A dining patron from Newark, NJ tried it, liked it, and rated it They made silents. Today Tyldens is a nursing home and the collection has been distributed across the world. I became a different person overnight when I had my son – terrified. The Bart Vanderveen Challenge Shield is awarded annually to the individual, chosen by nominations, who has contributed most to the military vehicle preservation movement. Not surprisingly, Earnley had become the focus for other enthusiasts in the area, and dressed in US 5th Army uniforms whenever they attended vehicle shows, Joe's informal group became known as Lyndhurst's Army. Email though I also recall that the restaurant did a fine line in afternoon teas. My father’s father was a film pioneer. Joe Lyndhurst, best known for his Warnham War Museum... Joe was born in 1924 in Richmond, Surrey. . The actor talks about his father leaving, the poverty of his childhood and his grandfather who was a silent film pioneer, Fri 21 Aug 2015 08.00 EDT • Nicholas Lyndhurst stars in New Tricks on BBC1, Tuesdays at 9pm, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Bart restored his first military vehicle in 1959, having already published his first book on the subject. In 1983, Joe wrote the definitive book on military collectables which was published by Salamander . I don’t know if I’m like my father, but there are qualities I hope I have and others I hope I haven’t got. Since the end of the war, Joe had been involved in running the family business, the New Beach Holiday Camp at Earnley near Chichester. He’s filming his second series for CBBC, So Awkward. The Earnley site meant that Joe was immune from the usual storage problems and by 1973, his collection had grown to 20 vehicles. I mean that in a wonderful way. I was born in Emsworth, Hampshire – a seaside village. A Pizza food lover from Brooklyn, NY tried it and liked it. During his 40 years of involvement with the movement he had seen the military vehicle world change beyond all recognition . He was charming – a chivalrous, well-mannered man … considering he buggered off and started another family. 15-Jan-2015. He was almost certainly responsible for encouraging many to collect and restore military vehicles and Joe is a worthy recipient of the Bart Vanderveen Challenge Shield. He set it up with cronies from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, where he was a scenic designer. A Pizza chowhound from East Orange, NJ tried it. As inevitably happens, the collection grew too big for the Lyndhursts to manage and, eventually, the only sensible course of action was to sell-up. Photo by redpeyton He went on to publish many military vehicle books and, from 1982 until his death in 2001, he was the editor of Wheels & Tracks magazine. Ltd. 2015, Page Last Modified on . Curiously, the militaria fairs continue . During the 'sixties Bart's Olyslager books became - and remain - the essential reference works for enthusiasts worldwide. When the holiday camp was sold in 1974, Joe used his share of the proceeds to buy Tyldens at Durford Hill, Horsham. . SMS from a film company! Includes the menu, 1 review, photos, and 1 dish from Jo-Jo's Pizza. I wish we had a Jo Jo’s Pizza in Toms River or Ocean County, NJ. . Joe Lyndhurst. A Pizza chowhound from Newark, NJ tried it and liked it. My uncle Richard was an actor with Donald Wolfit’s company. ", "Excellent food and Junior is the best!!!! The name is chosen from nominations made by fellow enthusiasts and the award is made here at War & Peace. The owner Ralph Oppido, JR (Junior) is the finest gentleman I have ever know, his partner Danny is also a fantastic guy. ". I still live within 10 miles. My father died and I don’t have anyone to ask. We ate a lot of mussels. A Pizza chowhound from Newark, NJ tried it. Inaugurated and sponsored by After the Battle, publishers of Wheels & Tracks magazine which was founded by Bart Vanderveen in 1982 and edited by him until the 75th issue published in April 2001. I didn’t apportion blame to anyone. During the war he was intrigued by the Jeeps that he saw driven by Canadian and American soldiers and resolved that one day he would own one. He had one of the first moving picture companies in England: The Sunny South Film Company.

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