Aktualne wartości, dane historyczne, prognozy, statystyki, wykresy i kalendarz ekonomiczny - Mongolia - Waluta. Below, you'll find Mongolian Tughrik rates and a currency converter. It was built by a Frenchman for Mongke, an elaborate design for the serving of alcohol. Historically, the tögrög was subdivided into 100 Mongo. Mongolia currency: the same 'horse picture' on the front of the 50T note, and the same face of Sukhbaatar on the back, only this time it's brown. The T20,000 note is a relatively new addition, but even that is worth only US$16. Sometimes sellers put only price without symbol ₮ on their products. Today, it is rarely used outside of referring to the currency, with the exception of the phrase tögrög sar (төгрөг сар), meaning "full moon". One US dollar is currently worth about 1,200 Togrogs. All rights reserved. you're going to have to pay over and above their market value (about $30US or so). All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020 worldatlas.com. Click on a currency code to learn about it. Want to buy some Mongolian currency for your collection?I should be able to get a local contact to source some notes and post them over to you, but obviously to cover the effort of finding notes in good condition, heading to the post office, etc. You can also subscribe to our currency newsletters with daily rates and analysis, read the XE Currency Blog, 500 tögrög is the average fare paid on public transport, 2500 tögrög can afford the cheapest meal at the Tsai Nii gazar while 3500 tögrög is the average price for a packet of cigarettes. Enquire now and a Travel expert will get back to you within 24 hours. Banknote World offers Mongolia currency for sale to collectors looking for a piece of Mongolia. Under the rule of Khublai Khan, the “deposit bank” in Khara-Khorum, the capital of the Mongolian empire, was founded and in the 1260s paper banknotes were put into circulation. Official name for Mongolian currency is Tugrug (pronounced tukrik), which abbreviated to MNT. Mongolia currency: the same 'horse picture' on the front of the 50T note, and the same face of Sukhbaatar on the back, only this time it's brown. Mongolia banknotes Mongolia paper money catalog and Mongolian currency history. Mongolia money: the silver fountain on the 10,000 note. Send a cheap Money Transfer to New Zealand, Get a MNT currency data API for my business. However, its exchange rate eroded by 24% from early 2013 to June 2014 due to falling foreign investment and mining revenue.[2]. You can learn about the all-conquering Mongol on my Mongolian history page. That's good news for most Mongolians, but bad news for foreign visitors. 20,000 tögrög would pay a taxi fare around the city center and 40,000 tögrög is the average price of accommodation in a tourist hostel in Ulaanbaatar. The Mongolian Tugrik /tögrög was introduced in 1925 to replace the Mongolian Dollar at a rate of one Soviet ruble, with 1 tugrik equaling 18 grams of silver. Formerly, all banknotes were printed in the Soviet Union. The financial sector in Mongolia is growing at a rapid rate with the Central Bank of Mongolia controlling the financial activities through several means including investing in the SME sector to encourage private sector investment. In 2010, the tögrög rose 15% against the dollar, due to the growth of the mining industry in Mongolia. The currency code for Tugriks is MNT, and the currency symbol is ₮. Due to the mining boom and increased foreign investment, the Togrog has been steadily appreciating against all the major currencies over the past few years, and was one of the world's best-performing currencies in 2009. (These figures are up to date as of 16 April 2019), Purchasing power with US Dollar conversion, "The sudden slide of the world's worst performing currency", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mongolian_tögrög&oldid=984854432, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Currency converter Choose currency and type the amount of money that you want to convert, to see the results below. To get these items, the Mongols would unite and raid surrounding peoples. Below are a number of pictures I've taken of Mongolia's money. Due to the fall in investment and mining revenue, the rate is currently down by 24%. The Mongo are no longer in circulation due to a reduction in their value and are normally issued to tourists as collectibles as novelties. Between 2002 and 2003, the country experienced tremendous economic growth as a result of increased copper and