The Northern Territory was part of colonial New South Wales from 1825 to 1863, except for a brief time from February to December 1846, when it was part of the short-lived colony of North Australia. There are many very small settlements scattered across the territory, but the larger population centres are located on the single paved road that links Darwin to southern Australia, the Stuart Highway, known to locals simply as "the track". Cold snaps may bring frosts inland, though temperatures near the coast are mild or near mild all year round. Australia is affected by tropical cyclones which primarily occur between December and April but have developed in November and May, as well. Queensland. The best areas for birds are the southwestern corner of the state and the area around Broome and the Kimberley. The first European settlement of Western Australia occurred following the landing by Major Edmund Lockyer on 26 December 1826 of an expedition on behalf of the New South Wales colonial government. Before the over-riding legislation was enacted, four people used the law supported by Dr. Philip Nitschke. The capital city is Darwin. In January, average maximum temperatures exceed 35 °C over a large area of the interior and exceed 40 °C over areas in the north-west. The lowest maximum temperature on record in Australia was −6.9 °C (19.6 °F), recorded on 9 July 1978 at Thredbo Ski Resort in New South Wales. Rainfall varies throughout the state. By the late 18th century, British and French sailors had begun to explore the Western Australian coast. The highest maximum temperature was recorded as 50.7 °C (123.3 °F) at Oodnadatta on 2 January 1960, which is the highest official temperature recorded in Australia. Australia's floral emblem is the golden wattle, animal emblem is the red kangaroo and bird emblem is the emu. Such occasions are rare, but have occurred in 1958, 1965, 1986, 2005 and 2015, the 1965 event causing snow to fall as far north as Eungella, near Mackay in tropical Queensland. On average more than 1,570 mm (62 in) of rain falls in the north. Information for kids K-6 about the Australian flag, the Coat of Arms and the Australian and State floral and faunal emblems. Beneath our radiant Southern CrossWe'll toil with hearts and hands;To make this Commonwealth of oursRenowned of all the lands;For those who've come across the seasWe've boundless plains to share;With courage let us all combineTo Advance Australia Fair.In joyful strains then let us sing,Advance Australia Fair. Efficient Delivery: Reducing the telecommunications cost to government, by forming agreements with local and remote community councils.

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