PN 19261: $432.00: Solar Filter, Full 3.5" Aperture for Questar 3.5 when ordered as an upgrade with a new Questar 3.5 astro telescope. A feature-packed, fully automated telescope for real space enthusiasts. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. The aperture of the lens determines how much light travels through the lens; a larger aperture allows more light to enter. Refractor design is user-friendly. 19170: Solar Filter, slide on solar metal cover for 10X finder. In general, reflector telescopes tend to cost less than the other types. Aperture: In a telescope, the term aperture refers to the same thing as it does in a camera lens. The aperture is the opening in the lens through which light travels. And because you can easily connect a computer to a compound unit for aiming the telescope, you’ll enjoy immediate success in finding stars and planets. If you live in the city and must transport your telescope to locations where you can see the stars, the unit’s size matters. Those new to telescope use will probably want to opt for the refractor design. PN 13193: $47.00 Learn about the products you’re wondering if you should buy and get advice on using your latest purchases. Questar A Brief History Introduction to Questar Products: Made in the United States Since 1950. enter. 13170: Solar Filter, 1.5" aperture off-axis for Questar 3.5. The Orion SpaceProbe Equatorial Reflector is the priciest telescope in our product list at a cost of $319. Find an open field that’s free of trees, cell towers, and telephone poles. Easy-to-use finder with excellent magnification makes viewing stars and planets a breeze. Light from the object at which you’re aiming the telescope travels through the telescope’s lens and into the tube. Easy-to-use refractor telescope that's well priced. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. The Barska Starwatcher and Meade Infinity units in our product list are both refractor designs that would suit beginners. Three eyepieces and moon filter allow for convenient usage. You mount your camera to the telescope, allowing the camera to “see” through the eyepiece. Earth objects: When telescope makers say their models are good for viewing earth objects, they’re talking about birds or other far-off animals on earth. 19260 You may wish to upgrade to a tripod with a sturdier support base. Portable telescopes aimed at amateur astronomers simply cannot match the tremendous quality you’ll find with huge, fixed-location telescopes. Are you planning to lug your telescope out of the city on starry countryside nights? Comes with a fully automatic alignment procedure and computerized mount. Granted, refractor telescopes sometimes suffer from chromatic aberration. But it’s certainly not the most expensive amateur telescope out there. Compound telescopes are also relatively easy to use, and they require little maintenance. A: When viewing objects at night, you’ll want to move away from light pollution areas (like the city). The optics can be bumped out of alignment easier than the other designs, requiring more maintenance. Smooth rotation and slow-motion controls allow for maximum precision. Using a ring or dial on the telescope, you can adjust the focus and sharpen your view. Some telescope models can also be connected to a computer. Great included starter software. Portable, easy-to-use refractor telescope at a mid-range price for beginner and intermediate astronomy enthusiasts. If you seek more features, you could also purchase software separate from what accompanies the telescope. A reflector telescope is the lightest design available. The Orion SpaceProbe in our product list is a reflector telescope. The eyepiece and focal length together determine how much magnification you see when using the telescope. Keep this in mind if you plan to transport your telescope frequently. PN 13175: $120.00: Solar Filter Wood Box, for 3.5" filters. Advanced users may find that it isn't "high-tech" enough for them. To enhance enjoyment of your new telescope, spend some time learning about the constellations first. This could interfere with your viewing capabilities. A mirror at the front of the tube gathers light. The answers to such questions help determine whether you should get a compound, reflector, or refractor telescope. Somewhat flimsy. Smartphone apps are available that can help you pinpoint common objects in the night sky, including planets. For amateur astronomers, three types of telescope designs exist: compound, reflector, and refractor. It supports the telescope’s weight while also allowing you to rotate its position. Young stargazers may grow out of it quickly. Sharpness, clarity, size, and weight will all vary depending on the design, quality, and construction materials of the telescope. Works for both land and sky viewing. Because reflector telescopes have an open tube on one end, they collect dust and require regular cleaning. The Questar Standard 3.5 has long been regarded as the finest personal telescope in the world. It then reflects that light to another mirror, which reflects the light toward the eyepiece. In addition to the telescope’s legendary resolution, flatness of field and contrast, the Standard has integrated features that are unavailable with other telescopes. Or, if you have an observatory in the area (like a local university) you might find some great informational programs there for amateur astronomers. Observe the child’s reaction to see if the study of astronomy piques an interest. 80mm AZ Space Astronomical Refractor Telescope. The flashlight can also help you maintain sure footing as you move your telescope around in the dark. This telescope design sets itself apart with an eyepiece that extends vertically out of the tube, usually near the front. The 5-inch aperture lets in enough light for super crisp views of our galaxy and beyond. You’ll use a software package to properly align the telescope, finding the exact object you want. If clarity and sharpness sit high on your priority list, we recommend a refractor telescope. Q: What’s the best way to get started with a telescope? The design was originally envisioned as a 5-inch (130 mm) telescope, but it was decided a telescope of that size would not fit the market they were aiming for, since it would be too heavy and expensive. Some reports of broken parts upon arrival. Objects viewed through a large focal length telescope look bigger than objects viewed through a small focal length. Compact design ideal for transporting; easy setup and take-down. General Despite my crabbing, overall, the Q3.5 is an amazingly well thought-out telescope. The optics inside the telescope then focus that light onto a point, allowing you to see the object. The best type of telescope design for astrophotography is the compound design. However, there are exceptions to that rule, and our product list illustrates this. Use becomes intuitive, but learning takes time. The Best Bang for the Buck selection in our product list, the Celestron PowerSeeker, costs $49 and fits well in this “beginner” price point. This is an expensive hobby that requires particular pieces of equipment that are compatible. Purchasing a telescope that a computer can control greatly simplifies the process of locating particular objects in the night sky. After a while, if you find that you really enjoy astronomy, you can always upgrade to a mid-range unit for a few hundred dollars. If you want to view “earth objects” (birds, wild animals) rather than the sky, a reflector telescope won’t work. Solar Filter, for finder for Questar 3.5. The eyepiece in a compound telescope is in the back. Low price. If you’re using your telescope to view the moon, purchase a filter – it will reduce brightness to make features of the moon easier to observe. Solar Filter Full 3.5" Aperture for Questar 3.5. Is my telescope broken? Focal length: Focal length is another term that telescopes share with camera lenses. PN 19261S: $322.00: Solar Filter assembly for Questar 3.5" Finder. 2lbs. Colors will be duller in the telescope than they are in NASA photographs, and the magnification will be much lower. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. 6204 Ingham Road - New Hope, PA 18938 - USA - Tel. For example, a cement parking lot absorbs heat from the sun all day and releases it at night. Because portable telescopes lack the optics of a huge telescope, objects won’t look quite as impressive as what you’d see at an observatory. A refractor telescope’s tube is fully sealed, which means it requires little to no maintenance. If you know what you’re looking for, you’re more likely to enjoy what you see. For someone with no stargazing experience, it’s probably best to start with an inexpensive telescope that rests under the $100 mark. Compound telescopes tend to accrue dew on the lens in humid weather. Batteries run out quickly — you'll need to purchase an AC adapter for longer stargazing sessions. If so, you may be interested in a cheaper telescope option. It's important to think about how you will use the telescope and what types of objects you want to see with it. Faint objects: Faint objects in the night sky are objects that are difficult to see, even with a telescope. If you want to view faint stars and planets, the reflector and compound designs work equally well. These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. Get the best deals on Questar Telescopes when you shop the largest online selection at Low price makes it an excellent introductory scope and worthy investment. Please take our 3-minute survey,

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