But don't mistake the way I break the faith for simple blasphemy Yeah load it up again cause these motherfuckers Surviving the tough times is imperative to me [Malcolm X] That's why they try to put you down I'll make Jesus turn around and say "yo pop this nigga flipped it" Walls are raised as medusa's shattered Looking at the whole world revolutionarily, They don’t want to hear you old Uncle Tom, Fuck the litigation, fuck the best rapper nominations, Fuck the cover up of ghetto radiation extermination, Revolutions overturn systems, revolutions destroy systems! Your not dope enough, spit self glorification This is just a preview! I continue to make it threw indefinitely In the club, crib or car or whatever they get the chance I wanted to put out what I felt about revolution. Cause I'm the capital of revolutionary nation that's infallible Cause I conquered their renditions And blow that motherfuckers head off Don't you understand the audience will listen and dance No matter what the fuck life throws at me be prepared for whatever comes the fuck at us. When I reach higher positions No matter what the fuck life throws at me Close to hell but I rebel as begin to spark an L [Malcolm X] Bobby O - Revolutionary Lyrics. Immortal Technique Lyrics "Revolutionary" [Men talking] Yo load the fuck up (locked and loading) You too (locked and loading sir) Remember break that window when that cop comes in and blow that motherfuckers head off [multiple gun shots] (Got him) hand talking about... uh thee (inaudible), no. I'll put your best disciple on academic probation Cause even though I rip it better I could not forsake you Cause we are living revolutionarily. I remember hip hop before the mic cunt clapping No matter what the fuck life throws at me Intoxicated flow I bleed vodka and brandy An annotation cannot contain another annotation. God commanded me to be a technological disease Why does kindness seem revolutionary When did we let hate get so ordinary Let's turn it around, flip the script Judge slow, love quick God help us get revolutionary "It's liberty or it's death Upper-case the 'T' in Technique (Word up) You are revolutionary When I reach higher positions There ain't no way to picture me without a victory speech (crowd cheers), Yo what the fuck happen to reality spitting rhyme slayers are gonna come back for us. But I refuse to be took in to central booking in chains Using my people for experimentation Cause through the highest frequencies in the NYC Because they locked us up in ghetto's and began to rape our women Don't make me choke you down like Jon Benét Ramsey Cause I used to drink forties with more flavor then these rappers Lyrics to 'Revolutionary' by Immortal Technique. (We're ready) Lyrically assassinate you Immortal Technique defeats the odds repetitively (Hook) But when you come original people impersonate you, start to hate you "Revolutionary" lyrics. Cause I was bless with lyrical strength to do whatever I could Lyrics to "Revolutionary" on Lyrics.com. [Malcolm X] When you don't amount to shit prison becomes retirement Lyrically assassinate you Your not dope enough, spit self glorification God commanded me to be a technological disease So I leave the system Unforgiven like East Wood Close to hell but I rebel as begin to sparkle out

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