The Icelandic Draugur (plural draugar) is usually translated as "ghost", but unlike mainland ghosts Icelandic undead were believed to be corporeal. She is then eaten by birds while Yosef the Peddler picks up his pack and resumes his wanderings. India also developed other vampiric legends. [15] She was said to watch pregnant women vigilantly, particularly when they went into labor. ), Vampires Through the Ages: Lore & Legends of the World's Most Notorious Blood Drinkers by Brian Righi. You can choose from lists of names, or pick a fully detailed description of your vampire. It'd be cool for a vampire seeing as the usual ones hate sunlight. Japanische Namen – Bedeutung. (Magical Index) Is Kamijou Touma the most powerful student/person in Academy City? Here's a list of translations. China was not the only place to perform these atypical burials and, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 15:18. 10 years ago. [13], Their modern visual depiction as horrific Qing officials may have been derived by the anti-Manchu or anti-Qing sentiments of the Han Chinese population during the Qing Dynasty, as the officials were viewed as bloodthirsty creatures with little regard for humanity. [50] Slavic vampires were able to appear as butterflies,[51] echoing an earlier belief of the butterfly symbolizing a departed soul. How to say vampire in Japanese What's the Japanese word for vampire? She was the daughter of Demeter, or Mother Earth, and she had been kidnapped by Pluto the god of the underworld, who fell madly in love with her. What do you think of the answers? She might get her intestines stuck into thorns. Despite the occurrence of vampire-like creatures in these ancient civilizations, the folklore for the entity we know today as the vampire originates almost exclusively from early 18th-century Southeastern Europe,[1] particularly Transylvania as verbal traditions of many ethnic groups of the region were recorded and published. [69] According to the late Serbian ethnologist Tatomir Vukanović, Roma people in Kosovo believed that vampires were invisible to most people, but could be seen by a twin brother and sister born on a Saturday who wore their clothes inside out. Decapitation of the suspected corpse was common as was driving nails or sharp stakes into the body to pin it down or into the grave. [6] The influence of western vampire stories brought the blood-sucking aspect to the Chinese myth in more modern times in combination with the concept of the hungry ghost, though traditionally they feed solely on the qi of a living individual for sustenance and in order to grow more powerful. [53], Among the beliefs of the East Slavs, those of the northern regions (i.e. [9] Other Mesopotamian demons such as the Babylonian goddess Lamashtu, (Sumer's Dimme) and Gallu of the Uttuke group are mentioned as having vampiric natures.[11][12]. To banish the hopping vampire, a person can throw sticky rice at the creature drawing out the evil in it. Hi guys, look what I drew What do you think ? "[62], One of the earliest recordings of vampire activity came from the region of Istria in modern Croatia, in 1672. [33], In Hungary, the belief in vampires has existed since the Middle Ages, and bloodthirsty creatures are mentioned all over the Inquisition's notes. [13] Many incantations invoke her as a malicious "Daughter of Heaven" or of Anu, and she is often depicted as a terrifying blood-sucking creature with a lion's head and the body of a donkey. Although most vetala legends have been compiled in the Betal Panchabingshati, a prominent story in the Kathasaritsagara tells of King Vikramāditya and his nightly quests to capture an elusive one. [33] Crosses and antidoron (blessed bread) from the church were used as wards in different places. The manananggal is described as being an older, beautiful woman capable of severing its upper torso in order to fly into the night with huge bat-like wings and prey on unsuspecting, sleeping pregnant women in their homes. When the bamboo flexed up and down, the corpses appeared to be "hopping" in unison when viewed from a distance away. Once the paper is stuck upon the corpses's face, the newly created jiangshi would follow the sorcerer by hopping around, in which the sorcerer would lead it back to its hometown for burial (this was often a last-resort choice used by families with not enough money to hire a cart to carry the corpse back). Belief in vampires commonly called βρυκόλακας, vrykolakas, though also referred to as καταχανάδες, katakhanades, on Crete[32] persisted throughout Greek history and became so widespread in the 18th and 19th centuries that many practices were enforced to both prevent and combat vampirism. Of course, all a vampire really is, is a human with special powers gained later in life, so in this generator most vampire names are just dark sounding human names. Empusa was the daughter of the goddess Hecate and was described as a demonic, bronze-footed creature. However Zeus' wife Hera discovered this infidelity and killed all Lamia's offspring; Lamia swore vengeance and preyed on young children in their beds at night, sucking their blood. It can only be killed by fire while awake and by using the Rite of Exorcism if found in its grave during the day. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. 