Sir, I need for you to step out of the car. Learn the important quotes in No Country for Old Men and the chapters they're from, including why they're important and … He is ghostly in his ability to flit away, eluding capture. In this case to small purpose. It's peculiar. They dont. You can say that things could have turned out differently. Our, LitCharts makes it easy to find quotes by A lotta folks find that hard to believe. Chigurh thought it an odd oversight but he knew that fear of an enemy can often blind men to other hazards, not least the shape which they themselves make in the world. That isn't to say the film doesn't have some great quotes, but many of the best lines in the … Add to that that there’s peace officers along this border getting rich off narcotics. In their minds. I can't call it for you. This country's hard on people, you can't stop what's coming, it ain't all waiting on you. Carson … Very little. It starts thrashing around. Subscribe Violence and mayhem ensue after a hunter stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong and more than two million dollars in cash near the Rio Grande. Goin' through this pass in the mountains. You dont start over. Chigurh refers to the way people in the drug trade act when large sums of money are at stake; they fool themselves into thinking they are capable of more than they really are. And in the dream I knew that he was goin' on ahead and he was fixin' to make a fire somewhere out there in all that dark and all that cold, and I knew that whenever I got there he would be there. Up to a point. Error rating book. But understanding does come late in the novel; Bell trails after Chigurh, helpless to stop him or to save Moss. Well, that's all right. Carla Jean Moss. After being asked to explain how dangerous is Chigurh: "What, you mean like compared to the Bubonic Plague?". We dedicate ourselves anew daily. I should of done it and I didn’t. I won't tell you that you can save yourself, because you can't. And the shape of your path was visible from the beginning. But the second one it was like we was both back in older times and I was on horseback goin through the mountains of a night. Anywhere not in your pocket. Goin through this pass in the mountains. How to prevail over that which you refuse to acknowledge the existence of. But what does that mean? Or if they could I never heard of it.”, “you fix what you can fix and you let the rest go. However, he also gives her 1,000 dollars for her trip; he is not certain she has no future. Bell idealizes his dead daughter. Let's rank the greatest quotes from No Country for Old Men, with the help of your votes. If it ain't, it'll do till the mess gets here. After a while you just try and get a tourniquet on it.”, “Best way to live in California is to be from somewheres else.”, “I think that when the lies are all told and forgot the truth will be there yet. And now it's here. Not everyone is suited to this line of work. You're asking that I second say the world. If it ain't it'll do til a mess gets here. Copyright © Fandango. Sir, I ain't at liberty to give no informations about our residents. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!”, “This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. So in a sense he's the younger man. Same ones my granddaddy had to deal with…but I dont know as that’s true no more. what business is it of yours where I am from-friendo..... What business is it of yours where I'm from, friendo? Browse more character quotes from No Country for Old Men (2007) Share. He didn't. Call it. I aint sure we’ve seen these people before. In Chigurh's philosophy, a brush with violent death reveals the web of fate. ― Cormac McCarthy, quote from No Country for Old Men “I read in the papers here a while back some teachers came across a survey that was sent out back in the thirties to a number of schools around the country. To kid on bike after auto accident that leaves him bloody with a bone sticking out his leg: "What will you take for the shirt?". He just rode on past and he had this blanket wrapped around him and he had his head down and when he rode past I seen he was carryin fire in a horn the way people used to do and I could see the horn from the light inside of it. I had no believe in your ability to move a coin to your bidding. “- Llewelyn Moss: If I was cuttin' deals, why wouldn't I go deal with this guy Chigurh? That's vanity. Well here Charlie has one trussed up and all set to drain him and the beef comes to. Goin' through this pass in the mountains. A quote can be a single line from one character or a memorable dialog between several characters. It may come to three fore it’s over. I told her, I said: It reaches into every strata. Carson Wells: Do you have any idea how crazy you are? He never has. 'Bout the color of the moon. I won't tell you that you can save yourself, because you can't. Never said nothin' goin' by. You go see Charlie he still can't pick up his right hand for his hat. A crime this big it's almost impossible to take it's measure. This man had set down with a hammer and a chisel and carved out a stone water trough to last ten thousand years. Web. Anton Chigurh: Alright. If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule? Sounded like a fair question I reckon. If it ain't it'll do till the mess gets here. Some of the old time Sheriffs never even wore a gun. That’s true. Course Hero, Inc. As a reminder, you may only use Course Hero content for your own personal use and may not copy, distribute, or otherwise exploit it for any other purpose. The No Country for Old Men quotes below are all either spoken by Llewellyn Moss or refer to Llewellyn Moss. "No Country for