THE DESOLATE ASPECT OF THE COUNTRY THROUGH THE PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS; THE PEOPLE ADMONISHED TO OFFER SOLEMN PRAYERS IN THE TEMPLE; FOR THIS CALAMITY IS THE EARNEST OF A STILL HEAVIER ONE. The priests and leaders of the people were called upon to lead the way in this national response to the threat of death and destruction; and this was probably done for two reasons. The denial that the locusts were a literal disaster is totally frustrated by "before our eyes" (Joel 1:16). The sorrow of the people is turned into repentance and humiliation before God. 19. to thee will I cry--Joel here interposes, As this people is insensible to shame or fear and will not hear, I will leave them and address myself directly to Thee (compare Isaiah 15:5 , Jeremiah 23:9 ). PLINY says "they gnaw even the doors of houses.". 13. See even the inferior creatures suffering for our transgression. come--the Septuagint, "enter" the house of God (compare Joel 1:14 ). It was not merely Joel's fears that connected the locust plague with the Day of the Lord; it was not merely Joel's private conclusion that the locust plague was comparable to any other mighty act of … lament, ye priests--as it is your duty to set the example to others; also as the guilt was greater, and a greater scandal was occasioned, by your sin to the cause of God. 1. ministers of my God--( 1 Corinthians 9:13 ). Certainly, God warns through his word; but he also warns through the observable cataclysmic happenings of the natural world."F1. . unto thee--that is, look up to heaven with heads lifted up, as if their only expectation was from God ( Job 38:41 , Psalms 104:21 , 145:15 , 147:9 ; compare Psalms 42:1 ). Thus Joel very accurately foretold future judgments upon Israel, taking the locust disaster as an omen, or an earnest, of an even greater judgment (or judgments) yet to come. The fourth kind, the matured winged locusts Joel 2:25 they are enumerated in the reverse order, where the restoration of the devastations caused by them is promised. "F22 In spite of the reluctance of the people to cut off the supplies necessary to the faithful observances of the sacrifices, however, "there was no food left for man or beastF23 No wonder that the priests mourned, for their very livelihood depended upon the offerings out of which they lived. . Ah no. . Exodus 10:14 is not at variance with this verse, which refers to Judea, in which Joel says there had been no such devastation before. Even the rabbit cries out in the clutches of the hawk! in "My land," that is, Jehovah's ( Joel 1:6 ). Joel the son of Pethuel… Despite the fact of there being a dozen persons named Joel in the O.T., the name Pethuel is found nowhere else. Coffman Commentaries on the Old and New Testament. . Here the transition begins from the plague of locusts to the worse calamities ( Joel 2:1-11 ) from invading armies about to come on Judea, of which the locusts were the prelude. "For Joel, as for the other prophets, 'the day of the Lord' is always at hand. As in many another human disaster resulting from natural causes, the prophets of God, and all persons with spiritual discernment, have invariable associated such things with the wrath of God, due to divine disapproval of human sin and wickedness. Joel regards the locust plague as comparable to any other mighty act of Israel's history." . 9. The second is when at the end of spring, still in their first skin, the locusts put forth little ones without legs or wings. "Coffman Commentaries on the Old and New Testament". It may be an emblem of that judgment that wound up their nation by the destruction of their capital, or even of the final judgment when God shall destroy the impenitent sinners and deliver his saints.F30. harvest." . Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. The third, when after their third casting of the old skin, they get small wings, which enable them to leap the better, but not to fly. That the recapitulation of the disaster in Joel 2 indeed has overtones of the end times can hardly be discounted, due principally to the manner of the apostle John's treatment of the locusts in Rev. Sanctify . Bibliography Information . Also, there is a reminder here that the chosen people themselves, the nation of Israel, were frequently compared to a beautiful virgin. . A heavy locust flight actually darkens the sun and brings utter devastation in its wake. But the English Version rendering is better than Margin. This appeal for the priests of God's religion to bestir themselves upon behalf of arousing the nation to repentance, prayer, and fasting indicates that it had been the wickedness of the people which had precipitated the onset of the plague. Perhaps that is why, in the N.T., so much stress is laid on oral confession of Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9)F5. 2 Kings 18:13). 20. beasts . . was analogous to our use of second names.F4. 16. Locust plagues were ordinary experiences in that part of the world during the times of Joel, and for centuries prior to and subsequently to his times, as indeed they still are; but this was not an ordinary locust plague. See how we need to live in continual dependence upon God and his providence. That will be the occasion when the primeval sentence imposed upon the progenitors of the human race for their rebellion in the Garden of Eden will be finally and irrevocably executed upon them in the person of their total posterity, the unique exceptions to the universal destruction of that Day being only those who have been redeemed through the blood of Christ. Modern men sometimes imagine that they are able to deal with everything that may happen, feeling no need for prayers and supplications to God; but this is an erroneous and short-sighted blindness, which, historically, God has repeatedly moved to correct; and one may feel sure that he will do so again.

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