Sandi shares 3 children with her ex-wife, Peta Stewart. When, a few years later, they decided they would like children, they turned to their closest friends, a heterosexual couple, for help. Sandi’s children are now all grown up. She added of mum Sandi: “You’d die for [your kids] and you’d kill for them – and that’s what makes you a family, not whether you’re biologically related. See More Radio Hosts Profile: Marilyn Denis Engaged 40 Years Later, Wedding To Prom Date - Her Story. (According to IMDB, anyway…). She had three children with her ex-partner Peta Stewart, who carried the babies using sperm from a donor, before they split in 1997. : Sandi Toksvig (left) with her first wife Peta Stewart and children (Photo: The Guardian). She was first in a relationship with her partner Petaline Stewart, who was a former nursery school teacher, since 1982. Sandi and Peta, says their daughter, had fallen in love at first sight; Sandi is “a hopeless romantic” and, at the beginning, the couple hunkered down and luxuriated in their new-found relationship. “That’s down to people like Mum, who had the courage to come out at a time when there were very few gay and lesbian role models.”. From online or printed sources and from publicly accessible databases. FAQ | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use | Comments Policy | Site Map, Website and Photography by: COLETTE WERDEN. “Especially in the first few years, but our mums kept things as normal as possible and they really did stay good friends. He said of his mum: “Mum is such a loving force to be around. Home life was similar to any other family, with one or two significant differences. He made an appearance in EastEnders, as a baby! Expert advice on the most important things to do when it comes to buying a home. The children, two daughters and a son, were carried by Stewart with sperm … See the Elon Musk family tree here at FameChain. Gay couples, lesbian couples, heterosexual couples: wedding days are all about exactly the same things: romance, hope, families and fun. In 1999 she came out clean to a Sunday Newspaper stating: I would rather keep my private life to myself. Gay Spouse? The First To Do It. Stepping her foot in many shows over her career, she has been able to accumulate a hefty net worth of $8 million! Now, she’s probably best known to baking fans as one of the presenters of Great British Bake Off on Channel 4. She had three full-siblings and six half-siblings, including a brother who was only two months younger than she was. “I’ve been very involved with my new sister’s life and it has made me realise that it’s not about genetics at all – it’s about being in someone’s life and it’s about loving them. Most important of all, of course, there is no assumption that there is a mother and father. “It made things simpler.”. It’s not known exactly when the couple married, but they divorced in 1997. The male half of that partnership, Chris Lloyd-Pack, agreed to donate sperm and Jesse and her siblings were the result. The former York student tells Catherine Scott what it was like growing up with two mums. She’s a comedian, a writer, radio presenter and political activist. Click here to Start FameChaining. If you’ve got that, everything else is almost always going to be OK.”, Today Jesse and her boyfriend Adam live in a flat in the house where she grew up, and where Peta still lives – so she sees plenty of her new sister. Here's everything you need to know about her wife and children. Images: Getty Images, 2nd image via The Times, 3rd image via Twitter, Sandi Toksvig and children – family facts, Noel Fielding and Lliana Bird – family facts. She is also step mum to her wife Debbie Toksvig's daughter. “At first it was just going to be for our family, but then I realised there are so many families out there whose lives don’t fit neatly into the boxes the baby record books have decided they should,” she says. The First To Do It. With 2 mums in the family, the children called them ‘mum’ and ‘mumma’. The pair had a civil partnership ceremony in 2004 and when same sex marriage became legal in the UK in 2014 they renewed their vows. Winner | President Award, 2018AIC / Australian Institute of Conveyancers, NSW Division Pty Ltd, Finalist | Best Conveyancers, Australia, 2018‍Professional Services Award, Proudly supported by NAB, Winner | Albury Wodonga Business Awards, 2019‍Outstanding Micro Business, Highly Commended | Albury Wodonga Business Awards, 2019‍Outstanding Business Person, DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE E-BOOK. NEED EXPERT ADVICE ON ALL THINGS PROPERTY? She shares her three children with her ex-partner Peta Stewart, who were in a relationship together for 15 years but separated in … DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE E-BOOK. To find out more, please read our privacy policy. Your are now subscribing to our newsletter! You might also recognise her from shows like QI. She launched the game show 1001 Things You Should Know, hosted the travel show Excess Baggage and in 2014 renewed the general knowledge quiz show Fifteen-to-One. We would love to team up with you, to help you enjoy every step of your property journey in confidence. adopted, Theo Toksvig-Stewart{ "@context": "", "@type": "Person", "name": "Theo Toksvig-Stewart", "gender": "Male" }, born 1994, age 26 (approx.) When Peta had breast cancer 10 years ago, Sandi – now married to Debbie Toksvig, whose daughter is Jesse’s stepsister – was a great support through all the surgery and chemotherapy. It took place at the Southbank Centre in London where hundreds of people arrived and celebrated the liberty of love together! Whether you are a first home buyer, property developer, pensioner or self-managed superfund, my team and I operate with the one intention – to help you eliminate risk and reduce stress as you navigate the next step in your property journey. 5 retro biscuits that SO remind us of our childhood, 10 questions to ask when visiting a primary school, ‘Too big, too small’ bump-shaming – why it’s got to stop for good, Kate Middleton shops for her pregnancy wardrobe at Topshop, Katie Piper’s *totally* transparent post-baby body pic, Mum-to-be Kate Middleton reveals she wants a baby boy. “You hear of bitter divorces where everyone is incredibly unhappy and the children say their whole lives have been affected, and there was never anything like that in our family.   My risky ambition to push the boundaries of what was considered ‘normal practice’ in the conveyancing industry has attributed to my business success. Besides it, she has also worked as a host for Channel 4’s quiz show 1001 Things You Should Know and game show Fifteen to One. From 2006 she joined BBC Radio4 as the host for The News Quiz, a topical panel game show but left in 2015 to enter into politics. In 2014, she had again married to Debbie Toksvig. They were both working parents – Sandi was doing programmes like Call My Bluff on BBC2 and the News Quiz on Radio 4, and Peta was running a hotel – we grew up without expectations about who did what.  It was in 2009, at the age of 29, that I rented a small room and launched my own business – this was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. Toksvig is a supporter of lesbian and homosexual marriages. Spool forward to three years ago, and the arrival of a new baby in Jesse’s family. 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