Ensure London’s transport infrastructure is improved to withstand the pressure of population and economic growth. In addition, we will introduce a UK-wide High Value Property Levy on residential properties worth over £2 million. We will increase fines for employers who fail to pay the minimum wage and give local authorities a role in enforcement. As part of this plan, publish proposals for at least ten new 'Garden Cities' in England, in areas where there is local support, providing tens of thousands of high quality new homes, with gardens and shared green space, jobs, schools and public transport. Liberals and Democrats both agree on protecting the environment. The Lib Dems are the only party proposing an income tax rise for everyone earning over the Personal Allowance threshold (currently £11,500). This would enable us to reduce the UK warhead stockpile and procure fewer Vanguard successor submarines, and would help the UK to fulfil our nuclear non-proliferation treaty commitments. Ask the Low Pay Commission to look at ways of raising the National Minimum Wage, without damaging employment opportunities. Incentivise GPs and other community clinicians to work in more disadvantaged areas. Ensure our airport infrastructure meets the needs of a modern and open economy, without allowing emissions from aviation to undermine our goal of a zero-carbon Britain by 2050. A commitment to multilateral cooperation. Help social housing providers including councils to build more affordable homes to rent, with central government investment and local flexibility within the Housing Revenue Account. Provide experts on hand in courts and in police stations to identify where mental health or a drug problem is one of the main drivers behind an offender's behaviour so they can be dealt with in a way that is appropriate. Labour say they would spend the most: injecting more than £30 billion over the next parliament. Lead international action to ensure global companies pay fair taxes in the developing countries in which they operate. We will abolish exploitative zero-hours contracts, with rules introduced to give new rights to employees on zero-hours contracts. Respond generously to humanitarian crises wherever they may occur. Give people easier to understand information about their own personal energy use with a national roll-out of smart electricity and gas meters. A commitment to helping others to help themselves and a capacity-building approach which might apply to states regional organisations. your opinion.Our fascinating and revealing quiz helps you to discover which party best suits your political beliefs. Complete East-West rail, connecting up Oxford and Cambridge and catalysing major new housing development. We will reassess the Incapacity Benefit claims of 1.5 million people by 2014, as we move those able to work back into jobs. A new wave of devolution to the nations of the UK and 'Devolution on Demand' to transfer more power and control to local areas. How does your city compare with others across the UK, including population, employment and earnings. Both believe that there can only be liberty if the people are afforded access to important services such as healthcare and education.

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