I just feel that there attacks hit me so hard despit having a 10 fire defense. That's a death sentence, especially when Teo shows his face. go to file> office account. Flash bombs are also very nice to have with Teostra, as you can flash him out of his nuke. Because I made this change and I am unsure how to revert back to the previous setting I can only troubleshoot some of the steps below. Crafted a bow just for this fight but I ended up loving the play style. do you have any tips for fighting her? On skype for business when going into the missed calls tab, its not showing the missed calls and other people are seeing this fine, the accounts are set up the same way. Start fighting one the the whore flies in and lands right on top of the other piece of shot and for a split second you might think they will fight a bit. Thanks for marking this as the answer. Otherwise, he's just going to be a nuisance. The meetings are not being accepted on their calendar, though they show as though are tentatively accepted. I did this quest solo with DBs, so I have a few hints. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Thanks everyone for all of your help I basically used everyone's advice and did it on my 2nd try. Solo DB user doing No remorse, No surrender. to upload pictures, click use rich formatting and insert/edit media. We use Office 365 and do not have an on-site Exchange server. So if anyone has had the same problem and has a fix any help would be much appreciated. Posted by 1 year ago. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MonsterHunter community. Does anyone have any tips for this? I find that isolating Teo first is the easiest method in this quest. Be sure to bring the fireproof and vitality mantles with you, cool drinks, and astera jerky. Thanks everyone for all of your help I basically used everyone's advice and did it on my 2nd try. here are images that should assist with the questions you asked. Dance around her keeping at maximum crit distance and fill her with arrows. 2. i found you have checked the sent items and junk e-mail folder. I signed the user in to a different workstation and setup Outlook for them. 4. as you mentioned "there are no delegates listed. The view setting did not affect ", can you please share a screenshot of the settings with me? Robert, Chris, and Yang - thank you so much for helping me troubleshoot this issue. If Lunastra shows up, don't be afraid to try and kite angry Teostra to another area - if he's raging, he should follow you, while Lunastra (provided she isn't also raging) should stay in the one area. But when checking on the Lync application on my phone (version, its showing missed calls fine. Removed Office, ran CCleaner, and installed Office again. Im betting by this point, fighting Teostra is a cakewalk so it wont take too long. If yes, please confirm the information above when you have time. I really appreciate it. Have barrel bombs to use when one of them is weak and goes to sleep. 6. dose the issue persist if set up the problematic account in another pc which outlook 2013 works fine? You'd think but he's actually the elder dragon I have the most trouble with, beside Lunastra of course. the user sets up Outlook). That's what we're about. The likelihood of a user navigating the appropriate menus and selecting the options to filter They both have very short roars with very long flinch animations that can result in you getting hit. The user does not have any rules appearing Outlook, nor are there any rules showing in OWA. Otherwise, good luck. I then reset the view settings back to default. Never again. But im pretty sure you just said if im fine with "breaking the game" i can just shoot Teostra without alerting lunastra. Regards, 3. close the outlook clients of a sender and the user temporarily, and then use outlook web app (https://outlook.office.com/owa) on both side to see if the issue occurs. 3. see images below. I personally wouldn't try it with DB, but I'm also gonna assume you're quite proficient with them. 5. set up a colleague’s office 365 account in the user’s pc to check if the issue occurs. In troubleshooting this time issue I began by sending a meeting request. Don't try it with Lunastra unless you're very sure of what you're doing - she can't fall out of the sky and will often nuke the instant she lands if her aura is up. You’re in for a real treat if you ever give AT Luna a go. Use dung pods to shoo one away from the other. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. We use Office 365 and do not have an on-site Exchange server. I have had no such luck. Trick is to bring a farcaster. Immediately upon resetting the view settings the meeting request appeared. I usually wail on one at a time (usually Teo first since i've fought him so much.). First, definitely watch from a distance until Teostra has walked away from Lunastra. If anyone comes across this post who can't do it yet and wants to know exactly what i did just DM me. Run like hell when the side bar says they have Linked Up. Welcome to Monster Hunter Rage! Edit: Did it!!!! Thank you for any help and assistance you are able to provide. