LIBERTY IS A GREAT SAFE AND COMPANY, HAD A SLIGHT PROBLEM, AND THEY JUMPED ON IT, AND KILLED IT DEAD. Liberty Fatboy Jr. ExtremeBig Safe - Great Price - Lots of Guns Liberty's FATBOY Jr is the hot priced, wide-body safe that holds UP TO 48 GUNS! I love having the ability to move the shelves around and make things work for my needs. Order this extra large gun safe and secure up to 64 long guns. I strongly recommend Liberty Safes to any who are looking. No issues whatsoever. Liberty does a great job for the price. I also use the two battery led's that came with it and I would not want less light! You can maximize the storage capacity of your safe with a MOLLE Safe Door Organizer. The adjustable shelves are a great feature. Subject to credit approval. He sent me an upgrade of two extra wand lights that install in the front corners of the safe. As a family we have owned and collected firearms for generations, and of course I have substantially augmented that collection over the years. I thought this was nice of him and Liberty to do. I bought this safe in 2009. Looking for something else? great product, great service. I have been looking for years for a gunsafe and just never went through with it. She called a locksmith while I was on the phone and the next day the safe was fixed. Just wish more thought went into the lights. I like the ease of entry and after I tried the mechanical lock in the showroom and it just took to long to open! New Review ref. Was unable to use lock. The dealer warned me that there had been problems, therefore, I was very careful to follow the instructions, but the lights just do not stay put. He more than made up for the dissatisfaction that I had with it. Now I'm looking to get a second FATBOY for my business. Other than the lights, I highly recommend. The answer to protecting our stuff was obviously a safe. Brandon I think was his name with customer service took care of my issues and I could not be happier. Owning a safe is a phenomenal return on investment (ROI), the safe can be an inheritable asset, transferable warranty, and can be in your family for decades, if not, centuries to come. Thanks Evan and Liberty for standing behind your products and for actually reading customer reviews! I also consider Champion but I have always wanted a Liberty ( presidential 50 in black cherry) It was not in my price range and that's really why I waited so long to purchase. Thanks Liberty Safe! Their staff was top shelf! We are now very happy owners of a beautiful fatboy safe. This thing is huge! Great combination of security, features, weight and price. Added lights and motion sensor to it recently and it is awesome! When you need a gun safe that's larger and tougher than the rest, you can trust our Liberty FATBOY safes for sale. The biggest problem I had was deciding between the types of locks. It needs to come with lights! Great delivery and installation as well. Independent Factory Authorized Liberty Safe Retailer. Hate my Fatboy because when I had it delivered (by a local deliverer) it tipped over and landed on my foot luckily it tipped face first and the dial left enough space that my foot was not crushed just broken. However, none of the others have the same interior configuration allowing for the increased capacity of the Fatboy. The Liberty Fat Boy Safe‘s 4-in-1 Flex interior allows the interior of the safe to be configured and customized to your use.

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