3. Some moist broadleaf deciduous forests encompass areas beside tropical rainforests and it can be difficult to tell them apart. A Tropical scrub forest is characterized by low lying dense under bush. As there is very little undergrowth, collection of forest product is much easier. (e) Wild rubber can be collected from rubber trees. Most of it occurs in rainy season. In inland regions, coniferous forests thrive in drier climates. Annual rainfall varies between 30-50 cm. Similar to other dense tropical forests, the lack of sunlight on the forest floor means that ferns thrive. Forests cover 1/3 of the earth’s surface and contain an estimated 3 trillion trees. Trees are coniferous and evergreen. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Lowest temperature in winter is around 10°C. Pine trees, cedars, fir trees, and redwood trees are some of the conifers that make up evergreen forest biome in temperate climates. The tropical forest biome is characterized by the diversity of species, being near the equator, and having a dry and rainy season. Deciduous forests in some countries are home to exotic animals such as leopards, pandas, tigers, and monkeys. The forest biome is one of the most important terrestrial ecosystems on our planet. These different forests all have special characteristics that allow them to thrive in their particular climate. Privacy Policy 8. (iii) Light cannot penetrate into the lower strata full of undergrowth. However, by latitude, the three main types of forests are tropical, temperate, and boreal. As their name suggests, these forests are under perpetual cloud cover, giving the forest a damp, eerie appearance. Subtropical deciduous forests are located in South America, Central America, Central Africa, and Asia. Barks are very thick, e.g. The climate of the boreal or taiga forest is described as subarctic. In many Western countries, deciduous forest biome includes deer, rabbits, rodents, squirrels, and raccoons. (iii) Rayon & Synthetic Textile industry: Synthetic textile and rayon requires cellulose. Temperatures can range between -22°F and 86°F (-30°C to 30°C). The Mediterranean forest biome generally has hot dry summers and cool winters. TOS 7. There are four well-defined seasons in this zone including winter. These forests are also called temperate rain forests because of the large amount of rainfall they see. Winter rainfall and dry summer separates Mediterranean vegetation from all other vegeta­tion type. (f) Balata gathered from this forest is used for cable-making and other industrial purpose. Average annual rainfall varies between 50-100 cm. The Boreal forest is also called the taiga and stretches across the cold regions of northern Russia, Scandinavia, and Canada. Animals that live in these forests can withstand long periods of cold temperatures and usually have thick fur or other insulation — among them are moose, bears, lynx, wolf, deer, wolverines, caribou, bats, small mammals, and birds. Some of the largest and richest coniferous forests in tropical and subtropical regions are found in Mexico and North America. Pine martens (Martes martes) are elusive forest creatures that are related to otters, weasels, and badgers. Present vegetation can be classified into three broad groups: (a) Mediterranean Evergreen vegetation = Oak, Cork, Eucalyptus, Redwood etc. 5. Deciduous trees are a type of broadleaved tree that lose their leaves every winter. Let’s look in more detail at the subcategories of temperate forests in North America, Europe, and Asia. Broadleaf trees, mosses, ferns, palms, and orchids all thrive in rain forests. In other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia, tropical dry forests tend to be evergreen. Tropical Deciduous Forest: In tropical monsoon region where rainfall is seasonal and a definite dry … Seasonal tropical forests are characterized by wet seasons in the summer and dry seasons in the winter. Also called reindeer in Europe, caribou (Rangifer tarandus) inhabit the taiga regions of Canada, Europe, and Russia. These can include colorful toads, frogs, and newts, as well as, tortoises, snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. One among them is the tropical scrub forest. Boreal forest (taiga) can be found in cold parts of the world and include cold hardy trees. Convectional rainfall occur almost every-day. The six types of forest are: 1. Weekly. Species of animals that inhabit coniferous tropical forests include bobcats, pine martens, wolves, cougars, elephants, and monkeys. Many countries in the tropical and subtropical regions also have seasonal forests. Economically this is the largest industry developed in coniferous forests.

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