(The 13th place money leader in the 2019 season, Paul Casey, won $4,257,000.). Email your queries to him at moneymailbag@golf.com. The press began to wonder if he could win all four marquee events in one year, as Bobby Jones had done. Jack won three times in 1962, while Tiger won twice in his rookie year. It is one of truisms of golf journalism that Jack Nicklaus is the greatest golfer of all time. Of course, Tiger, 37, still has time to tilt that score in his favor or perhaps pull even. This streak was interrupted by the outbreak of World War One and The Open was cancelled for the next five years. Welcome to Golf Inflation 101, Steve — a study in the buying power of yesteryear’s tournament winnings in today’s dollars! Not a bad week’s worth but nothing compared to what he would have banked in today’s game. For this and several other reasons, they never had the opportunity to play in as many majors as Nicklaus. Tiger’s first victory was the 1996 Las Vegas Invitational for $297,000 – or $484,000 today. I will begin this discussion with a review of the career of the British golfer Harry Vardon. Jack played in a record 154 consecutive major championships for which he was eligible from the 1957 U.S. Open to the 1998 U.S Open. A better measure might be a comparison of Jack and Tiger, the dominant golfers of their eras. Jack’s 73rd victory was, of course, the 1986 Masters ($144,000 for $343,000 today), but his 72nd PGA Tour victory was at the Memorial, where he earned $90,000 in 1984 or $225,810 today. From 1890's through the 1930's, with the exception of Jones, the most successful golfers were professionals. During these four years he finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 1st in the Open. It was rough'. Drop him a line at moneymailbag@golf.com. During this time, he played in 112 majors and won 18 of them. Jack Nicklaus’s overall tournament record is arguably unequaled, given his number of tournament and major wins. It is a record that still stands today. That's a 16 percent winning percentage. In spite of this debilitating illness, he came back to win three more Open Championships. It's not that simple. if Tiger never surpasses Jack in that category? It’s a particularly apt topic given the current economic crisis, when every dollar counts. I thought I was going to die. Add it all up and suddenly 18-14 doesn't seem as one-sided. (Tiger’s 2019 win paid him more than all six of Jack’s combined.). There is no argument that Woods already has been the game's undisputed best player more times than Nicklaus ever was. Jack played in a record 154 consecutive major championships for which he was eligible from the 1957 U.S. Open to the 1998 U.S Open. The win outside San Diego gave him seven victories in 26 career Champions Tour starts (27-percent success rate). Here's what Jack Nicklaus thinks, How an Air Force pilot teamed with Jack Nicklaus to build a golf course with a higher purpose, Jack Nicklaus gives Gary Player rare swing lesson in insightful video, Watch Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus take on 19th 'bonus hole' at Payne's Valley, A Jack Nicklaus record was quietly broken Thursday at Winged Foot, 6 life lessons Jack Nicklaus taught me that everyone can learn from, Why Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer mean so much to this decorated fighter pilot. We all know the score: 18-14. He has won $16.8 million on Tour. Jack’s first U.S. Open in 1962 netted him $17,500 ($149,896 today), while Tiger’s first Open win, at Pebble Beach in 2000, brought him $800,000, which gets a bump to $1.2 million in today’s dollars. Total PGA Tour titles is the obvious place to start. After all, would anyone rank Andy North and his two U.S. Open titles ahead of one-time major winners like Lanny Wadkins, Davis Love III and Tom Weiskopf? If we just looked at Jack’s victories each year and adjusted from there, that number would exclude all the other tournament finishes where he finished in the money. Have a query for us — on your personal (golf) finances, the economics of golf, or if jumbo winner’s checks are actually cashable — and our resident golf-and-finance whiz, Paul Sullivan, might just answer it. Tiger Woods. He won his last British Open victory in 1914 at the age of 44, more or less matching Jack's heroic victory at the Masters as a 46 year old. Certainly, majors define careers, but perhaps it's too narrow-minded to only look at a player's performance in golf's four marquee events. In the calendar year of 1930, Jones won the four premier events of his era: the British Open, the US Open, the US Amateur and the British Amateur, completing the only "Grand Slam" in golf history. Clearly when it comes to the week-to-week grind of the Tour, Tiger has no equal. It is thought that a residual nerve problem in his hand from the bout with TB ruined his