Old Men Study Guide." You remember certain things about [an execution]. © 1998-2020 | All rights reserved, More Movies with genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller, directed this movie These people will kill him, Carla Jean. Even if you gave him the money he’d still kill you. You think ... yesterday dont count. These are not good odds. Did you not hear me? Upload them to earn free Course Hero access! What was it that he had faith in? Chigurh is excessively strict in his application of this principle; he speaks as if people had only one opportunity in life to make a single, fateful choice. A Person’s path through the world seldom changes and even more seldom will it change abruptly. No Country For Old Men quotes: the most famous and inspiring quotes from No Country For Old Men. And then I woke up... What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss. Both had my father in 'em . All followed to this. But yesterday is all that does count. Six hundred pounds of very pissed off livestock... if you'll excuse the... well. I don’t know what to do about em even. [removes his hand, revealing the coin is indeed heads], [nervously takes the quarter with the small pile of change he's apparently won while Chigurh starts out]. When I came into your life your life was over. He's a peculiar man. Send. They’re all dead. One of the memorable one-liners was when Sheriff Ed Tom Bell said, "I always figured when I got older, God would sorta come … You understand what I'm sayin?”. He means her luck has to do with who she is: a runaway, a hitchhiker, an uneducated minor. Not everything Chigurh says is crazy; he is right about this, to some extent. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Hard to believe. How could that be? Starring  Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, and Josh Brolin, No Country for Old Men was directed by the Coen brothers and released in 2007. You think about a job where you have pretty much the same authority as God and there is no requirements put upon you and you are charged with preservin nonexistent laws and you tell me if that’s peculiar or not. What's the most you ever lost in a coin toss. No line can be erased. Tweet +1. People dont pay attention. No Country for Old Men is far more pessimistic about how there is no going back as it weaves a strangely disjointed tale in which major plot points take place entirely off-screen and often without any reference to just what went down. Father too. Chigurh's speech sounds antiquated or countrified, but that is McCarthy's invention, a combination of "second guess" (to put a new interpretation on things) and "gainsay" (to contradict). And bad people cant be governed at all. Anyway I told her, I said: It starts when you begin to overlook bad manners. Like. Ed Tom Bell. Mister? It's been traveling twenty-two years to get here. Pin. You can't make a deal with him. There was one or two that come dressed in black, which I suppose was all right...Still they seemed to know what to do and that surprised me. But for how long do we have to.. [broken off by Llewelyn]. If you killed em all they'd have to build an annex on to hell. Chigurh told Moss, who is now dead, he was going to kill Carla Jean. Very little. Or it is for me. Don't put it in your pocket. Every step you take is forever. Over the years I have give her the heart I always wanted for myself. “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. You can say that the country is just the country, it dont actively do nothing, but that dont mean much…This country will kill you in a heartbeat and still people love it. This country's hard on people, you can't stop what's coming, it ain't all waiting on you. 1958. Moss disagrees with the idea of starting over; he thinks she is wrong to focus only on the future while ignoring the effect of her past choices. What is that Torbert says? And now it's here. ”, “It starts when you begin to overlook good manners. character, I don't know why... maybe their television set was broke. You ain't going have to come looking for me at all. Anythin' interesting? You don't know what you're talking about, do you? Quotes By Cormac McCarthy. Course Hero. But yesterday is all that does count. Some of the old-time sheriffs never even wore a gun. While preparing for his showdown with Chigurh, Moss watches the sun go down over a lake. Anton Chigurh: If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule? His remark echoes Chigurh's belief in fate. Wendell comments on the aftermath of the desert shoot-out. The accounting is scrupulous. Do you wanna leave the message? Which it is. If you killed em all they’d have to build an annex on to hell. I told him that a lawyer one time told me that in law school they try and teach you not to worry about right and wrong but just to follow the law and I said I wasnt so sure about that. That's vanity. He can take all comers. [Moss] thought about a lot of things but the thing that stayed with him was that at some point he was going to have to quit running on luck. My grandfather was a lawman. Anyway, first one I don't remember too well but it was about meeting him in town somewhere, he's gonna give me some money. Me and him was sheriffs at the same time, him up in Plano and me out here. Learn the important quotes in No Country for Old Men and the chapters they're from, including why they're important and … Day after day from dawn till dark until he was dead. (2017, May 24). There’s no one alive on this planet that’s ever had even a cross word with him. I think I lost it. Well you got time for 'em now. “- Man who hires Wells: Just how dangerous is he?

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