gold production. Click here for collectible banknotes! The Mongolia currency is the Togrog (also spelled 'Tughrik', there are different translations from Mongolian to the latin alphabet). The different denominations had different colors and symbols. [1] Both the 5,000 and 10,000 notes feature Genghis on the back, and a picture of the famous silver drinking fountain in Karakorum, during the reign of Genghis' grandson, Mongke Khan. It was reportedly handed down through the centuries by the Mongols and later by Buddhist monks. By John Misachi on August 1 2017 in Economics. Enjoy! During socialism, the tögrög coin denominations were 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 möngö, and 1 tögrög. Also people use bank notes in Mongolia, but don’s use coins. It replaced the Mongolian dollar and other currencies and became the sole legal currency on April 1, 1928. The currency in Mongolia won’t be a problem if you just know the correct exchange rates and stick to the budget. The Mongolian Tughrik is the currency of Mongolia. Today, they are sold online and to tourists as collectibles. mongolia 5 tugrik 2008 mongol bank pmg gem unc pick 61 ba luck money value $67 $67.00 4 Different MONGOLIA PAPER MONEY,Currency a 10,20,50 + 100 tugrik Uncirculated And pipes go up through the heart of the tree to the angel. The symbol to the right of the face is the Soyombo symbol, the national symbol of Mongolia. All rights reserved. Mongolia money: these photos of old Mongolian currency were taken at the national museum in Ulan Bator. Togrogs come in notes of 10 to 20,000. Gobi Desert google_ad_client="ca-pub-4877748764528847";google_ad_slot="7259144941";google_ad_width=336;google_ad_height=280; Mongolian Money: the 1,000 Tughrik note features a picture of Genghis Khan's ger (tent that Mongolian nomads live in); this massive dwelling had to be pulled by a team of oxen. 25 tögrög in blue on obverse, brown on reverse, Value for 1-25 tögrög, the Government House for 50 and 100 tögrög, As above, except industrial theme for 20 tögrög. Mongolia currency: The picture on the face of the 10 togrog and 100 togrog note is the same, only the former has a blue tinge and the latter a red tinge. Yurts For Sale! As the Mongolian Tugrik is the official currency of the country. A 5,000 Togrog notegoogle_ad_client="ca-pub-4877748764528847";google_ad_slot="7259144941";google_ad_width=336;google_ad_height=280;Back from Mongolia currency to my Facts on Mongolia pageBack to homepage, The West is The Best: West Mongolia Tours. The Mongolian currency has a very long history. 10, 20, and 50 Mongo were pink, yellow, and brown respectively with each having symbols of archery, wrestling, and horse riding, an important part of the cultures in the country. “Khublai Khan’s Currency” Paper currency was the most reliable currency of its time. Mongolia's nomadic people have at times hungered for goods from settled cultures — items such as fine metal-work, silk cloth, and weapons. Below, you'll find Mongolian Tughrik rates and a currency converter. You can read more about its history and meanings here.google_ad_client="ca-pub-4877748764528847";google_ad_slot="8796666525";google_ad_width=336;google_ad_height=280; Mongolia money: 100 Togrog note. William of Rubrick, a visiting French missionary, described it as follows in about the year 1254:"In the entry of this great palace...is a great silver tree, and at its roots are four lions of silver, each with a conduit through it, and all belching forth white milk of mares. Currently, the lowest denomination in regular use is the 10-tögrög note and the highest is the 20,000-tögrög note. The official symbol for the Mongolian tukrik is ₮, which you will see in most stores and restaurants in Mongolia. © Copyright mongolia-travel-advice.com After the revolution of 1911, the Mongolian people broke away from centuries of oppression, but it was not until 1921, after the victory of the People’s Revolution, that the newly founded independent Mongolia was given the chance to restore its own monetary system. Outside the palace is a cellar in which the liquors are stored, and there are servants all ready to pour them out when they hear the angel trumpeting.". The currency of Mongolia is the tugrik. Mongolian tugrik (MNT) currency exchange rates. The current denominations have different purchasing powers such as the 10 tögrög can purchase water, 100 tögrög can purchase one lollipop, and 200 can purchase just a few sweets.

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