On top that, never lose your smile or dignity. Magic is not a battle. Kaito, I’m going to teach you the secret of being a magician. The expression was even. This theory is given credibility by the intricateness of Kaitou Kid's disguises, the secrets of which he has inherited from his father. Mitsuhiko sees Conan as a role model, someone he looks up to. Conan has extraordinarily broad knowledge of many subjects and trivia that help him solve cases; something he likely acquired from his incessant reading in his "first childhood". Conan stops Kid from escaping with the jewel often enough that Conan has gained reputation with the press as Kid's "natural enemy". Closings: 48. Conan's scary face when he's intending to know Haibara's secret song, Main article: Conan Edogawa and Ai Haibara. Culprit: I thought my crime is perfect. He has become a popular figure in Japan and even appeared at numerous occasions in different anime series (i.e. Magic tricks and magic spells can both be considered "magic", but they're completely different. The first type wants to stand out more than the magician. Haibara invented an antidote prototype for the APTX 4869, and Conan first uses it in Volume 26 to conceal his identity and allay Ran's suspicions that he is Shinichi. Detective conan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. A background story of this is revealed in two new Magic Kaito chapters, which included Toichi's first heist. Kaito Kuroba is the son of Toichi Kuroba. Toichi became a thief to redirect the police's attention away from Phantom Lady so that she could live normally. He repeatedly demonstrates the ability to remember every detail of an investigation or other topics he cares about, and may have a photographic memory to manage such perfect recall so consistently. Jodie nicknamed Conan "Cool Kid" and Conan (despite being wary when he first met her) now places complete trust in Jodie. In the movie The Raven Chaser, Gin tries to catch a glimpse of Conan's face from a helicopter, but fails when Conan successfully downs the helicopter. This also applies to an entertainer who aims to reach even higher heights. Like Shinichi, Conan's kick is accurate over distances and he is capable of mentally reckoning the angle of impact necessary to rebound a soccer ball off a wall and strike an attacker from behind. They then leave him to die. Some people, such as Conan's mother, have stated that she has feelings for Conan. If you use them the wrong way they'll turn into ugly weapons. Episodes: 8 In honor of the release of the 800th manga chapter, Shonen Sunday held a popularity poll/contest containing 91 Detective Conan characters to choose from. Kaitou Kid disguised as Shiho as requested from Conan. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Shinichi treats Conan as a separate person completely, thinking for example, "changing back into Conan". Shinichi took the appearance of his six year old self after being exposed to a prototype poison called APTX 4869, which he had been forced to swallow by two men in black later revealed to be members of the Black Organization. He is repeatedly protective of her and tries to give her hope when her fear of the men in black is overwhelming. While spying on the suspicious men, Shinichi does not notice another man in black, who knocks him out from behind and forces him to swallow a new experimental poison known as APTX 4869. Also she called him one of her seven knights. Kuroshiro (Kaito Sugiura), Anime: Episode 2 While Conan initially was disgusted by Ai's ties to the Black Organization, especially with how she introduced herself, seeing her remorse and pain has improved his opinion of her. Because of that, Sonoko eventually becomes another moderately well-known "sleeping" detective, although her reputation is only known to the local police investigation team and Sonoko's friends. when he is trying to point out a clue, something that is usually said by Japanese gradeschoolers. The use of glasses as a disguise was modeled after Superman's Clark Kent. As Conan, Shinichi tries to behave like a child. Also, to be like his favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes, he plays the violin. During her final heist in Paris, Toichi dresses in the Kid outfit and rescues Chikage from being captured. Agasa often worries about Shinichi, especially when he thinks Shinichi might be getting over his head. (Yusaku replies with an exclaimation mark, meaning that yes, he will.). As they escape, he kisses her, comparing her to a jewel. Don't look away from your fate. Toichi seems to have had a friendly rivalry with Yusaku Kudo, as Yusaku successfully stopped one of Toichi's jewelery heists and then gave Toichi the "Kaitou Kid" name when he purposely misread a "1412" a news reporter had scribbled down. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Main article: Conan Edogawa and Ayumi Yoshida. In the TV special she was away in Las Vegas at the time and in a video message to her son said that she knew he'd probably "be very busy very soon", implying that she knew about Toichi's secret room, his identity, and that Kaito would likely become Kid. In much later files, Conan has solved the case as himself then claimed afterwards that Shinichi told him what to say. Conan is often treated as a separate character from Shinichi by fans, and often viewed as the main character of the series while Shinichi is viewed as a recurring character. Some fans believe that Toichi Kuroba has faked his death somehow and revived as the phantom thief from Las Vegas, Kaitou Corbeau. Hide Full Bio Read More Posts (2) Wall Hirai Taro himself got the pen name "Edogawa Rampo" from a transliteration of "Edgar Allan Poe." However, they both become quite jealous of Conan whenever Ayumi shows gestures of affection towards him (usually a small kiss on the cheek). However, he is stumped on what Ran meant when she said, "He has a funny habit when he plays.". Conan's fastidious attention to detail allows him to notice minor inconsistencies in crime scenes and suspect testimony that other people miss, and using astute logic he uncovers the reasons behind those inconsistencies in order to link them to the crime. Conan's goal is to hunt down the Black Organization and have them arrested for their crimes, as well as find an antidote to the APTX 4869. The words of a great magician describing his attitude when he comes up with a new trick. After learning of Amuro's membership in the Black Organization, though, Conan has been relatively nervous about him being near Ran. His father died under mysterious circumstances when Kaito was only nine years old. In honor of the release of the 15th movie. He will often play games like baseball with the Detective Boys, but he is too used to soccer to perform well and will even instinctively use soccer techniques, such as kicking in games that do not call for it. The Phantom Lady wants him to return all the counterfeit items she claimed as the Phantom Lady back to the counterfeiters, but only if they can get their just deserts in the process. And then there’s a type that is so curious, they can’t stand not knowing the trick, even if it means interfering with the magic. In their next encounter, however, after Shinichi has become Conan, Kid disguises himself as Ran in order to steal the Suzuki family's Black Star pearl. In several instances, when Kid does Conan a favor, such as saving Genta's life, Conan reciprocates by halting his investigation just shy of capturing Kid, thereby allowing him to escape mostly unhindered. Conan placed 3rd in the poll with 866 votes out of the 5,883 that were cast. While pursuing the truth and justice without thinking about consequences...you stand the strain of all pressure alone in order to protect everyone...Such boy-like temperaments of yours are astonishingly intriguing, however...I wonder if you realize it...That clean scent of yours is strangling her, us, and yourself with lonelinesss and danger. Kudo-Kun (Ai Haibara) Ran and Conan both look out for each other's wellbeing. Not much is known about Chikage yet as her appearances in Magic Kaito have been limited. Once those words leave your mouth, you'll never be able to take them back. Conan placed 1st overall with 2,843 votes. However, he still has a posthumous influence on his son Kaito, whose stated reason for dressing as the Kaitou Kid is to find the men who killed his father. Conan seems to have a very bitter hatred towards them, and this only increases as more people are targeted by the Black Organization. Others, like Ran and Kazuha, see them both as equally skilled detectives. Before being shrunk, Shinichi encountered Kaitou Kid once during the Clock Tower heist, though they did not meet face-to-face. ), There is always only one truth! Conan is just as skilled as Shinichi in soccer, but a lot less powerful because he only has the strength of a young child. Shinichi usually starts off acting like he is disinterested in the frivolous competition, but may then become competitive himself if Heiji starts "winning" or someone bruises his ego.

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