Kingston, Ont. Many records list each individual’s name, age or date of birth, place of birth, trade or occupation, physical description, marital status, and number of children. This eclectic collection of images ranges from ‘Box Brownie style’ pictures, surviving from the albums of the time, to professional press images. Many early vessels to Australia were East Indiamen. ORMONDE 1929-1973, outbound Sydney, SHF Coll. Online ship registration information transcribed from Lloyd's Register is available at the Register of ships website maintained by Gilbert Provost. STRATHNAVER 1931-1962. postwar. Sydney: National Archives of Australia, 1999. SHF Coll. 387.50941 MCC. David MacGregor. There doesn't appear to be a searchable passenger list available. STRATHEDEN, 1938-1964, postwar postcard. A good source to try if the ship you are researching doesn't appear in Lloyd's. In addition, many books have been written about immigrants from various countries and religions who settled in Australia. This record series can also be searched through Many early vessels to Australia were East Indiamen. This listing by year includes over 60,000 shipping movements, mainly for Australia. Wellington Harbour Board Museum, 19--. The Archives of Australia website is an online guide. Click on the state archive link in the Archives and Libraries article to learn more. Sydney 1950. Transcripts of the Shipping Master's Office Inwards Passengers Lists, each of which includes Crew names, in some cases includes their on board position and place of... Search for passengers who paid their own fare and also assisted immigrants. A transcript of this has been compiled by Mary-Ann Warner and is available to search on the State Records website. [microfilm]. Deals with passenger liners in the North American trade. Index to Assisted British Immigration 1839-1871 Search for names of immigrants from Britain to Victoria, Australia between 1839 and 1871. 387.5420994 PAR Also includes a historical details of immigration to South Australia, plus the types of ships … Teenagers in families are split off and listed as single men or single women. Online shipping arrivals information transcribed from a variety of sources can be found at the Ozships Australian shipping on the net website. Yaroomba, Qld. Perth. REF 929.934 NAT. 623.8224 LUB Between 1890 and 1947 sailing vessels and steamers were listed separately. London. Departure and arrival date may vary from record to record. Conway Maritime Press, 1993. The most well known of all registers of ships with the most comprehensive coverage for vessels on the Australian run. It's often difficult to identify a vessel with a common name when searching registers, so information such as the approximate tonnage and the name of the master can be very useful, especially when using the British Register of Ships.

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