After its defeat in the 1979 general election the Labour Party underwent a period of internal rivalry between the left represented by Tony Benn, and the right represented by Denis Healey. [209][210] Consequently, membership fees became the largest component of the party's income, overtaking trade unions donations which were previously of most financial importance, making Labour the most financially well-off British political party in 2017. [24] The Communist Party of Great Britain was refused affiliation to the Labour Party between 1921 and 1923.[25]. The Labour Party currently forms the Official Opposition in the Parliament of the United Kingdom, having won the second-largest number of seats in the 2019 general election. The letter had little impact on the Labour vote—which held up. Starmer announced his candidacy in the ensuing leadership election on 4 January 2020, winning multiple endorsements from MPs as well as from the trade union Unison. ", Matthew, H. C. G., R. I. McKibbin, J. ", Rogers, Chris. The Conservative-dominated National Government, led by MacDonald, won the largest landslide in British political history. When referendums for Scottish and Welsh devolution were held in March 1979 the Welsh devolution referendum saw a large majority vote against, while the Scottish referendum returned a narrow majority in favour without reaching the required threshold of 40% support. Hardie's roots as a lay preacher contributed to an ethos in the party which led to the comment by 1950s General Secretary Morgan Phillips that "Socialism in Britain owed more to Methodism than Marx". When the Labour Party executive criticised the government, he replied that, "public doles, Poplarism [local defiance of the national government], strikes for increased wages, limitation of output, not only are not Socialism, but may mislead the spirit and policy of the Socialist movement. That is it stressed material factors that ignored the psychological memories of the Great War, and the highly emotional tensions regarding nationalism and the boundaries of the countries. [18], In the 1906 general election, the LRC won 29 seats—helped by a secret 1903 pact between Ramsay MacDonald and Liberal Chief Whip Herbert Gladstone that aimed to avoid splitting the opposition vote between Labour and Liberal candidates in the interest of removing the Conservatives from office. [45][46][47] To this day, most people in the United Kingdom see the 1948 creation of Britain's National Health Service (NHS) under health minister Aneurin Bevan, which gave publicly funded medical treatment for all, as Labour's proudest achievement. Roy Hattersley(1983–1992)born 1932 (age 87), Margaret Beckett(1992–1994)born 1943 (age 77), John Prescott(1994–2007)born 1938 (age 82), Harriet Harman(2007–2015)born 1950 (age 70), Centre-left political party in the United Kingdom, Origins and the Independent Labour Party (1860–1900), Labour Representation Committee (1900–1906), First Labour government and period in opposition (1923–1929), Opposition and internal conflict (1979–1994), Opposition and internal conflict (2010–present), Deputy Leaders of the Labour Party since 1922, Living former Labour Party deputy leaders, Franchise extended to all 18- to 20-year-olds under the. The objectives are radical. In February 2013, the Labour Party NEC decided to downgrade participation to observer membership status, "in view of ethical concerns, and to develop international co-operation through new networks". [115] However, he benefited from a large influx of new members as well as new affiliated and registered supporters introduced under Miliband. At the end of the First World War, the Government was attempting to provide support for the newly re-established Poland against Soviet Russia. The first Lib–Lab candidate to stand was George Odger in the Southwark by-election of 1870. Arthur Henderson, elected in 1931 to succeed MacDonald, lost his seat in the 1931 general election. [26] With the Liberals thus in disarray, Labour won 142 seats in 1922, making it the second-largest political group in the House of Commons and the official opposition to the Conservative government. Henderson led it into the general election on 27 October against the three-party National coalition. [67], Black Wednesday in September 1992 damaged the Conservative government's reputation for economic competence, and by the end of that year, Labour had a comfortable lead over the Tories in the opinion polls.

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