Afterwards, we spoke about another enigmatic Dewey classic, “Tin Man.” We’ll bring you that next week. But this was also referring to a cloud formation, a shape. Ventura. It was a great chemistry. Prince played this to open the 2004 Grammy Awards. We got a flat tire and my dad had pulled the car off right there at the coast. Of course, Joe decides not to go in the lyric. © 2020 Biography and the Biography logo are registered trademarks of A&E Television Networks, LLC. Fans of the hit sitcom were scratching their heads at the beginning of season six when a new actor stepped into the role of Darrin. 76 on Rolling Stone’s list of greatest albums of all time. That was my own misinformed self. raking in $7.6 million during its opening weekend, Purple Rain knocked Ghostbusters out of first place at the box office. At the time, Magnoli was a 30-year-old director who had only one acclaimed student short film to his credit. The movie and album would come to help define the 1980s and catapult the performer to global fame. At the time of the release of Purple Rain the album on June 25, 1984, and the film of the same name on July 27, 1984, Prince was hardly a household name. “And working with Prince wasn’t working with the ‘Prince’ who became the worldwide star he became after the movie. That image just somehow stuck with me, and that’s what I pulled out as a lyric option for that song. Ventura. “And the nights are stronger than moonshine.” Moonshine is a brew. Strong stuff was happening. Because I’ve seen that name in my mind’s eye. The  Bunnell family is going all the way to California! Now, when we talk about the Ventura Freeway, it’s the 101. “Though its women characters are supposed to be strong and independent, they are suckers for the men who knock them around with brutal regularity.”, Purple Rain “is one of the best combinations I’ve seen of music and drama,” said Roger Ebert. The free winds blowing through your hair, before the helmet laws. Fresh off her best actress Oscar win in 1955, the movie star hopped on a train in France, which led to a meeting with the royal that veered her life in a new direction. “Come on, Joe, you can always change your name.” You could change your whole life. “I was there,” the enigmatic performer says in Let’s Go Crazy. “Ventura Highway” was part of what I had to bring to the table. But if you look at the moment that it happened, when Prince went to his managers and said, ‘You have to get me a feature-film deal or you’re fired.’ And what came out was a movie with a first-time director [Albert Magnoli], first-time producer, you know, Prince as the star who’d never acted, his band as most of the cast – and they said, ‘We’re gonna shoot in Minneapolis in the winter.’ Now, which piece of that sounds like it was going to be a big success?”, Despite the hurdles involved, Light says what he came to appreciate more than anything while writing the book was the sense of vision Prince brought to the movie, that he could see “a potential and possibility that really didn’t even make sense to the people who were closest to him at the time.”, “We just wanted to something good and something true,” Magnoli is quoted as saying in Lets Go Crazy. And it was produced by the entire group. Broke, addicted to pills and recently married for the fifth time, the actress performed a notorious run of shows at London’s Talk of the Town nightclub before suddenly passing away. There was some confusion about if I was writing about the Ventura Freeway. It was one of the very few times when everybody actually wanted to make the same movie – which sounds obvious but is actually very, very rare in the movie business.”, Prince embraces Apollonia Kotero in "Purple Rain", Looking back, Magnoli recalls viewing the project as something unencumbered of the iconic version of Prince fans would come to adore. It’s a stylized relationship between this younger guy, who had all this energy, bursting at the seams to get out of there and go to the coast, and this older, more established guy who is debating whether he should go or not, and decides at the end of the day that now a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. Then it was just like labor, like giving birth – in ’84, it was so much work.”. The Fab Four were just a group of music-loving teens from Liverpool before becoming cultural and musical icons. It is a cliche but I believe in it and the "Purple Rain" could mean a blessing, joy, peace of mind, freedom, or anything positive. But pretty close. As Dewey explains herein, it was the word itself that triggered the song. “Now, we’re really getting deep into this,” he said with a slight laugh, in regard to the endless barrage of questions about this and other enigmatic facets of this song. Purple rain Aw, come on Joe, you can always Change your name Thanks a lot son, just the same" - not sure. I’d have it complete in my mind and I just couldn’t leave it alone until I’d finished it. It was just trying to paint that picture of that place, that environment, that vibe on the West Coast. For Dewey on the story behind “Horse With No Name.”, “Ventura Highway”By Dewey BunnellChewing on a piece of grassWalking down the roadTell me, how long you gonna stay here Joe?Some people say this town don’t lookGood in snowYou don’t care, I know, Ventura Highway in the sunshineWhere the days are longerThe nights are strongerThan moonshineYou’re gonna go I know, ‘Cause the free wind is blowin’ throughYour hairAnd the days surround your daylightThereSeasons crying no despairAlligator lizards in the air, Wishin’ on a falling starWatchin’ for the early trainSorry boy, but I’ve been hit byPurple rainAw, come on Joe, you can alwaysChange your nameThanks a lot son, just the same, Ventura HighwayIn the sunshineWhere the days are longerThe nights are strongerThan moonshineYou’re gonna go I know, ‘Cause the free wind is blowin’ throughYour hairAnd the days surround you daylightThereSeasons crying no despairAlligator lizards in the air, Become Part of a 35 Year Tradition American Songwriter has been the number one resource on The Craft of Music for Songwriters and Music Enthusiasts since 1984.

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