Senator Ben Cardin, along with senior political observers from AEI, Bloomberg, CNN, and The New Yorker. (Photo: As masks become the norm worldwide, tech companies and researchers are rolling out weird and wonderful models to guard against infection and cash in on a growing trend. The fishing cluster pushed the daily tally of new infections to 25, From monitoring vital signs to filtering filthy air and even translating speech into other languages, the COVID-19-fueled boom in mask-wearing has spawned an unusual range of high-tech face coverings. Lacalle Pou secured 48.74% of the votes, while Martínez obtained 47.48% of the votes. A day earlier, his government began disbursing funds to more than 55,000 workers over 65 years of age to incentivize them to stay home. Luis Lacalle Pou took office in Uruguay on Sunday, promising to crack down on crime and tighten government finances. Uruguay, Democracy & Elections Citizen Truth republishes articles with permission from a variety of news sites, advocacy organizations and watchdog groups. All rights reserved. Chosen articles sometimes contain a mixture of opinion and news, any such opinions are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of Citizen Truth. “We will assume from March 1, 2020, the role of the opposition and from there we will contribute to the construction of the best possible Uruguay,” tweeted the Frente Amplio. After counting 75.37% of the “observed votes” from 13 out of 19 departments, Lacalle Pou obtained 3,090 more votes, which made him a clear winner of the elections. The deer that roam Nara no longer face discomfort — or far worse — after local firms developed a safe alternative to the plastic packaging discarded by tourists that often ended up in the animals’ stomachs. He closed land, sea, and air borders on March 25, barring entry to foreign nationals as well as tourism exits for Uruguayans. Thus, the Electoral Court deemed the election results too close to call and announced that a clear winner couldn’t be declared until all votes were counted. We choose articles we think will be informative and of interest to our readers. Comments will be moderated. Deer-edible bags invented The president managed to control the country’s infection levels despite having a relatively larger aging population compared to the region as a hold. “The tendency does not change as the vote count is scrutinized further, therefore we congratulate president-elect Luis Lacalle Pou. Before the Electoral Court announced the official results, Daniel Martínez of the ruling left-wing government of Frente Amplio (Broad Front), conceded his defeat and greeted the newly elected president. So how do Uruguayans view their new president? Luis Lacalle Pou es un político uruguayo perteneciente al Partido Nacional. For starters, the government declared a national health emergency on the same day it confirmed its first cases, although it never imposed a quarantine. The Pacific nation has almost eliminated local transmission of the virus, but regularly records small numbers of new cases in returned travelers. On Sunday night, following the elections, when 99.4% of the votes counted, Lacalle Pou had a lead over Martínez with a slim margin of 1.26%. “We hope that this government takes some measures and can change that.”. Celebration for Luis Lacalle Pou in Pocitos, Montevideo, Uruguay on November 29, 2019. He was sworn in by former Uruguayan president Jose Mujica, the senator who received the most votes in the elections. Luis Lacalle Pou took office in Uruguay on Sunday, promising to crack down on crime and tighten government finances. His victory ushers in a conservative government and ends the rule of the left-wing Frente Amplio coalition after 15 years in power, during which Uruguay has saw economic stability and growth, as well as significant social gains such as the legalization of abortion, same-sex marriage and the expansion of transgender people’s rights. All Rights Reserved. In May 2020, year-on-year inflation was at the highest recorded level in 17 years, hitting 11.05 percent, compared to 7.73 percent a year earlier. Copyright © 1999-2020 The Taipei Times. #2020WCA: The U.S. (Photo: Jimmy Baikovicius) (Photo: Jimmy Baikovicius) Luis Lacalle Pou’s victory ushers in a conservative government and ends the rule of the left-wing Frente Amplio coalition after 15 years in power during which Uruguay saw major social and economic gains. Credit Citizen Truth and provide a backlink when republishing our work. AS/COA Online looks at how governments are responding to COVID-19 across the region, as well the economic impact of the pandemic. Lacalle Pou also prohibited large public gatherings and suspended in-person schooling. Multicolor, a coalition of right-wing and center-right parties, formed by the president-elect to win the runoff election, will now have the majority in the parliament. An Equipos Consultores poll released June 9 found that Lacalle Pou is faring well at this point in his five-year term, with 63 percent approval and 18 percent disapproval. Lacalle Pou will assume office on March 1, 2020, for a period of five years. By the end of that month, and after more monetary policy adjustments, including temporary reductions to bank reserves to stimulate credit lines—a measure expected to inject about $300 million in additional funds to the financial system, the government implemented an investment stimulus plan to keep money coming into Uruguay via tools such as tax exemptions for large-scale ventures. After a strict lockdown that left millions on the brink of starvation, Indians embrace work to avoid starvation and get ready for several major festivals India is on course to top the world in COVID-19 cases, but from Maharashtra’s whirring factories to Kolkata’s thronging markets, people are back at work — and eager to forget the pandemic for festival season.

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