Ils relient le NAS (1) au S… The NAS solution called for the source volume data to replicate back to the main data centers as a secondary backup. I then shipped small tape libraries to the remote sites. For some sites, we determined how long the WAN-based migration would take compared with tape-based migration given the delay times for shipping to other countries. We'll send you an email containing your password. Gateway NAS enables high utilization of storage capacity by sharing it with SAN environment. 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But in testing, it was clear that the QoS did not work. The main issue was that the file system of the NAS solution used snapshots as a means of establishing a common point in time for the source and the destination NAS; with standard tape-based migration, we wouldn't have snapshots and therefore no common point in time would be established. Enfin, les câbles bleus sont l’Ethernet Gigabit (1000 Mbits/s). No problem! The solution was great on paper, but there were many problems with the actual implementation. We'll send you an email containing your password. An integrated NAS solution ranges from a low-end device, which is a single enclosure, to a high-end solution that can have an externally connected storage array. In an allocate-on-write scenario, the snapshot could grow larger than the data in the active file system, and since the active data and snapshot reside in the same space, your file system could run out of space -- not because of active data but because of snapshot data. There are two types of NAS implementations: integrated and gateway. We needed a way to throttle the data replication so that it wouldn't take bandwidth away from the business users and then unthrottle at night and on weekends to take full advantage of the WAN circuit when business users were not using it. The Perl script ran every 15 minutes in the environment across all the NAS data replication repositories to throttle and unthrottle data replication. Cisco and partners must ‘think differently’ about how to coexist, says Chuck Robbins, Despite the ongoing pandemic, Quocirca found that many in the managed print world are looking to 2021 with better expectations, The pandemic has given many customers the chance to consider their strategy going forward. What are the components of NAS? An integrated NAS device has all the components of NAS, such as the NAS head and storage, in a single enclosure, or frame. For WAN circuits that needed to be upgraded, we checked to see whether that was even possible in that area of the world. Management software manages the NAS head and storage configurations. (06/02/2020) NAS solutions: Trends at work in the NAS market NAS systems have to respond to increasing amounts of data; read this special report to learn about the role of clustered NAS, unified storage, open source NAS, cloud-based NAS and 10 Gigabit Ethernet in the NAS solutions market. Zero trust is a complicated framework that spans the IT stack. Maîtriser les fonctionnalités de l'administration des fichiers NAS stockés sur un Cluster avec ONTAP 9. However, the project was a success because it accomplished multiple goals for the customer: It broke the OS upgrade and patch management cycle, and it provided offsite backups without the cost and maintenance of tapes; beyond that, the NAS vendor that was chosen has a global presence and can handle break-fix issues, and the NAS filer provided highly resilient RAID technology in remote sites that had little or no IT resources. NAS server sizing and configuration factors, NAS filer implementation: Solving three big problems for one large manufacturer, Data storage for virtual environments: Pros and cons of DAS, NAS and SAN, Infographic: 2019 Europe IT Priorities, Storage. Cookie Preferences The NAS head performs the same functions that it does in the integrated solution; while the storage is shared with other applications that require block-level I/O. Unstructured data growth rates are forcing IT organizations to think more strategically about their NAS systems and improve their mechanisms for NAS management. We reverted the file system back to a time when all the data was in the active file system and began the next iteration of the data migration; granted, we had to use the same data migration tool but were able to restart the process from a point in time before the error occurred. For instance, for one recent project, I leveraged my knowledge of network-attached storage (NAS) from past projects for a large-scale one involving a global NAS implementation. Privacy Policy However, there is a limit to scalability of this solution. Like most of you, one of the reasons I'm in the field of technology is because I get to learn new things on every project and take those lessons with me to the next one. The initial baseline replication was a challenge for a number of reasons: There was limited bandwidth on the … Do Not Sell My Personal Info. To help them deal with the issue, you can approach them with a primary storage optimization project -- applying techniques and tools such as compression, deduplication and archiving. Beyond that, using the NAS system's native throttling capability, during non-business hours, when we needed the replication at full speed, it would remain in the throttled-down state. Management functions in this type of solution are more complex than those in an integrated environment because there are separate administrative tasks for the NAS head and the storage. If there was a problem with the application, it was possible that all global replication could stop; I didn't have enough time to do a failure and restore test. Le décodeur est relié à un ampli home cinéma, ainsi vos programmes télévisés multicanaux (DTS, Dolby digital) font rugir les enceintes. The application also created the destination volumes names in its proprietary format as opposed to the standard naming convention that our team decided on. This makes the integrated NAS a self-contained environment. At the time, I was a principal consultant for a large manufacturing company's NAS filer implementation. This worked surprisingly well in the United States. Think of a car manufacturer. Submit your e-mail address below. The most difficult part of using the Perl script was figuring out what throttle values would keep the data replication off of the radar scope of the WAN team and replicate the data at a good rate to move the project along. Copy-on-first-write snapshot technology, on the other hand, physically moves the data blocks to a copy-out area, then overwrites the data block in the active file system. Put your IT team in the best position to succeed with AI. Cookie Preferences First of all, the replication technology for the NAS solution was so aggressive that it took all the WAN bandwidth, showing up on the WAN engineers' radar as the top talker on the circuit.

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