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. tentatively accepted. I’ve tried both ways I’ve died a few times solo. User account menu. I'm writing to follow up the thread. Make sure to have vitality and fireproof mantle, and bring not only potions but demon and hardshell powder. None of the filter options look like they would filter only meeting requests out from the mailbox. Idk where you are in terms of HR, but I did it solo with dual blades using a regen set from arch tempered vaal hazak pieces. the meeting appears tentative. I see that some people were having this problem but it seemed to resolve itself. i followed up with the user this afternoon. Removed the Outlook profile, OST/PST files, and rebuild the profile. Hear that? They'll do a ton of damage to Teostra, and they're pretty useful against Lunastra as well despite not being her main weakness. 1. the detailed version of outlook client. 0. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 18th January 2020, 09:14 AM | #2 Junior Member. Try to stay towards the front half of lunastra, as her tailswipe has one of the most obscene hitboxes in world. out only those types of messages seems a little too detailed to have occurred by accident. Bow. Once Teo is down, the real challenge begins...fighting Lunastra. The odd aspect to this is creating a filter for a view setting is not an easy process. Anonymous. there were no deleted items in either folder. The bonus damage from waking them up via explosions can not only help you break their horns, but it'll do a big chunk of damage in one go that can result in them dying. could you also check if the meeting requests exist in deleted items folder? Was gonna explain soecifics but too lazy lol. Meeting requests sent to me were showing properly on their workstation on another users' account and Outlook profile. He'll go away separaxting them? to do that, press the ‘windows + r’ key on the keyboard and type in ‘outlook /safe’, and hit ok in the run open box. see images below. The system is a Windows 7 station using Office 2013. *indecipherable cussing* Yang. No remorse no surrender NO FUCKING WAY This fucking quest to kill teostra and the slut lunestra is about the FUCKING WORST RAGE INDUCING QUEST I HAVE TRIED IN ALL MY MH CAREER. Options -> Mail -> Tracking -> Automatically process meeting requests... is not enabled. Limbe Thanks Meter: 0 . 5. meanwhile, send us a screenshot of the meetings request on the affected user's calendar. I was also under the impression that View Settings were client specific and not account specific (i.e. I can kill teo in "no remorse, no surrender" easily, but when it comes to luna she is SO aggressive that i can't find an opening and she's either carting me or time runs out before i can finish her. Focus on teostra first since he is easier. to further investigate the issue, i’d like to know: 1. do the senders get bounce back messages when sending meeting requests to the user? close the outlook clients of a sender and the user temporarily, and then use outlook web app (. Fireproof and Vitality mantle. I loved soloing this game. Options -> Calendar -> Automatic accept or decline - > none of the options are enabled. Like another user said, this fight is one of the ones where you will get immense value out of earplugs 5, as they will almost always get some kind of hit on you in your flinch animation. Meeting notifications/requests are going directly to their calendar. No Remorse, No Surrender [MHW Wiki] Discuss Capcom's Monster Hunter World Visit the Monster Hunter World Wiki 2. Armour wise, I'd try and build a set that has as much fire resistance as you can get on it. or when you see them both start to fly into the the sky. 4. the meeting request showed in owa. I am no longer able to test this step; see note above. If you're all about that cheddar cheese, I've found that if you aggro Teostra with a slinger shot and try not to alert Lunastra, you can kite him away and murder him in peace before attending to his wife. log in sign up. Crafting not showing required materials When i'm crafting anything by hand or in a station the engrams / blueprints do not show the materials I need when I hover over them. Pls can you try making a … Basically kill him as fast as you can before Luna can arrive at the area. Aggro Teo during the fight and then immediately farcaster out and he’ll leave. OWA and resetting it appears to have cleared the filter that was in place. Great! Kill Teostra first. 2. see images below. Probably gonna now main for a bit, That quest was easy for me. Here we-- Deleted thousands of messages from Inbox, deleted items, and sent items. I didn't have an issue with the negative fire resist, but the extra passive regen helped a lot in mitigating the little bits of tick damage from lunastra in particular. I must apologize for not following up sooner. *muffled screaming in the distance* One will beeline over to (and prioritize attacking) whoever is currently attacking the other. 1. Ended up taking about 25 minutes but didn't have any carts. I am not sure what view setting initially caused this issue

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