I have two pistols in my HDX-250, plus a little bit of extra ammo. Another guy in the hunting forum had a Fat Boy Jr and recommended it when we were talking about good Liberty safes to put a lot of hunting rifles (and other long guns) into. Liberty’s warranty then also covers delivery and installation of a replacement safe. Built with new technology, the Liberty Revolution creates an entry level and affordable gun safe. Britain has always been resolute in defence of liberty and the promotion of stability around the … Committing to the intelligence agencies who keep us safe. Got it online, shipped on top of a pallet. Below, I’ve analyzed a bunch of Liberty safes. The HDX series is intended for handguns. A real human being has tried many of the safes below and told me how their experience was. Good price too. Losing the safe’s combination does not spell doom for the owner of the safe. However, one has to fill a duplicate key request form and attach a copy of the sale receipt for one to get a duplicate combination for the safe. Check out the list and see which Liberty safe works best for you! Liberty provides for a procedure for one to recover the safes password. Liberty will dispose that old safe for free. Seems like these Liberty safes are really popular with 1911 owners. You’re not going to get some call center in India. They’re based in Payson, Utah, which is a bit south from Salt Lake City. I put my guns in a Liberty Fat Boy Jr 48. For bigger safes it’ll probably come on a tractor trailer and the seller will contact you via email and arrange the shipping specifics. For more information on our Liberty gun safes for sale, take a look at the Centurion gun safe by Liberty … This is not only one of the best Liberty safes … “We need to build a social movement devoted to the simple proposition that owning handguns makes us less safe … not imply giving up on gun control legislation.” On the contrary, the best path to better laws is to foster a revolution in popular …. Cyanogenmod’s CM11 now ported for, "We need to build a social movement devoted to the simple proposition that owning handguns makes us less safe, not more," he told … society saying you should not have a gun, especially in a home with children." They’re usually cushioned with a lot of styrofoam. Inspired by Pendleton, Revolution Safes are the most functional, innovative and best-value, period. If it’s important to anyone, I managed to get mine moved up a flight of stairs and it’s on the second floor. While the HDX-150 has a latched, top-opening lid, the HDX-250 opens on the side, a bit like a small garage door. He brought up the Revolution in a thread about good long gun safes. Revolution Safes feature Revolution Technology. It has 48 gun slots inside of it, but obviously your mileage is going to vary depending on what your guns are shaped like. Ultimately, the actual number of firearms you can put in your Liberty safe is going to depend on what you own. Don’t have any complaints about mine. My Liberty 18 gun safe is rock solid. The HD Series are a product line of Liberty Safes that offer quick access through the use of electronic locks. Fair disclaimer though: it doesn’t fit the whole 18 guns, it’s more like 12 for me. Opens really quickly, but isn’t something you can just play around with and open. Like with any gun safe, the advertised capacity of Liberty safes represent the maximum amount they might be able to hold. As demonstrated in the accompanying report, these can be compromised in seconds with an ice pick … gun owners keep their guns in, List: Obama’s 23 Executive Actions on Gun Violence – In addition, he laid out 23 executive actions … Rates and Support for Gun Rights Bobby Jindal Likens Gun Rights to Religious Liberty Why Rand Paul Is Unwelcome at NRA Gun Rights Convention 4. HD-200 came really quickly with Amazon Prime. It might seem weird, but it’ll save you money and pain in the long term. I got the HDX-150 for my fiance’s birthday. Every gun is different. The form should come along with the manual, which is included when the safe is shipped to you. Best of all, Liberty makes ALL their safes in the USA. For more information on our Liberty gun safes for sale, take a look at the Centurion gun safe by Liberty … BUY NOW. It’s light enough and not too big, so I put it at my bedside. NOTE: In order to be eligible for a warranty, you have to REGISTER your product. For repairs, the warranty covers expenses for both parts and labor. Liberty has a pretty generous Lifetime Warranty. The other brands I looked at were imports. This means that if you buy their products, you will support American manufacturing. Another guy in that 1911 Facebook group had the Liberty HD-200, which is a larger sibling to the HD-100. Britain has always been resolute in defence of