281.). 2000.07.29 2009.05.29 Japan [76], Female vampire-like monsters are the Soucouyant of Trinidad, and the Tunda and Patasola of Colombian folklore, while the Mapuche of southern Chile have the bloodsucking snake known as the Peuchen. If you guys have any tips on names, defining characteristics and stuff like that for vampires, werewolves and other ‘mythical creatures’ (as they are referred too). A few lines in Yiddish are shown as dialog between the prophet Elijah and Lilith, in which she has come with a host of demons to kill the mother, take her newborn and "to drink her blood, suck her bones and eat her flesh". Hikari is a common name for girls and boys. In movies, women turn into abs through a special holy water, but according to local legends it is passed through heredity. However some Japanese mythical creatures bear some similarities to vampires, such as the Nure-onna who is a snake -like woman that feasts on human blood. Many of these names may sound unfamiliar or unusual as some are taken from older times and are not popular names for … It is said to have long white hair all over its head[5] and may behave like animals. Get your answers by asking now. [23], Other Jewish stories depict vampires in a more traditional way. The first 40 days were considered decisive for the making of a vampire; it started out as an invisible shadow and then gradually gained strength from the lifeblood of the living, forming a (typically invisible) jelly-like, boneless mass, and eventually building up a human-like body nearly identical to the one the person had had in life. The male noun for shtriga is shtrigu or shtrigan. In the 12th century, Hungarian inquisitors interrogated a pagan shaman during a trial in the city of Sárospatak, who claimed the existence of a demon, which was called "izcacus" (which means blood drinker)[citation needed]. In the primary form, his face is blue and splotched with blood. She becomes a vampire over the night in a amazing thing that I wont go into details about. [81] The most famous, and most recently recorded, case of suspected vampirism is that of nineteen-year-old Mercy Brown, who died in Exeter, Rhode Island in 1892. Because Hebrew law absolutely forbade the eating of human flesh or the drinking of any type of blood, Lilith's blood drinking was described as exceptionally evil. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS | More. It is speculated in the accounts in the book that corpses would be carried at night to avoid contact with people and the cooler air would be more suitable to transporting bodies. Live strigoi became revenants after their death, but there were also many other ways of a person becoming a vampire. I do hate technology but I missed spelled my name. The term Loogaroo possibly comes from the French loup-garou (meaning 'werewolf') and is common in the culture of Mauritius. The Persians were one of the first civilizations thought to have tales of such monsters; creatures attempting to drink blood from men are depicted on excavated pottery shards. Graves were often opened five or seven years after burial and the corpse checked for vampirism, before being washed and reburied.[42][43]. [68] Dogs, cats, plants or even agricultural tools could become vampires; pumpkins or melons kept in the house too long would start to move, make noises or show blood. It is also known as phi dip chin in Thai, hantu pocong in Malay, and vampir cina in Indonesia. The priests would transport the corpses only at night and would ring bells to notify others in the vicinity of their presence because it was considered bad luck for a living person to set eyes upon a jiangshi. [9][10][11], Two oral accounts of transporting corpses are included in Liao Yiwu's The Corpse Walker. Lamashtu is a historically older image that left a mark on the figure of Lilith. Still have questions? It was in Poland, Hungary, Silesia, Moravia, Austria, and Lorraine, that the dead made this good cheer. The Chinese character for "jiang" (僵) in jiangshi" literally means "hard" or "stiff". Shtriga is a vampiric witch in traditional Albanian folklore that sucks the blood of infants at night while they sleep, and then turns into a flying insect (traditionally a moth, fly or bee). Belief in such legends became so rife that in some areas it caused mass hysteria and even public executions of people believed to be vampires. They could then be captured and killed at the threshold as they vainly attempted to pass. In most cases he is said to be a giant who towers over his human victims. Dieser Artikel stellt Ihnen die zehn häufigsten samt ihrer Bedeutung vor. Jove Bravo, Rogelio. You have to look at every corner of it, instead of making assumptions based on what you see at first sight. Dropping a bag of coins can cause the jiangshi to count the coins. Abs are considered to be afraid of humans; however, if a human is afraid of the ab it may give chase. Sorry lol. ), Ármann Jakobsson: "Vampires and Watchmen: Categorizing the Medieval Icelandic Undead"" (Journal of English and Germanic Philology, July 2011. [98], Summers, "The Vampire in Greece and Rome of Old", in, Radloff: "Bussgebete der Manicher"" (Bouletin de l'Arc. I am merely curious and believe this could be a good source of information.

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