What you will find across the Orange landscape is basic controls and a very organic sound. However, while the amps can achieve some blistering tones they can also be used in a variety of genres beyond aggressive rock and metal music. For example, is the “Orange Rockerverb better for metal?” or “Can I record metal with a 15-watt amp?”. By this point in researching the mind has already decided that this “X product” is only good for “X application” or “X genre” unless you see the product used across multiple different musical styles. In interviews, Orange Amp Designer, Ade Emsley, has specifically called attention to keeping the internals simple for great tone and confined to a small package for easy mobility. The Tiny Terror might not end up in very mid-scooped-gain-up metal territory all on its own whereas other Terrors easily can–like the Dark Terror or Jim Root Terror. What a professional can do versus a weekend warrior are two totally different scenarios. Of course you can always go bigger, and why not? Engineers and artists alike have sworn by the use of the mighty Tiny Terror. The amp has found a home in recording guitars, of course, but also for all sorts of fun noises in the studio environment. Valve Buffered FX Loop For the purist who loves their pedals, … This is admittedly a dangerous path to travel as most pros are surrounded by multiple cabs and heads on stage. However, while the amps can achieve some blistering tones they can also be used in a variety of genres beyond aggressive rock and metal music. Heaps of gain and tons of wattage aren’t the only way to achieve the tones you may be pursuing–a drip-edge combo and a T-Style will not do metal on their own, they need a little help from a pedal like the Orange Bax Bangeetar. JOHNNY TRUANT on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Every track was a guitar straight into a Rockerverb 50W … I've tried a Rockerverb 50 head with an orange 4x12 before and it can indeed do metal. While this application is much different than 99% of users out there it is still a notable mention for the use of the amplifiers themselves. Our divergent paths build our opinions and, regardless if you enjoy playing heavy riffage or spanky cleans, Orange can get you there. Perception is our reality after all. I quite enjoy the articulation within these amps and pushing those tubes. For this reason, the bulk of players immediately think that Orange falls into a specific bucket. I’d say: no, Orange is not only a metal amp manufacturer, though I may have many years ago before actually plugging into one. To assist in answering the main question, there is another query as to your endgame: which of the two big arenas are you going to explore: the stage or studio? On the other side, maybe not so heavy there is Rival Sons, Blackberry Smoke and Lifehouse also pushing forward with an Orange backdrop. Further exploration in Orange’s lineup will reveal some of my personal favorites in the AD and OR series. The Tiny Terror is a top-class tube amplifier that is extremely simple to use as it was designed to be that way. These amps can get you anywhere you wish to go, particularly with pedals as they provide a very clean platform. Both have very specific–and different–applications, as we all know. © 2020 Orange Amps | Products can change without notice. Not only has this little monster kicked off the lunch box amp craze it has become a staple over the last decade. Sonically speaking, even just a Terror series amp atop a 4×12 can achieve wonderful results.

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