liberty … American made, not surprising. I have a liberty gun - Answered by a verified Electronics Technician. One big plus is that their customer service representatives are all based in the USA. Liberty Safe’s Revolution series of safes are available in 12, 14, and 24 gun sizes however I choose the compact and slim 12-gun model for around $550 delivered. Cart: 0; Log in or Create an account; Revolution Safes . The 450 hard-working Americans at the factory make over 300 safes per day. I’ll suggest the Liberty Revolution 18 gun safe. Yes, I plugged in the AC adapter so it can open faster. My HD-100 is pretty light, but sturdy. First thing: the unit was constructed at a high quality. If you resell your safe, the new owner can get covered under the warranty. They also make some home safes that you can put other valuables in. They were founded in 1988 by Jay Crosby, an engineer who used to work at the Fort Knox Safe Company. Besides, I’m sure you’ll probably get more guns in the future. HD = Home Defender, X is an indication that the safes in this series have biometric locks. Here is a quick review of my Liberty Provault 18 Gun Safe that I purchased from Cabelas. But I’m going to recommend this because it’s made in the USA. Revolution in attitudes Molyneux said …, 6. You might need to worry about this so much for handgun safes, but you definitely should think about this for long guns. The specifics will depend on which vendor you purchase your safe at. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I also decided to splurge and get an AC adapter (you need to get it separately) on top of the 9V battery. Still decently satisfied with this safe though. In relevant cases (e.x. Harrison from Franklin, KY told me over Facebook…. Supposedly this model might have some issues latching, but nothing’s gone wrong for me. Do you have a scope on your gun? There’s no need for you to look high and low for information on Liberty gun safes, because I’ve compiled all the info you need here. They make smaller gun safes that fit handguns, as well as large gun safes for long guns. Most of the time when you buy a Liberty Safe from Amazon, it’ll come with UPS ground. If your safe ever goes through a fire or attempted break in, they will either repair or replace your safe. As an example:: If you have 8 guns, it’s probably better to buy the “10 gun safe” than the “8 gun safe”. The Liberty Safe® Centurion 18-Gun Safe keeps your valuable firearms protected from heat, flame, smoke, and theft. Most gun safe entry level models also use 12 gauge steel and this one is no different. Well, this is the page for you. Usually the big safes get shipped on top of a pallet as to avoid damage. If you want, you can upgrade to a better model, though that may cost a bit more. Liberty Safe Revolution Safes – Upgraded Protection – Protect your valuables with The Revolution Series by Liberty Safe! Smaller safes will also go by UPS ground, but might not be on a wooden pallet. I have a liberty gun safe and I forgot the combination. Available in 12, 18 and 24 gun safe models, each Revolution is built in America and the quality shows! 2-piece, robotically welded, CNC-machined steel construction has a. The Liberty HDX-150 is a great small safe for handguns. You can either do this online at the Liberty Safe website, or mail in a warranty registration form. The craftsmanship does feel American. Plus that means you’re supporting MORE AMERICAN JOBS. Categories How To Post navigation. The Liberty 9G HDX-250 is a larger sibling to the HDX-150. Experience peace of mind when you secure your firearms in the ProVault® Electronic-Lock 18-Gun Safe by Liberty. This is small enough to put in a car… I’ve put it under the front seat of my truck and it fits pretty snug. 8. Review safety standards for gun locks and gun safes …, East Valley Community Events Calendar, July 9-15, 2015 – Performances of “Re-Designing Women” are scheduled at 5 p.m. July 9-11, 13 and 16-18 and 5 p.m. July 12 at the Onyx Theatre … 3 p.m. July 11 by featuring its summer exhibit “Dinosaur Revolution.” Free ice …, Safe Sale Lock Picking Gun Safe The Lockdown: Gun locks – unsafe at any caliber – (The Franzen lock above is easily compromised even with a piece of paper or plastic — sound familiar?) I registered a couple fingerprints in the lock for good measure. Available in 12, 18 and 24 gun safe models, each Revolution is built in America and the quality shows! It’s useful for putting not only in your home, but also your car should you need to transport your hangun. ProVault Electronic-Lock 18-Gun Safe by Liberty - $649.99 SKU: 4867134 You won't find better security for the price! OK, now for the thoughts of a guy in a hunting forum I check out every so often.

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