I think there are only three non-villain females? The MC is a 30 year old adult living his second life as a 13 year old, how on earth can he not see the inappropriateness of his relationship with the ML. I can understand avoiding him (because this character in the last life was truly a snake like the mom), but I can't understand being so circumspect about raising him better. And what he did to you in the last life is still not proportional to what you schemed for him in this life. If I'd stopped around chapter 50/60 when it started to bother me, I'd probably give it a 4 start, not five because both the main characters are pervs. My favorite character, yay! This one I can still partially accept it. The same author as True Star, same technique of cliffhangers. Truthfully what made me dropped this story is how inconsistent the personality of the MC is, the fast pace that came out of nowhere and some of the details of what's happening is nada, maybe I am just nitpicking here, but truthfully even there are some parts in True Star I kinda dislike, but then cause it wasn't so bad I tried continuing it and it was worth it, but this.. Like, bro, he didn't do anything to you in this life. MC was just unreasonable. MC's existence is already brought the yandere out of their closet (?). bored with it, and if anyone has a way to read the rest of the chapters, please let me know. His most loved and respected mother did not even bother to show her face. Throughout my reading spree, I’ve noticed that Chinese BL novels really like tropes such as reincarnation, transmigration, and also stories about cultivation. I Love Viewfinder manga, true star, I love Rebirth of Cheng An, I love Mafia theme which has a sadistic streak in it. The MC used to be someone who loves a good alcohol, but his new body is a lightweight (one cup and he is out) and there are times that he was being taken advantage off when he is drunk and yet HE KEEPS ON DRINKING AND KEEP ON BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OFF. Shu Ning died a miserable death the first time around and comes back with a vengeance! He stumbles upon someone in his dreams where the two go on epic adventures and solve riddles. Gaah, I wish somebody would pick up this project! Actually, I think all characters' personalities are similar to True Star, and I mean ALL, to the point of having a sense of deja vu. know I spent a couple of days marathon reading this novel without minding my food and sleep. But I read this story to avoid all time-travel thingly so, (shrug) mah. The notorious firearms crime lord Chen Zhang An a.k.a Old Fox was placed under house arrest by the very successor he groomed. In other words, it's shit, I've been vomiting dog blood because of this. The Shu Ning who was thirsting for maternal love was always extremely hardworking, acting as a well-behaved child in front of his father, while fighting with his elder brother, although his IQ was not high, he still played dirty tricks to the utmost. What happened to your mysophobia? The first few chapters of this story that has been translated was very good, so I tried reading this novel in Chinese... boii it started to go downhill from the 2nd volume. Though his ML's (yes with s) are yanderes, still I'm a willing servant for Chen An sksksksk. At some point it even got me thinking 'is he a masochist? And while the author's attempt at an explanation for why the MC was reborn left me wanting to bang my head against a desk a few times, I was able to look past it and just hope the story would end. Even the dad and grandfather can't be left clean, and I don't like cold characters with slowly/partially rotting centers, even if they're fluffy with people they like. By the time there's any sex, a five year age gap shouldn't be quite such a big deal. What happened to your cold and handsome image? I like the pacing. It was fairly standard rebirth stuff: wanting revenge, settling into a new life, etc; nothing particularly displeasing or off putting. I want to do Cheng An too. Yes there are males villains, but there are a also males who are great supports too. Since he doesnt like himshelf he goes back to his old profesion (it turns out he had more secret admirers than enemies lol xD). Seriously, Author-san?? But what I'm looking for is hot bed scenes (which is likely) and possible a nice hottie that loves him (properly. The most psychotic person is, This is definitely one of my favourite BL novels and it's because of the MC, describing him I would say he is very smart, carefree and cool (and he has his bad-ass moments) like a natural born ruthless ruler. It would be better to just have him sleep with everyone than to read about a bored middle aged man forcing a bunch of young, influential men to act like children playing in a sandbox. It's understandable that he hated him in his past life but bloody hell, the baby was just born and he was innocent (at least there was no mention of reborn of him too). I abhor how toxic both the uke and semes are regarding eachother, everything runs on lust, I hate how much of a gary stu the protagonist/uke is. Please use proper spacing and paragraphs. I can't connect to him as a character, but I'm not turned off by it. Unpopular opinion, but I like True Star better. I don't mind this, I wouldn't chose differently. I have never posted a rating before, but I had to rate this one. A lot of the other novels I've been reading liked to cram a ton of "world building" at once and ends up not being that important nor understandable. Sometimes, the story kinda doesn't make sense for me, it's a bit over the top. This kid already got lucky, considering his background, but he wants a big house, several sports cars, a nice life. The guy goes from being a world renowned arms dealer to arguing with a teenager and acting tough in a club full of kids. This is one of the more enjoyable modern urban love rebirth stories. He did the worst in this life. MC made the decisions in his past life, he might be goaded or influenced or something, but he was already at an age where he knows what is right or wrong. It's quite frustrating. The MC is a thirty year old perving on an eighteen year old, while the ML is an eighteen year old perving on a thirteen year old kid (while his body looks younger due to lack of nutrition growing up.) Each shows up for only a single chapter or so, except the grandmother who doesn't show up at all- she's dead before the story even begins. I've finished True Star first and then tried reading this one because I really like a badass MC. Status in Country of Origin. I don't hate that sort of thing, some people do deserve it, but somehow, all the women in this that showed up for any length of time ended up being evil, but they have their problems, too, so I was more sympathetic of them than anything. I made it to chapter 63 in this series and for that alone I give myself huge props. The interaction is super natural and the plotting is also not overtly obvious, super smooth and the kaomojis are very well used. First of all, I don't hate this story. But the author should have, Simply delicious, not much of raunchy part, thee author simply gloss it over or just skip it completely. Just as how he was manipulated to do things, he did the same in his new life, even worst. But from what I read, I was amused. It got tooth-rottingly sweet by the time their relationship was established romantically. 3. I am quite disturbed by the story so far. This is my first review, sorry for grammar mistakes. I actually liked this one, but the trend of females (adult AND children) being evil or some kind of antagonist is getting old (with the exception of maybe two mention of women that never show up again plus the grandma).

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