to win attractive and exciting award. It then drove very slowly into Sergeant Bash, hitting the 50 point marker. The robot can be autonomous or manual. />?��)@�����~u��� [��m�ڊĐjP1�5*�G#�g��ф��m$ ����סȜ�ae�{���d�������pp�%M��$n�=� �����c��Rc��73��)�孰ck�{i4�F�m?�c�s�,����f_X�����~��-�B9D�5�ɹXbw��1q0��n�e�`{��>���A�%-��&~�~ ��ֵ;ӑ��$��J ��I����h˓��^�/����Q_��L-��ْB!����_���x/��A��j�����=#���y�a�6 *�B�0uJ*4Q{( one STRIKER, one DEFENDER and one GOALIE, Competent enough to participate in the [...], The challenge is to Build your own robot either wired or wireless within the specified dimensions in order to achieve [...], Build your RC Plane which is aerodynamically sound and within the specified dimensions to achieve a successful flight. No technical inspections are permitted during this time, teams must not add or remove mechanisms or components except to replace them with identical components. Two pits were featured in the arena, which as in the main competition would result in instant elimination for competitors which drove into them. Crusader took the usual route of attacking the barrels at the start. During this time, they may perform any adjustments they want to perform on their robot, with the explicit exception of altering the software of the robot in any way. A clone/mix of PREDATOR, RAMBO, and ROBOCOP gone nuts jungle flick with an international cast, exotic locale and good electronic music. If the time runs out with no clear winner, Judges Decision would be the final. Thyagaraj Sports Complex, New Delhi (India). x��Z[�,�~�_1φ�H��� �@�e ys������8!���}�T���g����t��u�꫒ě��7���t��Ҽ�r����_/?~C#�]�L���(���б|�v/i��������Í��+�����O�������Y�˫}�>�Y��yq��,4?���}.ga�S��~���}���}�Y\��������Οa��S����~��?����x�E Y�����dO��/��E�^%���,�m���N����P�J�R\^�,��.�e�Zi�W���k6r�ȳ��ս��[|�-|ܪ毻Dy���X��7��~˿��8�C�#��A�7(H� a ���@��^�Ⱑ3���5=?�ܩqZ�߅��B���vL���q-���'_hV��¢}�\��z�&ѫ*=h ROBOWAR COMPETITION SCORING During the competition in each round, Robots will be engaged in a time battle. If you are bringing an autonomous robot or a robot with significant autonomous functions, you need to ensure that the function of a robot, including drive and weapons, must have the capability of being remotely armed and disarmed. It reversed into the multiball before pushing the sphere into the pit. The only exception to both the time and technical inspection limitations are for readily correctable safety issues, as determined by Staff, for which contestants may be asked to remove or rectify hazardous or broken systems. These devices must be made safe before removing the robot from the arena or testing area. This robot had an extremely slow start - after a long time it knocked over the barrels. It hit the 50 point marker, but Sir Killalot drove in and Oblivion 2 was immobilised. The maximum pressure at any point within a pneumatics system must not exceed 12 bars (174 psi). Flame systems are allowed but should be implemented in a way that the gas tank must be leak proof and must be placed on the robot in such a way that it is protected against any damage or shocks in the gameplay. The innovation, dedication, teamwork and diversity of Bot Builder Community. opportunities. Regional and National championship series among high ranking RoboClubs. Mobile : +91-7834999925 In RoboWars, only the 2.4ghz DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum) frequencies are allowed. 10 A robot whose body is hanging off the boundary of the battlefield is not considered out of the battlefield. Only the toughest shall survive! I hope we can develop more robots next year.’’ He added to his statement. Winner(s) The dimension of the pit will be made in such a way that the robot does not get damaged when it falls inside the pit. Weight will be measured at the time of inspection before starting the competition. At AUK, students find a vast number of ways to spend their recreational time, from the use of the student game room, to partaking in all the extra circular activities that are organized both on and off campus. Teams should completely respect their vote and decisions. Team can have only the fewest possible members beside the field during game play: they will usually be the captain and an assistant team member. Additional delay may be permitted by the Referee, at his discretion. Robots must pass a technical inspection by the Referee and/or assigned Staff prior to being permitted to compete. Email:, Abira Automation Pvt Ltd, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The winners will be decided by knockout. Game Points: I. Flip the Ring: Score 40 Points by flipping opponent's robot out of the ring. It is expected that competitors stay within the rules and procedures of their own accord and do not require constant policing. Around 5000 World’s brilliant coders will be given critical tasks to develop with solutions in shortest time. This rule does not extend or invalidate any time limits during the Competition. This may include full removal of the components posing the hazard, disqualification of a robot if a danger is not addressed adequately, and removal of materials or persons from the premises. Points will be scored on the basis following norms. 3 selected tech-challenges in each series. Team scoring the maximum points wins the The black paint is oil-based and confirms to minor surface blemishes.

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