Different ICT adoption theories and case study examples were analysed, among which the Estonian case was taken as a successful model. Using a nation-wide government survey data of Taiwanese public servants, this study empirically tests for differences in OGD behaviors between two types of perceived risks (individual accountability vs. organizational accountability). In this chapter, we study personalization from the viewpoint of personalizing interaction. In the case of the municipality, a major focus was resistance to change. Scitation is the online home of leading journals and conference proceedings from AIP Publishing and AIP Member Societies, Revista Eletrônica de Estratégia & Negócios. Since countries are continuously implementing ICT-based technologies, the need for investigating the factors hindering their adoption becomes crucial. portunities for participation is the most important step. concept—resistance or support of change is seen as within the individual. individual reaction to frustration with strong group-induced forces” (p. 521). The authors, therefore, suggest that Laotian family firms’ reduction in confidence and loss aversion may activate resistance to the adoption of more efficient financial management practices. Change-oriented leadership was negatively related to performance obstacles, but only indirectly through participation in decision-making, whereas it was positively related to job satisfaction both directly and indirectly. Design theory views the work of management as an act of designing artifacts. A questionnaire was used to collect data for the study and the target population was bank employees and management. New Y. The evidence shows that technical accounting changes are, in the final analysis, change management exercises. was managed at Kingdom Bank in view of internal and external forces of change. Specific emphasis is placed on studying how users interact with an information system and how the system can encourage and foster interaction. web, advanced information retrieval systems, dialogbased applications, and mobile access paradigms. has not been significantly altered by academic, would naturally fit. Coch and French (1948) were familiar with that, The practical theorist: The life and work of K. Kingdom Bank Limited has over the years been credited with being one of the most innovative banks in Zimbabwe. However, resistance is a normal response to a threat to baseline status. As a result of the research, the main aspects of the EDRMS implementation were evaluated, and the prospect of the possible future study was imposed. This has been due to the deliberate stance that the bank undertook since inception to be a market leader on the back of innovation. This paper looks at how change These findings offer insights relevant to current and ongoing developments in the healthcare field and to the question of how hospitals may deal with continuous changes in ways that could contribute positively towards outcomes relevant to service quality. The qualitative research strategy used was the study of multiple cases with incorporated units of analysis and three criteria ere observed for the judgment of the quality of the research project: validity of the construct, external validity and reliability. views of causes of resistance to change and similar prescriptions to ov ercome it. The theoretical tradition, named design theory, has its origins in the work of Herbert Simon. The results confirmed the presuppositions and the fact that KM means a rethinking of management practices in the information ea. The authors trace the emergence of the term resistance to change and show how it became received truth. Several researchers have created models for measuring quality and the success of the information system [1, 2]; highlighting the need for better and more consistent success factors. Design/methodology/approach These findings shed light on the understanding of practices of open government and contributes to knowledge of administrative behavior. A. endstream endobj 20 0 obj <>>>/Filter/Standard/Length 128/O(���r�龖��"X���vÎΪw�6RѸ��Y09l)/P -1340/R 4/StmF/StdCF/StrF/StdCF/U(�W�{�%R�+\(�8� )/V 4>> endobj 21 0 obj <>>> endobj 22 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 23 0 obj <>stream The case study also shows evidence that in some cases supports and in other cases shows gaps in existing change management models and behavioral accounting theories. KM is more than simply IM due to the fact that it includes and incorporates other concerns, such as the creation, use and sharing of information and knowledge in the organizational context; (ii) a conceptual model or map can be formulated based on three basic conceptions: (a) a strategic conception of information and knowledge, (b) the introduction of such strategy in the tactical and operational levels through the several managerial approaches and informaion technology tools and (c) the creation of an organizational space for knowledge. However, besides innovation being driven internally, there have been externally driven forces of change on the Zimbabwean financial services market. It asserts that the disciplines of engineering, architecture and design provide a, Personalization constitutes the mechanisms and technologies necessary to customize information access to the end-user. National governments are eager to incorporate information and communication technologies in their administrative agenda. This relationship of resistance to change and turnover intention is explained by burnout. What causes Resistance to Change? Investigates the theme known as “Knowledge Management” (KM) in three large Brazilian organizations trying to discuss its concepts, constituent elements, managerial approaches and tools, while aiming at leaving behind the purely terminological discussion, which is innocuous and naive. The quality of the information systems plays a decisive role in the success of the system, and the best performance of the organization depends on the successful implementation of the IS. In the case of the municipality, a major focus was resistance to change. As systems and technologies are improved and developed, researchers and practitioners have debated debates about their effectiveness and evaluation. However, the study establishes perceived organizational support as moderator, and with high POS, strength of this relationship will be reduced. Findings ... Sabemos que en la resistencia al cambio operan diferentes factores: intenso miedo, bloqueos, negación, ira, depresión y hasta momentos de parálisis, para ir llegando gradualmente a la aceptación de nuevos contextos sociales, culturales y de vida. Results find the existence of perceived risks to accountability in the process of data release and positive effects on inducing strategic workaround when implementing OGD policies. The authors conclude with a discussion of alternatives to resistance to change. In this paper we marry the theoretical approach of design theory with the action research methodology to explain events related to the implementation of a strategic cost leadership initiative at Shell Gabon, a Royal Dutch Shell unit in West Africa. Even though transformation from traditional to digital methods seem attractive, there are obstacles which come along with this change. While resistance has been deemed a major barrier to the implementation of successful practice change in popular literature, specific evidence as to how it is a barrier within health care organizations is lacking. The Fifth Discipline: The Art And Practice of the Learning Organization, The Fifth Discipline - The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization, Moral Identity and the Influence of PBL-E: A DSR Approach, Strategic knowledge management in brazilian organizations.

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