If you're an American of Polish ancestry, an author or seller of ​cookbooks, or a country music artist, then October is the month for you.

Sure, it’s not your fancy cheesemonger’s cheese. Consider hosting a Non-GMO Month event in your town or check out your local store’s events. Kraft American cheese slices have 51% cheese but that's not standard. Start to share your signs with a professional. Sure, it’s not your fancy cheesemonger’s cheese. 55. Over 80% of conventional processed foods contain GMOs. Industrial agriculture relies on substantial chemical inputs that cost mother earth dearly. It won’t overpower any dish with its complex taste — but it can enhance the natural flavors. Since he first appeared in 1980, his message has been to urge everyone to do their part to “Take A Bite Out Of Crime®.”. Responsible for North America’s most trusted third party verification and labeling for non-GMO food and products, the Non-GMO project also educates consumers and the food industry to help build awareness about GMOs and their impact on our health and food systems. October is National Crime Prevention month—a time when the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) asks us to renew or join the commitment to help “Take A Bite Out Of Crime®.” In 1984, October was designated as Crime Prevention Month through a Presidential proclamation and since then, NCPC has been working with local law enforcement, government agencies, civic groups, schools Each week of Crime Prevention Month, a theme, partners, and resources will be highlighted. Like the delicious mac and cheese your mom made. Stock is limited so order now to guarantee holiday gift giving. clearInterval(fbl_interval); He heated cheddar at 175 degrees for 15 minutes while whisking it continuously. To learn more, visit www.ncpc.org/fraud and www.att.com/cyberaware. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Support your local retailers by shopping at their locations, and thank them for being part of Non-GMO Month. These illicit products undermine efforts to combat youth vaping and present additional health and safety risks for adult consumers. Offer them hope that people can and do recover. To help them celebrate and promote their mission to fix industrial agriculture look for the non-GMO Butterfly and the Fair Trade farmer on all your favorite groceries.

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