From the start,  I have installed in my companies a specific division for social responsibility and sponsorship programmes. The impact that women create around them is powerful and transformative.”. publishes. On Instagram today, dos Santos talked of her family’s “enormous sadness and pain.”. My father has always been supportive of me. wins best feature film award, Ivory Coast: Voting largely calm in tense election, Ivory Coast: Ouattara urges end to civil disobedience, Ivory Coast: Fearing election violence residents flee Abidjan, Ivory Coast election: Polls open in tense vote, Ivorians Fear Violence at Polls on Voting Day, Angola: Africa's Richest Woman Isabel dos Santos is Now a Widow, Tanzania's Magufuli wins re-election by a landslide, Kenyan National Park Sees a Record-Breaking Elephant “Baby Boom”, Zambian President’s Bid to Amend Constitution Fails, 'There was no warning': Survivors recount horror of Lagos shooting, Kenya jails two for helping Westgate mall attackers. Dokolo did come under scrutiny during this time, but many of his associates in the art world stood by him. So far the team is reported to have located 17 pieces and has returned a dozen to the museum. Medium scale operations focusing on the production of produce, animal farming, and manufacturing are becoming more lucrative. I choose to support those initiatives that are focused on the needs of children, and with education and healthcare at the core of what I do. Angola was reportedly attempting to recover $1 billion in state loans it says Isabel dos Santos borrowed and failed to repay during her father’s term as president. On various occasions in business meetings it has happened to me that the other party with whom I am negotiating will look solely at my male advisor or male lawyer, to see what he has to say, even though I am the owner /shareholder of the business and have already clearly stated my decision. ” People just assume that as a woman and a mother you are someone less able to be negotiating at the table or that you built your own business. There is very little knowledge of African businesses or key business players out there. We created a culture that engages people, and each person has the opportunity to play an active role in our social ventures. The growing middle class in some African countries has also opened up opportunities to serve internal tourists. Then Luanda Leaks, a major investigation by Quartz and dozens of other news organizations, in association with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), revealed how dos Santos made much of her money through insider deals, preferential loans, and sweetheart contracts, all fueled by public money. Try to not let your business aspirations get in the way of family. Your priorities are your own, as are your ambitions and skills. How have the men in your life (father, husband, others) supported your growth as a female leader in business, and what advice can you give to men to help contribute to the growth of female leaders? Leverage your pre-existing talents and knowledge. Finally, dos Santos shares how she decides which causes to support with her time and means, while giving critical guidance to anyone looking to make a career out of business, either in Africa or around the globe. They must recognize that when one of us reaches new heights, we all do. I was raised to understand that hard work and perseverance through adversity is how you make a name for yourself.

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