putting stroke and cost him several more championships after 1903.Also consider that Vardon was on his hottest streak of his career between 1911 and 1914. Paul Sullivan writes the Money Game column for GOLF Magazine. But isn't being great really about dominating the competition rather than compiling numbers? As pros, they weren't allowed to play in the US and British amateur tournaments. Jack won the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair Invitational Open and took home $4,300 or about $37,000 today. Jack turned pro in 1962 but the PGA Tour’s list of leading money winners isn’t available online until 1980, when Jack finished 13th with $172,386 — or roughly $550,000 in today’s dollars. His reputation rests on the fact that he has won 18 major championships, more than any golfer in history. — Steve O’Leary, Bend, Ore., via email. To put the winning percentages in perspective, if Vardon had maintained his career winning percentage and had played in as many majors as Jack Nicklaus, Vardon would have won 32 majors. Then there is their dominance of the Masters, which we all dearly missed earlier this month. That's a 29 percent winning percentage. In that regard, Tiger comes out on top in a few other telling stats. Related: The greatest seasons in golf history. Jack Nicklaus, on the other hand, played continuously and injury free between the ages of 22 and 46. While that is surely an amazing achievement, I contend that 18 major championship wins is an unfair measuring stick to use when assessing the accomplishments of some of the great golfers of the past.The term "major" itself first came into use in 1960, when Arnold Palmer began his season by winning both the Masters and the US Open. Of course, Nicklaus' number came down as he played past his prime, but it would take a lot of really lean years for Woods' percentage to come close to that. For Jack's theory to hold true, in order to equal Nicklaus, Tiger would only have to have a winning percentage one third that of Jack's 16%, or or just over 5%. Vardon won 62 golf tournaments in total and at one point won 14 in a row, another record that is unbroken to this day. Sure, there are the 14 grand slam events in the win column, but Woods comes up short in that conversation since he hasn’t made a dent in Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 in five-plus years. USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. He played in only three US Opens, finishing first in 1900, second in 1913 at age 43 (losing by a stroke to Francis Ouimet in the famous Open at Brookline) and incredibly second in 1920 at age 50. Have a question for him? Woods' 79 wins trails only Sam Snead (82) on the list, having passed Nicklaus' total of 73 last year at age 36. At number one, of course, is Tiger Woods with 82 professional wins, good for more than $120 million in earnings. That's a 29 percent winning percentage. good for more than $120 million in earnings, Here’s how much money Tiger Woods has earned per round in his career (hint: a lot), If you had bought stock in Pebble Beach 20 years ago, here’s what it would be worth today, A 64-year-old is leading well more than half the field on the PGA Tour, Is your golf round cheaper than average? Tiger Woods win at the 2018 Tour Championship was one of the transcedent moments of his legendary career. Vardon's competitive playing years spanned from 1893 to 1922. Cumulative 17–8–3 record across six matches: 8–1–0 record in foursomes matches, 5–3–1 … What are Jack Nicklaus’ career winnings worth in 2020 dollars? Jack and Tiger both came out charging when they turned pro. Perhaps the most impressive stat that speaks to that is Woods' overall winning percentage of about 27 percent. He has a career winning percentage of 25 percent; Jack's winning percentage through the end of 1979 was 18 percent. Tiger vs. Jack: Are majors the only way to measure greatness? GOLF.com and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF. Using certain touchpoints in their careers might elucidate the economic disparity between then and now, something that even inflation can’t compensate for. For those who deem that percentage too high, know that Woods has 24-percent chance of not winning another major in this span. When competitive golf resumed, Vardon was 49 years old and rusty. On the other hand, if Nicklaus has only played in 24 has Vardon did, he would have only won four majors.So which man is the greatest golfer of all time?Next post:  Walter Hagen, U.S. Open champ won’t stop obsessing over something bigger than another tour victory: the perfect, repeatable swing, 'I had a lot of noise in my head. How much did Jack Nicklaus earn in career winnings in 2020 dollars? Jack Nicklaus. But in terms of earnings he is nowhere near the all-time money winners.

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